Warning: You can’t watch, think about, or talk about “Mob Wives” without really offensive language and threats of graphic violence coming out. So, I apologize in advance, it’s not me, it’s them. What a premiere! The ladies are back for a third season, and there’s new drama, and a new set of enemies.  

As always, the season kicks off with a new fight already in progress. It doesn’t matter who liked who last season, something always happens that makes one wife hate another and want to bash her face in. This season, it’s Renee Graziano versus Carla Facciolo. Carla was pretty good in the past about staying somewhat neutral, she was mostly friends with everyone, especially Drita D’Avanzo. Drita and Carla meet to discuss the other ladies, and what’s been going on, basically filling us in on what to expect. Big Ang’s son is in rehab, and Renee is a junkie. That’s all they were able to come up with. So Carla hates Renee, and says she’s a junkie. She’s heard on the street that Renee has a problem with her, and she’s sick of her pill popping ways. She doesn’t even know yet what Renee’s problem with her is, but she bashes her enough to make Drita very uncomfortable. 

Renee is having extra security installed after being robbed the night before. After her ex-husband Junior was found out to be a rat, she no longer feels safe, and it’s obvious that whoever broke in was in it to frighten her more than steal from her. They ripped her pillows, threw pictures all over the place, and even tore up her bible. It was a personal attack, and when she talks to her son A.J. about the link between the break in and his father, he gets very defensive. He doesn’t want to hear about what a horrible person his dad is anymore, and wants some respect. He tells her to move on, which we all know she never will. 

Big Ang is back! She has her old friend and new cast member Love Majewski over, and they talk about Ang’s son also named A.J., checking into rehab after getting arrested. Poor Ang, she feels lucky he’s not in jail, and he’s getting help. This woman is really the sweetest person on the planet. She’s planning a get together, A.K.A, an introduction of Love to the group. Love already knows most of them, and she and Renee of course, have a problem. Apparently Renee accused Love of sleeping with Junior, which she denies. Love lets us know that you would have to have three screws loose to have a problem with her; she’s poisoned people, and even stabbed a boyfriend in front of his mother. Here we go! 

Drita meets with Renee to get her side of the Carla dispute. Now we find out why Renee is so mad at Carla. At a party, Renee among others, witnessed Carla trying to get with someone else’s date. Renee calls her a “sewer whore,” and a “filthy husband fucker douchebag.” Renee has never until now revealed that Carla has had affairs with several married men, and did she mention she’s had more traffic in her than the Holland Tunnel? If she tries to talk to her, she’ll rip her vocal chords out of her throat, and stick a heel in her forehead. Oh, and she’s also heard that Carla said all of Renee’s plastic surgeries were done so she could look like Carla. For whatever reason, Drita decides to mention the fact that she’s also been calling her a junkie. That was smart Drita; I guess you’re not getting involved. I really thought Drita would lean towards Carla’s side since they’ve been close all this time, but maybe there’s some truth in what Renee’s saying, or maybe she doesn’t like the fact that Carla’s been calling her a junkie. Whatever the reason, she just made it a lot worse. 

So Drita, so not getting involved, meets with Carla to fill her in on what Renee said. She tells her all about the husband stealing, and the surgery accusations. Carla denies it all. She’s never been with a married man, and she never said those things about Renee’s surgery. She did however, repeatedly call her a junkie this entire episode. She says that Renee is delusional, and a pill popping bitch. 

Drita has another meeting, this time with Big Ang to discuss the rift among Renee and Carla. Now there’s a twist, Carla also bashed Renee’s son A.J. on twitter. Ang says that Renee was freaking out when that happened, and maybe that’s the real reason this whole thing started. Big Ang doesn’t like the fact that Renee is calling Carla out for whatever she does with or without married men, she thinks it’s no one’s business. These two decide to nip it in the bud and put Carla and Renee together to clear the air. Did they really think that was going to go well? 

Karen, Renee, Big Ang, and Love meet for drinks, and Love and Renee are left alone to work out their differences. Love swears she never slept with Junior, and because Renee hates Junior at this point anyway, she’s prepared to end the issue. She has no reason not to believe her, and this goes really well. If only Carla were so lucky. 

On to the brunch from hell, I’m surprised both women agreed to meet, but alas the “Mob Wives” have no fear. Renee shows up in a great mood, which doesn’t last. She gets into the night of the party in which Carla followed this guy around who obviously came with one of Renee’s friends. Carla claims he was following her around like a puppy dog, and that if Renee had such a problem with it she should have said something then. She repeatedly calls Renee a junkie, and Renee says that must mean she thinks Big Ang’s son is a junkie. Ang doesn’t like the name calling, and calls it “retarded” which is ironic. Renee confesses to having an addiction problem ever since her surgery, but it was a secret until now. So what Carla’s saying really isn’t funny at this point, it’s a lot meaner now that it’s true. They get into the Twitter war, and continue to argue about the same issues over and over again. At one point, Carla picks up a butter knife and points it at Renee, who says if you’re going to pull a knife on her you better stab her with it. Speaking of Twitter, Renee apparently invited Carla’s ex-husband out to dinner on Twitter. Twitter has ended so many reality show friendships, it’s really sad. 

In the end, Carla’s “junkie” and Renee’s “sewer whore” agreed to disagree, and to never speak again. They’re over it, they’re done, they’ll cordially stare daggers at each other and they’ll never come back from this. Carla claims to have won the argument, but I don’t think Renee has over lost an argument. Should we even pick sides? The arguments on this show are always accusations with no basis for us to know what really happened. That doesn’t however mean that Carla has a right to call someone a junkie, and as Renee admitted to being addicted to pills, she lost the battle. What do you think? Let me know if you’re picking sides here