Did you ever wonder what happens to our favorite reality stars when their costars see the interviews of them bashing each other behind their backs? They’re always so fearless in their interviews, and tonight’s episode may have lacked drama, but the interviews were worth the watch.  

Back at the Moroccan dinner party from hell, it’s wrapping up as Brandi tells Mauricio to shut the fuck up and leave her alone. Lisa and Ken are Brandi’s sole defenders, and Mauricio is still in attack mode. Brandi just wants to stress that Adrienne and Paul have a billion dollars, so why are they suing a single mother with nothing? Mauricio just wants her to make that damn phone call. All the times he’s gotten that letter from a lawyer, he was able to diffuse the situation with a phone call. Ken just wants Mauricio to leave Brandi alone, and Kyle just wants everyone to know what a great person Mauricio is, you know, her husband. Across the way where no one cares, poor Camille is trapped listening to Taylor go on and on about how much worse her life is. Ha ha! Yolanda, in her interview, says what has been true all season, Taylor always spins things around to be about her, how annoying. Taylor doesn’t care about Yolanda with her perfect rich life in Malibu, oh wait, maybe it’s not so perfect. Taylor makes it a point for the cameras to reveal that she knows way more about Yolanda’s husband than she thinks she does. These are scandalous things no one should know. Little does Taylor know, however, that Camille is sick of her too. She calls it “classic Taylor” in her interview, to be talking about herself when it literally has nothing to do with her. 

 Brandi finally excuses herself and Yolanda and Lisa go to check on her. Yolanda thinks the men should stay out of it, meaning Mauricio because Ken is too precious, right? I mean, he’s just being Brandi’s knight in shining armor; he didn’t want to be involved. Lisa doesn’t want to be at odds with Kyle and Mauricio, yes she and Ken are right, of course, but darling Brandi must learn to keep her mouth shut. Lisa says that Brandi needs to get it together; she never gets her point across because she always loses it. She’s right, you can say the nastiest things if you know how to say them Brandi, screaming obscenities across the room will never fly in Beverly Hills.

Mauricio is being so cocky; he approaches Brandi to assure that she knows it’s not personal. It feels personal, but it’s all about principle. Do I see where he’s coming from? Yes I can see Mauricio’s point and I 100% understand that he cares about Paul and Adrienne, and yes Brandi was totally wrong. What’s done is done however, and he could have made his point calmly and quickly, rather than screaming at a woman at a dinner party. Kyle keeps assuring everyone that her husband is perfect. Luckily no one got too into it aside from Mauricio and Brandi, although Ken’s feathers were ruffled and Lisa was pissed, they were able to handle it like adults. There was one point in the midst of all the arguing where Kyle yelled, “It’s not about the surrogacy,” so all the speculation about Adrienne’s surrogacy is pretty much confirmed.

Adrienne and Paul are finally back, after a three episode break in order to recover from Brandi’s comments. They visit Kyle and Mauricio after their trip to New York for fresh air. Kyle feels sad to be stuck in the middle, and they assure Adrienne and Paul that they totally have their backs. Mauricio tells them about his battle with Brandi, and they know that they’re supportive; it’s a non-issue that they interact with Brandi. Adrienne gives us a little foreshadowing; she says that the only way she wants to resolve this is with a face to face confrontation. I smell a season finale.

As Yolanda decorates Mohamed’s mansion, she decides that if the girls will be on their best behavior they may have a party. She berates the men helping her to learn to speak English just like she had to do when she came to America. She means well I suppose. Simultaneously we find Kim with a psychic, and we learn that she’s got a real life poltergeist going on in her bedroom. There’s a portal to the other side right in front of her bed, and her future grandchildren’s spirits are playing on her bed. Yes, that happened. No flying toys but maybe Carol Anne is under the bed. While this is going on, Kyle and Faye are mannequin-shopping for Kyle’s new store, designed by the talented Faye, who was born to design. You either have it or you don’t. It’s all so random, I know. Not much going on in Beverly Hills while we wait for another trip to take place. Too bad Kyle didn’t have another disaster dinner party. 

Well there was one dinner, Brandi and Marisa. These two are forming a great friendship, both women say what they mean and can make offensive jokes to each other without worry. Unfortunately, Marisa puts her husband down constantly. She says she’s not attracted to him, he’s not her type. She’s more attracted to Brandi’s ex Eddie Cibrian. Oh and she also wishes he made more money. 

At the gathering this week it’s an art show, everyone comes to the event to double kiss and feel each other out after the Moroccan dinner party. Kyle and Brandi are cool; Lisa and Mauricio are not. Paris Hilton makes a cameo to promote her concert where she is closing for Jennifer Lopez. Wait, did she say closing? Since when do concerts have a closing act? She must be that good. Brandi invites everyone to Vegas where she will be teaching a pole dancing class, what? Well, that’s happening and by the powers of Bravo, everyone’s going. Not Taylor, she’s doing a PSA for domestic violence. In the distance, Marisa is again bad-mouthing her husband; she wishes she waited until she was in her thirties to get married, presumably to somebody else. Brandi can’t help but notice, and says in her interview that Marisa needs to stop throwing her husband under the bus, it’s not cool. 

Yolanda likes a painting and it is $14,000. She doesn’t think it’s worth that much and haggles with the artist, asking for 50% off. She wants to pay wholesale. He astoundingly offers it up for $8,500, not good enough. They settle on $8,000, and that’s how the rich stay rich. 

Mauricio gives Ken a peace offering, and he acts a little weird but they are both fine. Lisa comes over and when Mauricio asks her what’s going on, she says a lot but she can’t talk about it. It was her way of saying, “We’re not fine; take note.” When Mauricio reports it to Kyle, she brushes it off and doesn’t really believe him. He asks Taylor to back him up, and she must have been in space because she has no idea what he’s talking about. Good job Lisa, you got away with being really rude and poor Mauricio can’t get anyone to believe you did it. That’s how it’s done in Beverly Hills. 

What did you think? Next we’ll be going to Vegas and this season will take us on many more adventures. Beverly Hills is so popular that each week everyone is going nuts over in the Housewives forum talking about it. Pick your topic here