Our handsome bachelor is Sean from Emily’s season. I’m starting off straight away with a confession, my godson went to high school and played football with Sean but Sean’s personal Facebook page has been down a long time. I have no inside info (and I probably won’t have any in the future) but I do know that cameras were at Sean’s parents home around Thanksgiving.

We watched Sean fall in love with Emily, and as he did, we fell in love with him. The morning before meeting the women, Sean welcomes his good friend Arie (who he hasn’t seen since the island – huh?) in his new bachelor pad.

Arie gives Sean advice about kissing, which is a little creepy because I can’t figure out if they are hinting Emily that complained, or if they were just having them talk about several topics, and they improvised.

Desiree 26 – an adorable brunette with side bangs bridal stylist.

Tierra 24 - editing has staged her as the crazy one. She is stunning, but the perfectly round, pencil-thin, glamorous eyebrows play into the visual appearance of crazy.

Robyn 24 – from Huston (my son’s favorite.)

Diana 30 – is a hair salon owner with 2 kids.

Sarah 26 – is a beautiful blonde with long straight hair birth. She has a birth defect that amputated her arm in the womb. She is strong, fearless and capable.

Ashley P 28 - the cat lady we see in the commercials with the “Shades of Gray” tie.

Leslie M 25 – a blonde with the biggest most adorable eyes I’ve ever seen. She works in DC but is from Arkansas.

Kristy 25 – is a Ford Model (I think the producers thought she’d be the crazy...but it looks like they may have been wrong.)

AshLee F 32 – she is an organizer who after years as a foster child was adopted.

I’m not an expert at reading producers, but based on what I’ve seen with the Biggest Loser, several of the personal the profiles are showing contestants who leave prematurely and I daresay, the other ones are from people who will go far – maybe? This seems logical.

We have another pep-talk from Chris before the limos arrive and we have a very interesting edit, where you can see Sean taking a deep breath and closing his eyes. The vulnerability is heartwarming. Sean is described as being the most sincere bachelor they’ve had yet. I have never heard a negative story or a bad thing about him, not even early year stories.

First out of the limo we have AshLee in a red rose colored evening gown. Followed by:

Jackie 25 – in a stunning black dress with large sequins. She kisses Sean on the cheek and leaves lip prints.

Selma 29, - wearing a black strapless mermaid gown. Conveniently, she pulls a handkerchief from her bra and wipes off lipstick.

Leslie 29 – wears a sparkling gold gown. If I’m following the clip spoilers, she gets the signature evening gown and jewels date.

Daniella 24 – is dressed in a nude sequins gown. She’s the first blonde who offers him an awkward hand-shake.

Kelly 28 – in a white bikini-strapped gown that could double for a wedding dress, but something bigger and grander is coming and it’s not from the bridal consultant. This lovely blonde sings to him.

Katie 27 – has gorgeous naturally curly hair and wears a raspberry gown. She teaches Sean yoga.

Ashley P (from commercials) – She’s wearing a dramatic black gown; sadly Sean hasn’t read the book and doesn’t get the symbolism.

Taryn 30 – the lovely pale-haired blonde in the indigo gown confesses she did not watch Sean’s season, so they are on even ground so-to-speak.

Catherine 26 – in a spaghetti strap black sequins gown.

Next is my 21 year-old son’s favorite, Robyn. She has an awkward start but she’s adorable in a peach sequined gown.

Lacey 24 – is a blonde in a grey gown with sequins.

Paige 25 (from bachelor pad) – dressed in an indigo blue evening gown (why are you not dating Reid?)

Tierra – wears a spaghetti strap grey dress with black sequins. During their introduction, she shows Sean an open heart she drew on her finger (like the one painted by Jane Seymour in the jewelry commercials.) Sean excuses himself during their introduction for a side-bar with Chris. He returns with a rose.

This leads me to the age-old question, which came first? Did she behave oddly and alienate herself from the girls, and get crazy edits first, or did Sean giving her the rose put a target on her that lead to her behavior?

Amanda 26 - has on a black top and white long skirt with a dramatic slit. Her dress is unique for the group, but very glam.

Kerriann 29 – is a blonde in a black strapless evening gown.

Desiree – dressed in red.

Brooke 25 – gets my award for best-dressed. She has a 1950’s/60’s Hollywood look in a black gown and she rocks it.

Sarah – dressed in a short white cocktail dress.

Diana – is wearing black and white, kind of Bohemian and more casual compared to others, but it is lovely.

Leslie – steps out of the limo wearing a blue/teal gown. Her hair is up and she’s carrying a football. She’s done her homework. Sean played football in high school and college.

Kristy 25 – wears an indigo short blue dress.

Ashley H. – is in a baby-blue mermaid gown with eye shadow to match; she stands out in a good way.

Lauren 27 – is a blonde in a champagne-gray sequined gown, another of my son’s favorites. She mentions that she’s Italian and her father will harm Sean if he hurts her.

Lindsey 24 – steps out wearing a wedding dress, complete with veil, giggling to the point that I wonder if she started drinking in the limo. Wearing the dress is a prank that I wouldn’t recommend but, in the case of Sean, she may not be as dumb as she appears. It was Sean who told Emily he lived with his parents and his parents pulled an armadillo out of the oven when it was time for dinner.

And that’s twenty-five, but there is a surprise. Kacie B, the baton twirler, returns from Ben’s season. She is wearing a very short black mini-dress with a black net plunging neckline. It’s obvious they know each other but both she and Sean are using the word “friends.” (When they are together it’s as if there is a little more, not a one-night stand, but maybe flirting. Because if he wouldn’t have jumped straight into the bachelor gig, there was a mutual chemistry and they may have dated.) He says he doesn’t have a “type,” but there are a lot of brunettes and diversity. Good for him!