To motivate myself to get to (and stay at) goal this year I have established the following personal set of rules for watching The Biggest Loser.

  1. No using the DVR remote to pass the scenes with competitions and/or workouts.
  2. No eating while watching The Biggest Loser and no using the DVR remote to pause the show to eat.
  3. No drinking of wine, beer, liquor while watching The Biggest Loser.
  4. No writing of editorials about The Biggest Loser while eating or drinking.
  5. No forwarding through commercials, instead I'm challenging myself to get up and move during the commercials, even if it's as simple as dusting.

Challenging myself to not fast-forward through commercials turned out to be pretty productive. I cleaned the inside of my microwave, brushed the crumbs off my toaster, shined up the grill area on my gas stove, and mopped my kitchen floor. Surprisingly enough, my arms are actually sore today. Hurrah!

Before I move onto the second episode, here are just a few corrections from earlier articles.

  1. My joke about Martina was aimed at the female tennis star from a few years back, I meant to write Anna.
  2. Kate’s name is spelled Cate.
  3. The attractive guy who I couldn’t catch the name of is named Joe. He’s a former professional football player. I confess in one of my Revenge articles I have a little crush on Dean Cain. I may have to close my eyes when Joe’s on screen, because he’s really quite attractive. I hope at makeover time, they leave the graying temples.
  4. Francelina is still the most adorable name I’ve ever heard, but I spelled it incorrectly.
  5. Jillian’s comments about being “good” were actually made to Nathan in episode 2. More about that is coming.
  6. My mention of red lipstick on Pam was made before I saw that they have already started the subtle mini makeover process on her, Lisa and Cate. If it’s not something done by the show, but something that a contestant is doing, my bet is on Alex being Mother Hen and glamming up everyone for the camera. Jackson even is sporting a faux hawk now. I still give myself credit for seeing it as well. For a non-story book reference, Pam when she gets to goal will have a similar look to Krysten Ritter from “Don’t Trust the B in Apartment 23.”
  7. My mention of Alex’s beauty was before I noticed that the trainers were mentioning it as well. I’m very anxious to hear her story. Maybe she is a plus size model?

Finally - I had to watch the editing for the first weigh in a few times because of Allison's arms. I think she must have had pretty nasty sunburn and they are trying to cover with makeup. Or, she has an anchor tattoo on her arm they are covering. Her arms change color in every shot. I wish I was kidding. Good thing most are crying too hard to notice. I didn’t catch it until I watched it for the 3rd or 4th time because I was focused on TC.

The White team wins the physical challenge week 2 even through Pam cannot play. That means that Danni (a former athlete) and Nathan played two rounds each rather than one. The win gave a benefit to Sunny, but did not give them an advantage at the weigh in.

The Red teams Lisa and the Blue Teams Michael fought hard in the competition to finish, even when they knew they were the last to finish that portion of the competition. I greatly admire them for that.

It’s disclosed in the weigh in that Francelina, a former athlete and military veteran, has recently maintained her weight loss for almost one calendar year. Having worked in the industry, I want to share that this is a huge statement. It doesn’t matter that she wasn’t at goal, what matters is that she maintained her weight for almost a year. True that means nothing came off, but it also means nothing came on. She already has the skills in place to succeed at home, so if she goes home early (and I hope she doesn’t, but “if” she does) she may be our $100k winner.

One of my favorite quotes for the week is Lisa “I don’t want to be thin. I want to be strong.” Bravo Lisa.

Gina is a bankruptcy attorney, who I suspect will go far but not unless she realizes that she motivates people that hit rock bottom every day at work. She's also referring to herself as old, which makes me feel so old.

Remember that I’ve been screaming it’s not a true week. Well, typically if someone is following a program the way it’s designed, they will lose X percentage week one, and about half of that week two and week 3 they are at about 1% for the slow and steady trip to goal.

I’ve never, ever, ever heard of a week 2, curse; and I’ve weighed and measured people for a living. It doesn’t exist, however, week 3, week 4, yes. That I’ve seen. Either Jeff, who lost 29 lbs. last week, wasn’t spot on with food, which happens, he’s human, he had too much salt in the meals leading up to the weigh-in, but I doubt that, or we are really a little further along in the timeline.

It pains me to say this, but I do think the producers know for the most part, how much weight the contestants have lost prior to the weigh-ins, because the anxiety of the moment seems to always fall into place perfectly. This means they were pretty confident that either Nathan or Jeff was going before the scene was taped. I don’t know why they allowed two contestants that will absolutely be fan favorites go so soon. A big surprise is coming next week so my guess is that they will bring in someone for the white team. I’m confident it’s not TC or Nathan because both have lost weight at home, and I don’t think the amount of the loss would have been disclosed if either was coming back.

So Nathan is eliminated even though his total loss is about 26 lbs. That is crazy. Once at home he proposes to his adorable, amber haired girlfriend.

Breathe in, breathe out. This is what I positively hate about this program, eliminations. Sometimes, the moon, stars and sun align, and someone goes home who wants to go, or who is ready to take on the challenge and continue successfully at home. Which is imperative to long term success, kind of like how at the close of a reality dating show, they have time to date in real life, then they break up, most of the time, but none the less.

And sadly, even the most successful in this journey take a few steps back when the cameras are off...

And let’s not forget that there are also several reality show winners who've spent time in prison, and I dare say mental institutions, but that's not the point.

The point is that the biggest loser is unlike other reality shows, even the boot camp ones, because they are not intentionally selecting contestants for the sake of creating drama. I actually think it's the opposite. I am not stating a fact, but it wouldn't surprise me to find out them intentionally select people and teams based on who will get along, motivate themselves and each other and work as a team.

Yep...even though I watched last season, I'm still suggesting that the intent of the show is to have a harmonious, united group. I'd love to rant about last year, but it's better to move on. I think the toxic chaos in the house blindsided the producers, and they tried to roll with it.

With that said, are some events in reality TV staged? Stay tuned, this is looking remarkably similar to Survivor even though we’re two episodes in.

I posted one more picture of me before my journey started (294 - January 1st 2007.) I've challenged myself to get to goal this year (and stay at goal.)

Photo 1 - 294 January 1st 2007

Photo 2 - 175 December 6th 2011

Believe it or not, it's possible to wear size 28 inch jeans at 175 lbs.,  I think it's because I'm 5'7" and I have a lot of loose skin from the weight loss so gravity is my friend.

164 is the top of the weight loss charts for women at my height. I was in the 150's for about 3 months last year, slipped out around the holidays and now it's time to go back.

No more excuses, no more saying I look too old when I'm in the 150's. That is what plastic surgeons are for, and I'll deal with it when the time comes.

Admittedly losing 52 lbs. this year might be a little unreasonable because I have no idea what I'll look like but I'm setting the aggressive goal to motivate myself and to get to a "safe" weight, where if there is a slip, I have a little wiggle room for recovery.

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