The cocktail party starts and Kacie has the first one on one with him we see, followed by Desiree who gets rose.

AshLee, also wearing a red dress gets a rose. In the episode teasers, she has time on a beach with him and she uses that time to warn him about other girl(s).

Selma gets a rose, Robyn gets a rose, Katie in raspberry gets a rose, and Catherine gets rose…and so on.

The tension thickens as the night goes on. Ashley H in the baby blue dress has not received a rose yet, but there will still be a rose ceremony.

Sean has one on one time with Lindsay, our wedding dressing wearing giggler, who admits she’s not sober. But that is nothing compared to Ashley P, our Shades of Grey girl. She’s so tipsy she begins to dance, and dance and dance and dance. She dances her way into Paige’s one on one time and to quote Sean, she’s “50 Shades of Drunk.”

Leslie gets a rose and Sean seeks out Brooke and she gets a rose. Sarah is hoping to focus on someone other than her dog. She addresses the elephant in the room and speaks about her disability. She receives a rose, and we go into the rose ceremony knowing there are only seven left.

They go to:

Leslie M
and our wedding dress wearer - Lindsay

This sends Paige, Lauren, Ashley H, Ashley 50 Shades and others home.

Life in the mansion begins and the date cards go out.

I am not a designer, I don’t know anything about fashion, I spend my days in a server room at work, but I do remember strange things I've seen the guys wear, like the night Ames was evicted from Ashley’s season wearing a suit jacket a dozen sizes too small. What really happened that night? Did his suit not make it back from the dry cleaners? Was his luggage lost?

Ed wore something similar, but when Ed did it during Jillian’s season, the jacket fit but if I remember correctly, they were both white jackets with thin blue stripes, barbershop quartet.

I think Ed’s the type where he thought he was being fashionable.

With that said, Reid was the guy who wore tennis shoes when he proposed. Why isn't adorable Reid married – or is he now, maybe I missed something? Please call Paige. She's so adorable. Can I be a bridesmaid?

The dates begin and Sarah gets the first one on one. They take a helicopter to the top of a high rise building where they free fall down 30 stories. She confesses she wanted to zip line years before and she was told she couldn’t because of her disability. This rings similar to Emily being taken to drive a race car during Brad’s season. Sean may not have known, but I do think the producers decide quite a bit based on the early interviews.

The group date is a picture shoot for Harlequin. Leslie, wearing chaps and a red western shirt, gets the first kiss and then goes back for more after the shoot. The Ford Model wins the photo contest. Gee, didn’t see that coming. I think Kristy is gorgeous and so far her edits are ok. She was very excited about the shoot, naturally because it was tailored for her I’m sure, but based on the edits, it looks like she’s getting along with the other girls. That evening our curly haired yoga instructor, Katie decides to leave voluntarily after having a heart to heart with Kacie. I’m trying to read into the edits. It almost looks as if the girl next store kind of encouraged Katie to go, but I could be reading it wrong. Kacie gets the rose.

The final one on one is with Desiree. Sean stages an accident in an art gallery as a prank and she takes it in stride. He then cooks from her in his home and puts on a horrid swim suit.

Fast forward to the rose ceremony where we see Amanda, gorgeous in yellow, pouting. Pouting unless she’s with Sean, then she’s normal, of sorts.

Robyn, my son’s favorite is wearing yellow, just like Amanda.

Roses go to:

Leslie M
Brooke who’s wearing in baby pink tonight (she wore a deep purple at the photo shoot)
Leslie H

And thank gawd Amanda gets a rose, because it looks like she’s having an aneurism.

I’m hoping it’s bad edits for Amanda because this kind of came out of nowhere.

Sean says goodbye to Diane because he wanted her to go back to her girl's at home.