Tonight, Reza and the gang visited his family for Rosh Hashanah, and made beautiful connections with both his dad and grandmother. It was a touching, heartwarming episode overall, filled with lots of family, reconciling, and diamond water. 

Asa needs to pick out her diamond to infuse with water and love to create her diamond water. She’s brought into the V.I.P office to pick out a loose diamond, and she uses her psychic abilities to select a few packets from the pile. The first one she picks, it’s the one. She lifts it up to her third eye, and her chakra is overcome with powerful waves of energy. It’s the one she’s been looking for. When it’s revealed that it costs $325,000, it’s actually not the one. Her budget is $65,000. The jeweler, who is actually a high school friend - making me question Asa’s real age, pulls out one in her budget, and that one is in fact the real one. It’s more the one than the one she just looked at, she gets even more powerful energy in her crown chakra, and can feel it shooting through her arms. It’s amazing that the one in her budget is better than the one she swore was it, but either way, it’s the one. 

 When Asa goes to her diamond water factory, she brings a magic carpet, a candle, some lotion, and is brought to the magical tanks. She’s in awe of the tank where the single diamond she picked out lies, and where bottled water will be exposed to it and create diamond water. There’s just one more ingredient, Asa’s prayers. She prays in front of the tank and puts on lotion, lights her candle, and that’s how you make diamond water. 

MJ meets with GG to walk the dogs and clear the air. GG is mad that MJ uninvited her to her birthday, and then didn’t want her to come to Mexico. She wants to know who she’s friends with, and who’s side she’s on. MJ wants to be on everyone’s side, and it wasn’t up to her that GG didn’t go to Cabo. GG is mad because MJ was calling her from Cabo to complain about Asa, and now they’re still friends. MJ puts it very clearly to GG, and I hope she listened for once, you have to be responsible for your actions. Why doesn’t she just call Asa and take care of this herself? Now this is affecting MJ, her fists are getting MJ in trouble and putting her in a bad position.  

Mike brings his girlfriend Sue to meet his family, finally. It wasn’t so bad, although slightly awkward. Mike’s mother was happy once she learned that Sue was becoming a nurse and getting her masters. According to Mike, Persians love professional degrees. So, she passed the test. 

Reza brings MJ, Asa, and Mike to New York with him to have Rosh Hashanah with his family in Great Neck. First, he has lunch with his dad alone. Last season, Reza cleared the air a lot with his dad, and I have to admit that I truly love his father. He’s adorable and I get teary eyed whenever he’s on the show. He’s so sweet, and they work out their issues with such a great love for each other. Reza, last season, had a huge problem with his cold-hearted grandmother. Now, he’s afraid to face her. His dad tells him more about his past that Reza never knew. A rumor caused his parents to divorce, and his mother left when he was eight. He had a horrible, sad childhood which brings Reza to tears. In the end, he feels bad for his dad, but also for his grandmother. His father asks him if he forgave him for leaving when he was a kid, and he says of course he did. They are both crying, and so am I. 

At the dinner, this family is incredible. Reza’s aunt and uncle seem like the nicest, sweetest people ever. Reza goes to see his grandmother, and she asks him for kisses, and says she’d die for him, she loves him so much. What a dramatic difference. They get along so well, and it’s all so beautiful. She’s suddenly a sweet old woman, and all is right. They have a great night, and I’m so happy for Reza, as are all his friends. 

 Just as I was forgetting that she existed, here’s Lilly. She has her “glam squad” come do her makeup and hair, even though she’s already in full makeup. She’s getting ready for a date, her first in a while considering she’s been on and off with the same guy for ten years. She meets her blind date and spends the entire time talking about her ex-fiance. Luckily, this guy isn’t in to her enough to let her get away with it, and calls her out repeatedly for rudely talking about her ex. It’s all a big joke, and she’s extremely rude and bitchy. She thinks it’s rude to look at your phone during dinner, he thinks it’s rude to talk about your ex for 15 minutes too. She wishes he was there, aww, please. Is she for real?

 I’m very impressed with what went down with Reza and his family tonight, not impressed with Lilly, I’d rather learn more about diamond water actually. What did you think? Would you drink diamond water? Let me know here.