Welcome back, Dearies!  I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season and didn’t go through show withdrawal. I’m seriously antsy waiting for Doctor Who to come back on, but I digress. After the explosive winter finale of Once Upon A Time, I expected that excitement to carry through into last night’s episode. Turns out I was wrong. Don’t get me wrong, the show was fantastic as usual, I was just hoping for more moments that made me gasp or get riled up. I know some general consensus seems to say that last night’s episode more or less was an episode that served as a transition point between the winter season and the spring season. However, I like to view it as an episode that tied up a lot of storylines, answered some questions, and raised new ones. I loved that we finally saw the missing chunk between the battle against the Evil Queen and Snow White and the Charming’s wedding. And did anyone else love the Evil Queens’ armor? It was epically awesome: a Dragon skin pattern and that beautiful headdress nestled under the Queens amazing hair. Seriously, this show has some of the best hair-dos. I envy every woman on that show; my hair never looks that nice even when I try.

Speaking of what this show can do versus others is the ability to balance their seriousness with simple, friendly humor and sometimes allows me to invent my own. When Cora turned that man into a tuna, I quietly thought, “What if he’s the tuna that helps Marlin in Finding Nemo?” Not to mention I thought her choice to silence him rather than kill him to be revealing about her character. Then we see Charming and Snow in bed, ahem, “snuggling.” The fact that Henry and Emma walked in together on the whole scene I found to be pretty funny. Two generations of a family watch a third make another.

Great Grandmother Regina: This is kind of an odd phrase after you think about it.  Personally, I think it’s strange that Henry’s great grandmother would also be called Mother. Mom is a special title held by women who always know the best way to solve a difficult problem, like when Sally decides to give David a permanent marker makeover so he "Looks fabulous!” Sad to say, I don’t think Regina would be the best mother unless she gets her anger management under control. Emma deserves a chance to be a mother to Henry. After all, it wasn’t her fault she was in jail and had no other option besides adoption for Henry once he was born. It was refreshing to see Emma and Regina getting along albeit for a short bit. I thought it was very sweet of Emma to invite Regina despite everything that has been going on, even if it was just for Henry. I’ll say it again and stand by it, Regina deserves happiness and I think if she could love and not lose it, then we may see Regina turn around and become the lovely woman I know she is.

I want to start a petition that prohibits commercial time from being longer than the show viewing time. Honestly, I think we watch more commercials during a show than we spend watching the show. Random tangents: don’t you just love them? Back on track, who else was mad that Archie broke the confidentiality code for psychiatrists by telling Emma about Regina’s sessions? That’s a big no-no and not fair to Regina. She doesn’t get any sort of respect from anyone except Henry. One of the bigger concerns I have about last night’s episode though is, who the hell did Cora kill and disguise as Archie? It’s bothering me thinking that she killed someone important and I can’t figure out who in StoryBrooke is missing. I may have to watch the episode again to see if there is any clue to whom she killed. Cora, I seriously dislike you for framing your own daughter and once again taking her smallest bit of happiness away. I have a feeling that Regina will lash out with her grief again and may even join Hook and her mother in bringing down StoryBrooke.

Despite all the answers we have received two questions remain constant, “What next?” and “Where’s that sexy stump of wood, August?” And indeed does the season preview make us wonder. The one scene that has me most worried is the preview of Belle talking to Rumple, who has just ventured out across the town line. Hook levels a pistol at Rumple but looks beat to hell so my guess is his aim will probably be a bit off. Does that mean that he will shoot Belle instead? Or will he hit his target and can Belle save Rumple with true loves kiss? Only time will tell, my Dearies, and what a wait it will be.

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