Tonight’s episode starts out at last week’s dinner party from hell, with MJ telling Asa to “go fuck herself.” After calling her a pill popper, Asa went a little too far and MJ wants Reza to pick a side, her side. An hour later, everyone is reflecting on what just happened back at the hotel, except for MJ and Sammy, they went clubbing. Asa admits to feeling bad about what she said, and realizes it was wrong. Lilly claims that MJ took an Ambien before getting on the plane, but since it was only a two hour flight, she laughed and said she was taking it for fun. At the club, MJ is texting Reza that Asa is dead to her in between getting wasted and dancing. Asa thinks that MJ is mainly mad at her because of her close friendship with Reza, and that definitely is a part of it. Lilly thinks a substance abuse problem while being the life of the party makes you a hot mess, not cute.  

GG is planning her launch party and making all the phone calls booking everything. I noticed that when she spoke with someone about the step and repeat, he told her it was eight by eight feet. In her notes they showed that she wrote eight by ten feet, just proving that the Shahs never listen. Either way, she seems to have everything in order, and is hoping to prove to her sister that she did a great job, she’s not just a pretty face.

The next morning, Mike doesn’t remember anything that happened the night before. MJ comes in and gives everyone double air kisses, even Asa and Lilly. Asa starts out by apologizing for what she said. MJ says that it was a bullshit below-the belt-comment, based on nothing and designed to hurt her and nothing more. Asa pretty much goes along with that, and they are able to move forward. MJ wants to have meaningful relationships with round table discussions about each other when necessary.

 They all go yachting in crazy, crazy bikinis, Asa especially. She’s proud of her thong, and if you don’t like it, don’t look. Lilly is happy to see that Asa has some junk in the trunk, and is proud of women with curves who show them off. Everything she says about the other girls is condescending, like they’re fat but they’re proud and that’s so cute. On the boat, Lilly wants virgin drinks, and that’s starting to irritate Mike. He wants her to loosen up. At lunch, Lilly complains about her skin being droopy and not as tight as it used to be, gag me. Asa thinks she sounds like a weirdo, and wants to see who she really is under the eye lashes, hair, make-up, and boobs. She says “rock your natural beauty,” but there probably isn’t any. 

 An hour before GG’s party, she’s the only one there and nothing is done. At that point, it looked like a graduation party with plastic tablecloths. I was worried for her, but everything pulled together. Everyone showed up to help, and after a while all the guests arrived. In the beginning the few people that were there looked bored and someone was playing with a Rubik’s cube. That’s really random. GG was on her best behavior, but not to be without any drama, invited her ex-boyfriend to the party. She spent most of her time talking and laughing with him, and making Omid very jealous. She admitted it was kind of on purpose, to keep Omid on his toes. Everyone seemed really impressed with the product, including Jenna Jameson who was going nuts over the extensions. GG did a nice speech with her sister, and at the end her sister told her she was proud of her. GG almost cried; that is all she wanted and never got in her life. She says she and her sister probably haven’t hugged since she was five years old, but they hugged tonight. Good job GG, so what if the other Shahs are afraid of you, maybe being by yourself to plan the party paid off. Wait a minute, how could she have gone to Cabo with the party happening at the same time? Hmm, makes you wonder. Was she ever planning on going?

Tonight Lilly found out what we all know, what I could have told her about the Shahs before she got cast on the show, “their entire goal is to get fucked up.” Yup, that’s right. Don’t like it? Don’t go to Cabo with them. Lilly didn’t know what she was in for on this trip, she doesn’t drink or party, and she’s basically with the “Jersey Shore” cast. Reza warned her this night at the club was party animal status, and MJ was the ringleader. Everyone was in awe of MJ’s partying skills, she was the life of the party and they all suddenly loved her for it. Lilly sat at the bar whining about being tired and wanting to leave, and each Shah got annoyed with her. She had her bag in her lap ready to go while they danced and drank and went nuts. According to Lilly, she doesn’t drink because it makes you sweaty, slur, fall apart, and smell. She’d rather be pretty. Everyone calls her a buzz kill, even her biggest fan Reza. She leaves early and the party continues. 

At the hotel, Reza randomly dumps out MJ’s bag and finds the pill bottle. In it, there are four different pills, which she claims belong to her dog. She basically laughs it off and doesn’t allow a confrontation about it, so instead they wrestle and chase each other around the hotel. Everyone is saying nice things about MJ and how much fun she is, and all the problems are forgotten. Reza realizes that he’d rather be with MJ than Lilly; it’s a red hot mess or being fake perfect. He picks the red hot mess. Everyone does.  

This trip proved to everyone that MJ is fun, and Lilly is not. As much as she wanted to replace MJ as Reza’s BFF, he was brought back to reality and wants to be a hot mess along with MJ. Even nice guy Mike was sick of Lilly by the end of this trip, and it was nice to see Asa and MJ make up so quickly. It just proves what good friends these guys really are, they truly are like family just as they claim to be. What did you think; would you take the hot mess over Ms. Fake Perfect too? Let me know here