Tonight it was revealed that Kenya was making her own work out video in response to being fired from Phaedra’s “Donkey Booty” workout. Kenya doesn’t want to be a donkey, she’s a stallion! Hence she titled her workout video, “Stallion Booty.” It wasn’t hard to see the lines drawn as the ladies picked sides, either thinking it is sheer copying or a smart business move.  

Cynthia is judging an International Hair Show, and here is where Kenya divulges her exciting news about her video. Cynthia and Peter go along with all of Kenya’s nasty digs about Phaedra, and seem to be on her side, shockingly. Kenya says that a stallion is more appealing than a donkey, and that she obviously has a better booty than Phaedra. I think that last week’s casting call left a bad taste in Cynthia’s mouth, and so she’s blind to reality. Does she really think this is something she should be picking sides on? I’d at least expect her to not get involved, but she was happy to jump on board of Kenya’s shit-talking train. 

 Kandi is getting her hair done by Derek J. who was also present during Kenya’s big made for TV reveal. He was on team Kenya that night, but now acts as if he was put in such an awkward position to even be talking about it. He tells Kandi about the Kenya’s horse idea, and she immediately grabs her phone to call Phaedra. Phaedra is shocked, not happy, obviously, and can’t believe this is real. Kandi is a normal person, probably one of the most normal people on reality TV, and so she knows how wrong this is. However, she does say that she will listen to Kenya’s side of the story before making any judgments about it. That’s a nice way to put it. Way to stay out of it as much as you can Kandi. Phaedra does point out that Kenya has a “Six Flags Scream Machine booty,” and not, in-fact, a “stallion booty.” 

Cynthia is still so cautious of Phaedra after almost not getting paid for a casting call that she cancelled anyway, and also almost having her precious agency disrespected. At a casting call for a kid’s fashion show, Cynthia is not happy about Phaedra trying to push Ayden on to the runway. She doesn’t want to do business with friends ever again, and at first I thought she wasn’t going to cast Ayden at all. He was too cranky to walk for her, and I thought he wouldn’t get cast, causing a little drama. Porsha shows up as their leaving, for whatever reason (I guess to be on the show,) and the topic turns to Kenya. Phaedra thinks she must have drinking problem, chemical imbalance, and may possibly be bipolar. Cynthia is offended by the inappropriate accusations, so we definitely know whose side she’s on. Porsha on the other hand loves it, and will now be Phaedra’s best friend. Cynthia acts as if it’s no big deal because she, Kim, and Nene all have their own wine and they’re not competing. As if this isn’t Kenya blatantly getting back at Phaedra, let’s not play dumb. Now Cynthia is getting on my nerves. Porsha thought that Phaedra was a close friend to Kenya since she defended her in Anguilla despite the way she was treating Porsha. Phaedra acts like Kenya wasn’t too crazy, and since Porsha called her a tramp she was justified in taking her side. Well now the tables have turned, and the fact that she’s jumping ship is not lost on Porsha. 

Kandi goes shopping with Kenya so she can get Kenya’s side of the story. She may be growing to like Kenya, but if she’d stab Phaedra in the back then she may do the same to Kandi. Kandi doesn’t want “Kenya Coded Nights” coming out anytime soon. Kenya explains that she still had this production deal in place, and since Phaedra didn’t want to work with her, she took the deal for herself. I can understand that, to an extent. Kandi, God love her, flat out calls her a bootlegger. Kenya doesn’t take her too seriously, as Kandi always has a casual friendly delivery, but she basically calls her out. 

Phaedra is one step ahead of Kenya, and will have an A-list video, not a D-list one like Kenya. She meets with a director who worked with her good friend and workout guru, Jane Fonda. They’re all impressed with each other, and the video is a go. 

Porsha and Phaedra meet for lunch to finalize their new best friends on the show status, both wearing coral tops. They complain about Kenya, which is everyone's favorite thing to do, including mine. Porsha tells Phaedra that Kenya must have manipulated her. As always, Phaedra plays innocent and acts like that must have been the case. It’s really just a case of getting screwed over and switching sides. 

At the kid’s fashion show the confrontation finally takes place. Kenya tells everyone, including NeNe about the “Stallion Workout.” NeNe agrees that the donkey idea is dumb, and she doesn’t really pick sides although she never accuses Kenya of copying Phaedra. When Phaedra comes over, Kenya is finally getting what she wanted, the drama. Phaedra keeps it classy saying that “imitation is the highest form of flattery.” Apollo calls her a biter, and Kenya asks him to speak English, so he calls her a copycat. As big of a drama queen that she is, she’ll never get a rise out of Phaedra. 

Do I think that Phaedra screwed over Kenya last week? Absolutely! Kenya makes some valid points. I mean, why not jump on this production deal and do it yourself? Do I hate copying? I do more than anything. Phaedra is no way innocent, and her playing dumb is getting old. But nothing is older than Kenya’s annoying problem causing ways, and she’s a new cast member. This woman is on my last nerve, and I’ve had it. As Phaedra said, a stallion is a male stud, dumbass. 

So, who’s side are you on? Are you a donkey or a stallion. Let me know here