Tonight’s episode was all about trying to reconcile and bring everyone back together before next week’s finale. Can this group be one again? That’s the question that Reza needs to know, and he convinces Asa to give GG a chance to apologize. Sammy set up a dinner for everyone in order to try acclimating GG back into the group. Asa is over her. She’s got diamond water and Persia-palooza to focus on, and she thinks GG is like so “whack.” She’ll be deuces if GG is even remotely “whack.” 

Asa is preparing for her big concert, and she sucks guys. She doesn’t really sing, so I can’t say she’s a bad singer, it’s more like spoken word. Whatever it is, it’s not working. This concert is going to be hilarious.  

One Shah is willing to give GG a chance, mostly because she’s skinny and pretty. It’s Lilly of course. They get pedicures together and talk about plastic surgery. GG goes through the list of all the plastic surgery she’s had; a nose job, bleached gums, and Botox. Lilly thinks it’s good that she’s done it in moderation and doesn’t like too fake, she’s now got something to aspire too. 

GG then meets with Reza to prepare for the dinner. He’s willing to forgive her; he just needs her to make up with Asa. GG says she can’t help but get violent when things people say evoke feelings related to her childhood. She too was made fun of for her nose. Reza thinks it’s dumb, you can’t act crazy because of childhood feelings. She jumped a friend, basically, and that’s not cool.
MJ meets with her mom and they can’t get along as usual. Both women end up in tears and her mom is so harsh. She asks her to go with her to therapy, and she does. The therapist has them write down what they need from the other, and MJ’s mom writes a list of things MJ needs to improve. The therapist points out that her list is comprised of things she would expect a teenager’s mom to write. MJ is an adult; it’s not her mom’s place to want MJ to spend less money, find a man, or learn to show up on time. These are things that I also want from MJ, but she’s forty years old, she’s on her own. This may have been a break through, it’s hard to tell, but MJ’s mom seemed to get it, finally. 

Lilly has a weird meeting with a “friend” who tells her to quit her business and go back to law. He tells her it’s embarrassing to make bikinis, no wonder Ali won’t marry her. What?  She’s obviously surprised and hurt, but she seems to take him seriously. I’m really offended by this guy. Lilly may be a psychotic Barbie, but she’s also a strong business woman. How dare this guy put her down! She has a career, why would she be ashamed of that? Girl power, don’t listen to this douchebag Lilly. 

Mike takes MJ and Reza to a park to exercise because they’re fat, as he says. Both look ridiculous, and then they get a text from GG about this family meeting. GG is then in therapy, working on her anger. The therapist has her talking to herself, the real her versus the fighting her, and it turns into a crazy double vision scene. She moves from side to side of the couch answering her own questions, finally revealing that she thinks she’d be dead if it wasn’t for her violent ways.

At the dinner party, why is it that the person everyone is dreading to show up, always shows up last? In walks GG and Omid, and aside from GG and Asa’s issues, Mike has drama brewing with Omid. Apparently Omid’s been talking badly about Mike for no reason. What we don’t know is that Mike has a crazy side too, and if you talk shit about him he’s going to go ballistic. So GG walks in and greets everyone, except for Asa. What are you doing? She ignores her and Asa thinks it’s like so whack, because she’s smirking the whole time. Not starting off well. As they sit to eat, Mike is all over Omid being overly nice, basically kissing him and talking about how much he loves him. He’s super hyped up, and a fight is about to break out. He flat out asks him why he’s been talking shit. As usual, he heard the same thing about Mike. Mike never talked about Omid, and Omid only talked about Mike after hearing what he said about him. Confused? Basically, everyone’s innocent. One thing leads to another, and Omid threatens to break Mike’s legs. When Mike mentions that he is close with GG, and she should know better, she acts offended. She can’t believe he’s talking to her like that, although he really didn’t say anything bad. Now she’s looking for a knife and threatening to stab everyone in the room. Everyone is holding Mike and Omid back from each other, and GG grabs the giant knife and goes outside with Omid. 

Everyone’s shaken up from that, and Lilly points out that it is illegal behavior and also trashy. Reza is mad that his opportunity to reunite the girls is slipping from his hands, so he goes outside to retrieve GG. When she comes back in, Asa starts out by saying she’s “whack.” She doesn’t deserve her friendship, and she’s over it. The rest of this argument is to be continued next week, during the finale. 

I can’t believe there’s only one more episode left. I need more closure. Will Asa and GG make up? How “whack” will Asa’s performance be? Will someone finally get stabbed? Tune in next week to find out. In the meantime, discuss everything Shah here