Wow, what has gotten into Mauricio tonight? Brandi has to yet again defend herself at another dinner party, and Mauricio completely went into attack mode. Luckily, Brandi had her fake husband Ken, Lisa’s real husband, there to defend her honor. Mauricio may be fed up with Brandi, but now I’m fed up with him, and Kyle. 

The episode begins with Brandi and Scheana’s conversation from last week, and when Brandi walked away she sat at another table to reflect with Lisa. She says she actually does feel better after that, and I have no idea why. All she really wants to know is if Lisa likes Scheana better than her, of course not. Scheana is Lisa’s employee, not a friend. Brandi is kind of a co-worker too, but it’s obvious they really are friends in real life. 

Yolanda and her garden of lemons, she's obsessed with them because of the feelings she experienced from doing a master cleanse. The infamous lemon, maple syrup, and cayenne pepper cleanse that Yolanda swears by restarts your metabolism and helps you lose weight. Kyle’s in it for the weight loss, and although Yolanda tried three times to get Kim to come and do it with her, she again didn’t show up. What else is new? Kim’s famous for not showing up, and she definitely didn’t want to do this cleanse, who would?  

While Kyle is subjected to Yolanda’s concoction, Kim is at home baking cookies. She meets with her life coach, and he goes on and on about how well she’s doing. Kim isn’t quite there yet; she still has issues with her sister, and feels like Kyle hasn’t been there for her since she left rehab. She’s still hurt by the season one fight where Kyle called her out for being an alcoholic, something she should have done in private. The life coach thinks that Kyle was probably hoping for a clean slate once Kim left rehab, but of course that’s not the case. The have to talk and work out their issues. 

Lisa goes to Villa Blanca to sit for a few minutes, complain about the flower arrangements, and try a new special. While she’s there, Ken is at home building a beautiful swing with a heart-shaped garden and a little pink chair for Jiggy. It’s all to surprise Lisa, and to remind her of the times he used to push her on their old swing. Lisa comes home and loves it; it’s really all very adorable. 

Kyle is hosting another dinner party, this time a Moroccan themed party at a restaurant. So much happens at this party. Has there ever been a successful Beverly Hill’s dinner? If people acted like this in real life, both Sur and Villa Blanca would surely go out of business. First, Yolanda sees Kim and brings up the master cleanse that she failed to show up for. Kim has no idea that the plans had been made, and declares that she can’t do one anyway. Kyle immediately asks why over and over again, rather than give Kim a break for once. Kim needs to eat and be healthy, she can’t play around with her metabolism, but Kyle can never drop anything. 

Now Kim and Kyle are seated next to each other and Kim says she needs to work on making her life better. She feels that Kyle has been cold to her and she’s barely seen her since she left rehab. Kyle is wiping away her tears, as she always does at dinner parties, and deep down she’s just mad that Kim is talking about this at her dinner party. Then Kyle in her talking head interview says that she doesn’t even believe that Kim will stay sober, how supportive. 

Next Taylor reveals that she’s ready to date, and she too starts crying for no reason. She feels like she would be cheating, and Brandi and Camille try to convince her otherwise. Taylor has been fighting her late husband’s battles since he passed, and even had to break the news to her daughter that they no longer had a private plane. 

Brandi had already revealed to Kyle and Marisa that Adriene and Paul’s attorney had sent her a letter, threatening to sue. If she doesn’t sign a paper stating that she would never speak of them again, she’ll be sued. She’s scared, and had to lawyer up and spend $2000, which she doesn’t have. I don’t know why she’s revealing any of this to Kyle, she is in no way on her side and deep down doesn’t even really care. As Brandi is talking to Taylor and Camille about the matter, Yolanda and Kyle are talking about it on the opposite side of the room. Yolanda is actually on Brandi’s side, she doesn’t like the fact that Adriene is trying to intimidate her, since she obviously doesn’t need to go after her for money. On the other hand, Yolanda says that if you have the balls to make that statement, than you should have the balls to call and apologize. Yolanda thinks that you don’t go to a lawyer unless you can’t deal with a discussion, which means she thinks the whole thing is stupid. 

This is where all sight of reality is completely lost. Mauricio suddenly gets mad about Brandi even saying anything about Adriene’s family in the first place. He doesn’t understand why she said it. To be nice? Obviously not. He thinks she has to call and apologize. Brandi thinks it’s past that point. Most people would agree that once lawsuits are involved, lawyers would probably tell you not to call. Taylor suddenly gets really pissed at Adriene, when things were being said about her; Adriene was the one that thought suing friends was wrong. Taylor thinks what was said about her was much worse, so why is it OK for Adriene to sue Brandi? Taylor, yet again is just making this all about herself, let’s not even pay attention. 

Kim is on Adriene’s side, she’s the one that told her what was said in the first place. She also compares it to the lies Brandi told about her, when she accused her of doing meth. Brandi, hilariously says she didn’t make it up, it wasn’t wrong it was incorrect. Meaning that she was doing something, it just wasn’t meth. Kim could have gotten furious about that, but it flew over her head. Mauricio is getting really heated, and keeps yelling about why she said it, and that she needs to apologize. Brandi gets teary and wants to leave. Taylor forcefully insists that Brandi not cry or walk away, she always does that and has to be strong. Both Camille and Taylor are single, like Brandi, and the three of them form an alliance of strong women, they can’t leave a party. 

As Mauricio continues to be really loud and aggressive, our hero Ken steps in and defends Brandi. He says it doesn’t matter why she said it, it’s done. The lawyer probably told her not to call, and he even says that what Brandi said was the truth. That makes Lisa very nervous; she doesn’t want to get sued too. Now the men are fighting, I’ve never seen anything like this. Go Ken! He says that Brandi doesn’t have a man protecting her, and to back off. 

Everyone is mad that Brandi said it in the first place; especially Kim who insists Brandi did the same to her. Lisa steps in and says that no one defended her when Adriene accused her of selling stories to the press. Where was all this heated discussion then? Mauricio screams “who gives a shit about selling stories?” OK, how much has Mauricio had to drink, I think we deserve to know before we take this too seriously. What is he so mad about? Who likes Adriene this much? Finally, Brandi screams at him to “shut the fuck up” as she always does at a dinner party, but not before she told him to “go fuck himself.” Another great party Kyle, you should be a party planner. 

Either Mauricio really loves Adriene and Paul, or he really hates Brandi, or both. Whatever the case, he really let Brandi have it. I’m disappointed in him and Kyle and impressed with the Vanderpumps as always. I’m also impressed with Yolanda tonight, I’ve given her a hard time so far, but I agreed with all of her comments tonight. Taylor may have been a babbling idiot as usual, but I liked her and Camille backing-up Brandi as the new strong woman, no tears alliance. Kim has a right to be on Adriene’s side in this, and she makes valid points, for once. Overall, neither Brandi nor Adriene are right in this, and I feel bad for everyone. 

Another great dinner party. Keep them coming Kyle. It doesn’t take much for such a big fight to break out, I guess, and I’m really shocked that the husbands have such strong opinions. What did you think? What got into Mauricio tonight? Let me know what you think here