Renee fills Karen and Ramona in on last week’s fight with Carla. She tells them all about the junkie accusations and that Carla too has an addiction, to married men. What Ramona finds most laughable or “joke able,” as she puts it, is when Carla pulled out a butter knife on Renee. Was she going to Grey Poupon her? Karen, being the toughest or at least biggest talker as always, says she would have stuffed her in a trunk and threatened her mother by now. They are all on Renee’s side and hate Carla at this point. 

Carla used to feel sorry for Renee, but now that Renee isn’t minding her own business, she’s done with her. She’s also got her own drama going on with her husband Joe, being that they are separated but still married. Joe’s been out of jail for a while and has had a serious girlfriend for the past year. She questions the kids for info on Raquel, and the kids really like her. She’s mad that Joe has a huge house, and that he cooks and cleans now. I would be mad too if my husband and I separated and he suddenly started cooking and cleaning, but other than that she’s got nothing to complain about. Why does she care if his house is big? She acts as if she’s not jealous about his girlfriend, but what’s her problem then?

Drita and Big Ang meet up at a pet store with their little puppies, and Ang’s new puppy Chanel is adorable. Of course Big Ang would have a dog with pink fur. They talk about the fight between Carla and Renee, and it’s clear that they are proud of the way Renee took it, and are surprised at Carla’s behavior. Since the two agreed to be civil in public, they feel it was a success. Big Ang thinks she can go forward with her Botox Bash and invite them both. 

Big Ang and Drita then go out to lunch with Carla, and toast to a new beginning. I guess the new beginning is Carla not being friends with Renee. Carla talks about Joe and his girlfriend, and Drita says that Lee is getting out of jail in six months. During the lunch Lee actually calls Drita, and asks for her to bring the kids to visit him. She’s all smiles, despite the fact that last season she found out that he was cheating on her before he went away. Big Ang wants her to give him another chance, because there are kids involved. 

Renee’s son A.J. returns from his grandfather’s sentencing, which Renee didn’t attend. She didn’t want to go because she was afraid that Junior would be there. Not only is her father getting 17 months, a reduced sentence, but he wrote a letter saying that he didn’t blame them for anything. Renee is relieved to hear that, and thinks it’s time to move on. She asks A.J how he feels about moving to a safer house, and he agrees. 

Drita plays soccer with her kids, and we find out that she used to be on a professional level. She talks to the girls about going to visit Lee, and Gizelle her youngest is really scared. She’s too young to really remember him, so it makes sense. She finally pinky swears to go, and next week they should be going to see him. 

A scene between Carla’s ex Joe and his girlfriend playing basketball, is all about them moving in together. Joe’s scared to tell Carla because he has no idea how she’ll take it. In the end when he tells her, she starts going on and on about her kids being uncomfortable living with her. In the beginning we saw the kids saying how much they liked her, so obviously Carla really is jealous. 

Drita is opening up a make-up store and looking for a storefront. She used to be a professional make-up artist with million dollar clients, but got sick from stress and lost it all. Now she has her own make-up line. She finds a location directly across the street from Big Ang’s bar, and it is fate. Without even going inside, she calls the realtor and says she’ll be waiting with a deposit, she’ll take it.  A little weird, but I wouldn’t be surprised.  

Renee takes Karen house hunting with her, and she’s so scared for her life that all she cares about are windows, entrances, and exits. She only cares about the security and doesn’t like any of the houses they see because of basements and windows. She wants to be locked up in a townhouse with a shotgun. Karen knows how she feels, and thinks she needs a house where no one can watch her, not the FBI, not the mob.  

Finally, it is the Botox Bash. Everyone comes except for Drita and Carla. Drita calls and tells Ang that her tooth is killing her, and that Carla didn’t feel comfortable going alone. When Renee arrives she takes Love aside to make sure they’re still cool, as if anything would have changed. When she hears about Carla not going, she makes it a point to tell Love that Carla must have a problem with her. Is she just stirring the pot? Apparently, Carla dated one of Love’s ex-boyfriends, and now thanks to Renee, Love hates her. So does Karen. Carla may be swimming with the fishes before the reunion if things keep going like this. 

In the final scene, we see Renee at home reading a letter. She frantically starts calling around to talk to someone about it and all we know that it’s from Junior. She’s afraid for her life, and says she has to get out of this house, grabs the keys and goes. Thanks to the preview for next week, we know that the letter was Junior threatening Renee with people he has on the outside.  

Poor Renee, the drama really never ends. This woman attracts problems more than all of Bravo’s “housewives” combined. I mean real problems, bad problems. She says that thanks to letters like that, we now know why she is in fact a “junkie.” 

What did you think of tonight’s episode? With everyone against Carla this season, is it warranted? Let me know what you think here