Having three weeks off from the “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” was like a mini-vacation from my problems. What a rude awakening I was in for when we immediately jumped right back into Faye crushing Brandi’s soul at Kyle’s party. I had forgotten all about what Brandi did to Adrienne, what Faye did to Brandi, and what Kyle did and didn’t do. Well now I’m back where I started and all of those feelings come rushing back; Faye’s a nosy bitch. 

When we left the housewives, Brandi had gotten up from the table to leave, and Faye couldn’t wait for Brandi to go off into the world and start bad mouthing her too. Brandi declared that she didn’t care enough about Faye to talk about her at all. That must have hurt. Brandi says that normally she would defend herself and fight back, but instead she goes outside to cry on the curb. It’s obvious that Faye was fighting a battle that wasn’t hers, and as most viewers have concluded: did so to be relevant and on the show. Many of you, however, are hating on Kyle more than Faye. Kyle had the party and let Faye attack Brandi, didn’t defend her and immediately grabbed a torch and joined in to burn her at the stake. 

 Faye goes on and on about how she’s an honest person, and doesn’t make apologies for her actions. She says what she means, blah blah blah. People who say things like that often lack enough class to filter themselves, or have a vendetta and do it on purpose. Camille and Taylor might as well not even be there, and Lisa is of course upset and sees what we see. The highlight of the evening comes from Kyle’s friend Marisa, who randomly blurts out “I agree with Brandi.” I was waiting for Faye to say to Marisa, “That’s not in the script; I’m trying to get on the show here.”

Kyle is basically forced to go outside to talk to Brandi before she leaves, and as Brandi cries Kyle can only say that she feels bad over and over again. Lisa comes out to comfort her, and when they go back in, Lisa quickly gets out of there as well. She doesn’t appreciate Faye’s patronizing tone, and is the only one that acknowledges what a disaster this whole evening has been. Wow Kyle, you’re really a great host. 

 Taylor has a psychic come over to clear her home of bad energy, and to tell her if she’ll settle a lawsuit she’s dealing with. The lawsuit is something to do with a company that her late husband was parting ways with, and now they’re coming after Taylor for 1.5 million dollars. The psychic says that they will settle out of court, which they do. Taylor later gets a call from her lawyer, who has a proposal to settle the suit. Unfortunately, they want her wedding ring and two Hermes Bags to end it. Taylor is heartbroken to give up her ring, but inevitably does. The worst part is the fact that the person suing her was once a close friend, and to ask for such a personal item is heartbreaking. I can’t imagine them asking her for something more priceless and personal, how heartless. 

Kyle has a yoga session with her friend Marisa, and they ignore the instructor to discuss last night’s dinner party. Marisa again sympathizes with Brandi, and even has her own interview session. What’s going on? There have been rumors that the immoral Faye Resnick is the new housewife, and now Marisa is getting her own talking head interview? Can I pick? I’ll take Marisa please. Marisa appreciates that Brandi engaged her and welcomed her as a new person in the group, unlike Taylor and Camille who were rude and didn’t talk to her at all. It’s all in the small details, being inviting has given Brandi a defender in all this and she doesn’t even know it. 

Brandi and Lisa go shopping together, and Brandi is basically topless. I didn’t even realize until halfway through the scene that her entire chest was blurred out and she was wearing a see-through top. It’s in this see-through top with her nipples blurred for television that Brandi calls her ex-husband’s ex-mistress a hooker. Nonetheless, the said ex-mistress is none other than Scheana, Lisa’s employee and the star of her new show “Vanderpump Rules.” Scheana wants to meet with Brandi to apologize and talk about what happened, seeing as how they always run into each other. Brandi doesn’t think that there’s anything to be said that will actually hurt her, and eventually agrees to meet with her. She does point out to Lisa that this woman destroyed her family. What I didn’t realize then was that this was all set up to segue into Lisa’s new show, and nothing more. 

I totally forgot about Yolanda, but here she is cooking dinner for her family because it’s so important. She hates people that don’t cook for their family, and people that have kids but aren’t willing to raise them. Her husband is amazed at the fact that she remembers to feed the kids, because he like all men are too focused on their careers to worry about such things. We get it guys, you’re perfect. I’m getting sick of them, all they’ve done thus far is show off their fabulous lifestyle and better than the rest of us way of thinking. Go interact with the others Yolanda, or leave us alone. 

Other small scenes of the night included Brandi seeking Camille’s advice on meeting with Scheana. Camille and Brandi have an almost identical situation with their exes and Camille brings up her favorite subject, her kids not being allowed to say her name in Kelsey Grammer’s home. Maybe it’s not her favorite subject, but I feel like every time I turn on my TV I see Camille saying that exact sentence in an interview. Adrienne and Paul also make an appearance to talk about their skincare line. Adrienne has been staying away from all the girls after what happened with Brandi, and claims that it has put a rift in her marriage. Taylor hosts a dinner with Kyle, Mauricio, Lisa, Ken, and her lawyer. She tells everyone about her settlement and the wedding ring situation, and Kyle is thankful that it’s just a material thing that can be replaced. OK Kyle, not really. You can’t replace sentimental value, and I doubt Taylor can financially replace it if she wanted to. Kyle’s really insensitive, and it’s becoming more and more obvious. Kyle’s also hurt that Kim didn’t invite her to Vegas, and now their relationship isn’t the same. I sense a dinner coming to talk about this. 

Finally, the most advertised sit down on Bravo since Bethenny and Jill. Brandi versus Scheana. Scheana immediately says how nervous she is and apologizes in tears. Brandi has no sympathy, she tells her not to cry because she’s the one that lost her family. Scheana goes into detail about her relationship with Eddie Cibrian, he bought her diamond earrings, took her on vacations, helped her move, all the things that Brandi didn’t want to hear. She thought she wouldn’t be hurt hearing these things, but as she learns more and more it must sting. They went to her favorite bar, they used her boat, and she wasn’t just a see you next Tuesday girl after all. He saw her other nights of the week too. The worst thing Brandi learned was that a close friend who denied knowing about the affair, definitely did. They agree that Eddie can’t act, but can lie worthy of an Oscar. Brandi doesn’t hold Scheana responsible, but warns her that she’s better than being the other woman. Brandi tells her to take a look at her life, because Brandi won. She accepts her apology, pats her on the shoulder, and ends it. Scheana is relieved that she got that shoulder pat; maybe Brandi doesn’t hate her after all. All of a sudden, I’m officially watching “Vanderpump Rules” and it is all happening too fast. I need to process this all first. It only takes a few minutes though to learn that everyone at work hates Scheana too. Now we’re supposed to like her, so that sit down happened just in time. 

 Was Kyle’s comment really insensitive or was it just me? Let me know here