Mystery Figure in Black (wearing heavy eyeliner) with a double infinity tattoo – We’re lead to believe Emily is down for the count and that something went horribly wrong. Flash back two days.

Conrad – I have good news and bad news. The bad news is that now that Conrad is retired, he’s sporting shorts. The good news is that we are not seeing his socks, which I’m sure were black dress socks. He’s greeted at home by a former business rival who jests about Conrad going into politics. Conrad doesn’t take it as jest; he is intrigued by the suggestion and shortly after, Ashley is his political consultant. Really? Ashley? A man who ran a multi-million dollar corporation (millions upon millions upon millions) is seeking political advice from Ashley. I understand she’s black-mailing him, but come on now! The bright side is despite my obnoxious rant, she did encourage him to bail out Jack. This means that I will see less and hear less about the Ryan brothers. Hurrah!

The Stowaway – Charlotte and Amanda approach Conrad about assistance for Jack. The Ryan Brothers put pressure on Declan to give up and sell, and Charlotte, concerned for his safety asks Conrad to give Declan a safe place to stay. Conrad accepts, but Declan declines.

Victoria – Victoria is a little put-off that her new BFF thrust a charity auction in Daniel’s face when she should be focused on dethroning him. Emily tells Victoria that the charity suggestion to Daniel came before their partnership (not true) but Victoria believes her. Victoria takes it in stride and embraces the charity by suggesting inviting Conrad’s rival – who looks to me is hoping for some nookie. He doesn’t get it, at least not in this episode.

Aiden – Aiden is biting his lip, but it’s not because he’s hiding a gray tie in his pocket. He’s watching his girlfriend on her former fiancés arm and he’s got to be wondering how much is for show. I was surprised that when Aiden approached Emily and told her that Helen said his sister, Colleen, was still alive. Emily discounted it and told him not to accept it as the truth. I’m on the fence about Aiden. I never really understood why Emily put her trust in him and it surprised me more when they got together. Their fake-up, if their relationship was ever real, may damage their relationship beyond what either can foresee.

Helen Crowley – The infamous woman who only speaks from the car did get up and out today. She, on behalf of “The Initiative” bugged Daniel’s office, and because Emily suspected as such, Helen ended up accepting an invite to the charity wine auction from Emily. We learn quickly why Helen never leaves the safety of her car; she takes a few steps out, makes a polite, but late entrance, and on her way out both she and Aiden are gassed in the elevator. When they awake they are tied together, kidnapped, and a mysterious figure is looking for info. Aiden tells Helen not to talk. What? Since I’ve already told you who the mystery figure is, I’m not sure if Aiden told her not to talk hoping she’d do the opposite or if he really didn’t want her to talk. Aiden grabs his captor’s gun and shoots. Don’t fret; Emily is wearing a bullet proof vest. If I were Helen, I’d never leave my car again though.

Emily – She is gorgeous and glam in every scene this episode, even when she’s lying on the floor. And as always, she is an extraordinary multi-tasker. Although she politely excuses herself from her conversation with Helen and Daniel at the close of her charity wine auction so she can take care of the caterer, she still manages to kidnap Helen and Aiden (with Nolan’s help,) hold a gun to their heads, gets shot, recovers, and gets home just in time to get dolled-up to greet Daniel and his one-million dollar bottle of bad wine.

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