Who knew a simple idea to make a “Donkey Booty” work out video would cause so much drama? Well, all it takes is a few lawyers and a little Kenya to turn it into one of the most dramatic things to happen all season. Come to think of it, all the drama this season has stemmed from our little Kenya, and for once I may just be on her side. 

There were a lot of scenes tonight of NeNe adjusting to life in Los Angeles. She rented a beautiful house in the same neighborhood as Mel Gibson and Larry Flynt. Gregg has taken on the role of Mr. Mom and Mr. NeNe; his job is to take care of both Brent and NeNe, home schooling Brent and getting NeNe to the set. Kenya was nice enough to send a truck full of her old junk that she left in L.A. and it’s comprised of really heavy statues and tables. I don’t think NeNe really wanted any of her crap, but the new NeNe appreciates the gesture. Gregg begs NeNe to stop being so controlling, and to let go of the things she wants him to take care of for her. On the set, NeNe is thrilled to have her own trailer, that’s how she knows that she has arrived 

Kenya pretends to cook again, this time for her aunt and cousin. She confirms that she and Walter have broken up, due to him not showing that he has respect or attraction for Kenya. Her cousin Che thinks that Walter was weird, may be gay, and wore a toupee. He also hit on her back in the day, did she mention that? Kenya’s aunt is obviously mad that Che is revealing all this to Kenya since it definitely hurts her feelings, but it’s time to move on, for all of us. No more Walter, I’ve got my closure. 

Phaedra and Apollo meet with Kenya at the gym to rehearse some of their donkey booty moves, including the booty drop, and the funky donkey. Phaedra wants the work out to be sweat free so the ladies can still look good while working out. Kenya tells them that she has an offer from a distribution company, and they’re both pleased. Then she tells them the budget for her to produce the video will be $100,000, now they’re not so pleased. That seems like a lot, and I already know in my heart that Phaedra is extremely cheap, or budget conscious if you will. 

In Phaedra’s office, she calls Kenya’s news “hocus pocus.” Her business attorney also thinks the budget is ridiculous. After talking to Kenya, he gave her lots of ways to cut the budget, and informed her that they had no intention of paying that much for production. Furthermore, Kenya’s request for 10% of the profits from her distribution deal would be counter offered with a big fat zero. Kenya arrives and she says she can’t work for free. She’s worked on multi-million dollar films, and this is how she makes a living. She did all the work so far, and without her there would be no distribution deal. Phaedra never agreed to give her anything and simply doesn’t want to. She’d rather this be a big favor and thinks her booty will speak for itself, she doesn’t need Kenya. I hate to admit it, but Kenya shouldn’t have to work for free. Phaedra is being selfish, and although she has the right to negotiate a percentage of a fee, she can’t expect Kenya to ask for nothing. When Phaedra tells Kenya that Kandi’s boyfriend Todd, who also has a production company, has offered to do it for free and said that Kenya’s budget was ridiculous, Miss Gone with the Wind was pissed. After Kenya leaves, Apollo asks Phaedra how she feels about this affecting her relationship with Kenya, and Phaedra doesn’t care. She says “we haven’t been friends that long,” and as usual Phaedra proves herself cold blooded. Kenya whines in the parking lot about wearing thousand dollar shoes, and does some of her signature twirls. 

Kandi’s having a surprise party for her boyfriend Todd, which is also to celebrate the anniversary of their first kiss in Africa. She takes him on a helicopter ride to the party, where everyone is waiting including his family for an extra shock. Kenya first approaches Apollo, the weakest of the couple, and asks him why she doesn’t deserve a penny. Apollo sees her side, it’s obvious, and he basically tells her he doesn’t feel that way and understands that business is business. Kenya then decides to corner Todd while he cuts his cake, literally, about offering his services to Phaedra. They tell her they’ll work on the video if Phaedra wants them to, and Kandi gets pissed at Kenya. She tells her as politely as she can that it’s not the time or place to talk about this, it’s his birthday. Kandi then goes and tells Phaedra “I will fuck somebody up about my man,” so Kenya better watch out. Kenya’s an idiot, she should never have went to talk to him about it at his party, but I think that Kenya’s problem is that she can’t stop thinking about Kenya. 

Phaedra asked Cynthia to have a casting call for girls to be in her work out video. Phaedra made the mistake of tweeting about it to invite anyone that wanted to go. Cynthia was livid about this. Her business is a professional place as she always likes to point out, so she cancelled the casting call. She didn’t tell anyone she cancelled it, she just went ahead and cancelled it. Kenya arrives and tells Cynthia about all the drama, and Cynthia takes her side. She’s shocked that they’d expect her to work for free, and she doesn’t plan to either. She wants a casting fee, and now she’s even more worried. Phaedra arrives and after just talking about all their problems, Kenya has worked herself up and is now fuming at Phaedra. Cynthia tells her the casting call is cancelled and she can’t just tweet it to the world. Kenya fights with her again, and Phaedra claims she’s negotiating a price, not asking for free services. Kenya leaves dramatically, claiming this whole situation gave her the flu. 

 The drama is far from over, as next week Kenya announces that she’s coming out with her own work out video. This woman deserved to get paid, but she just never stops talking. What do you think, did Kenya deserve 10% of the video, or should Phaedra have expected a free service?

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