Dear Renee, 

 This is serious to your future. If you’re trying to turn my son against me, don’t. I did nothing to hurt you or your mother. I also went no further with your father. Don’t play games. Don’t play games with my son. Don’t fill his head with non-truths.

-Junior, The Strongest 

There you have it, the letter that has Renee scared for her life. Is it scary? Well, yes it’s not very nice, it doesn’t even matter what it says actually. Any contact from Junior is scary, and I don’t blame Renee for feeling threatened. She runs to Ramona, getting her hair done, to read her the letter. Ramona can’t help but wonder how this was even sent to her considering the letters are read before sent from jail. That makes them both wonder where he even is, they don’t know for sure if he’s in jail or the witness protection program. Renee thinks he’s going to kill her, and she’s not a rat so she won’t go to the authorities. Who is she supposed to speak to? I don’t think going to the police about this would make her a rat, come on now. 

 Love and her mom are hanging out and Karen stops by. They reminisce about their teen years, where they would steal cars and light them on fire to hide the evidence. Love says she was the worst kid, and she even spent an entire summer breaking people’s noses. How will she ever find a man or start a family with her history? “Hi guys, I shot my ex-fiancé, poisoned my other ex-fiancé, shot at my other ex-fiancé, and stabbed my ex-boyfriend. Let’s have a baby.” 

Bib Ang is getting her car washed and Carla shows up to bitch about Renee and Joe’s girlfriend some more. She feels like he has a new family without her, and doesn’t like the fact that his girlfriend is playing mother to her kids. Big Ang just wishes that Carla came to last week’s Botox party. Carla wouldn’t feel comfortable considering everyone there was mad at her, and on Renee’s side. She never met Love, but knows that everyone in Renee’s clique requires a sit down and a fight and she’s sick of it. She wonders why Renee has friends for a month at a time before she too fights with them, and blames it on her pill popping ways.

Karen goes to meet with a financial planner, which was so ridiculous. She’s like a character from an old mob movie in the modern world; seriously she comes across like she’s Bugsy from “Looney Tunes” or something. This nice professional woman just wants some info. Karen says she’s all cash. Her family stuffed mattresses; they ain’t never used no credit cards. Her father taught her loyalty, ain’t no disrespect but she’s old school. Who tells someone their father was a gangster? Has that ever happened in real life? The woman is shocked, and even more shocked when Karen tells her that her ex is living in her house in Arizona for free. She tells her she has to collect rent, and has to make money off of this property. Duh! Karen later finds out that her ex has a girlfriend, and said girlfriend left a G-string in her daughter’s room. Now she’s gonna bust a cap, and will be making a trip to Arizona. The worst part is that Karen thinks this long-term girlfriend is a way for her ex to see if Karen still has feelings for him. Karen, no! Do you really think he’s living his life in another state with a girlfriend because he wants you to come and rescue him? 

Ramona and Big Ang go shopping to talk about Renee and Junior. Poor Big Ang, her job is to run errands with all the girls so she can be the voice of reason for the show. They both think Renee should at least talk to a lawyer, and who even knows where he is. Ramona is also waiting to hear if her boyfriend will get jail time, and it’s been so long, well, since last season. This reminds Big Ang of her Uncle Sally Dogs, who was kept at Riker’s Island for five years while he awaited sentencing. Damn FBI. 

Renee goes to a support group to talk about her addiction to Xanax. She says that after her surgery, Junior kept her overmedicated to keep her in the dark to what was going on. After his betrayal, she used the pills as a way to feel nothing and avoid everything; she just wanted to sleep it away. She admits that she didn’t even want to live, but now she has to work this out for her son’s sake. Poor Renee, I feel for her.

Love and Drita meet up for drinks and to talk about Carla. Love and Carla don’t know each other, but of course there’s been trash talking and now there’s a problem. They share an ex-boyfriend, Love’s ex who turned out to be a stalker. It wasn’t clear if Carla dated him in the past, or is currently dating him, but Drita is shocked and has to tell Carla about all the things he did to Love. Love is trying to come across as the toughest of the wives, and I quote: “I’ve had more fights than she’s been alive for days.” She says she ain’t Karen and she ain’t Ramona. She’s a different level of crazy, a gladiator. If Carla comes at her the wrong way, she’ll end up in the I.C.U. There are so many threats of physical violence on this show, but it’s got less actual fights than any “housewives” franchise, just lots of shit talking. Sometimes that’s scarier though, I admit. 

Renee finds a new house to move to, in order to feel safer. She packs by cutting up pictures of Junior; she cuts him out of every single picture including their wedding. She burns them all and says goodbye to Junior, never planning on thinking about him again. They move into their new home, and she tells A.J. that she’s going to rehab. A.J. is a moron and says that he thinks it is bullshit, not a disease. Blah blah blah! He sees it as a weakness, but whatever, do what you gotta do. She wants to turn her weakness into strength, and get better so her son can hold his head high. Either way, I’m glad she’s doing it, good for you Renee. 

Drita is nervous to see Lee, and the jail visit should be coming up soon. Renee will be in rehab, and who knows what will happen to Carla with so many enemies in Staten Island.

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