Did you just see what I saw? Kenya just couldn’t help herself; she went all out trying to make Phaedra look like an ass, by showing everyone her own. So who ended up looking like an ass? 

Kenya is working out in preparation for her stupid work out video, all while Phaedra and Apollo are taking promo pictures for theirs. Kenya’s got a lot more to say about Phaedra than the other way around, but she still insists that Phaedra is the one talking shit all over Atlanta. What’s she referencing, from what I’ve gathered, is the short conversation has between Phaedra and Cynthia last week where Phaedra called her an alcoholic and bipolar. It’s obvious that Kenya has one fan: Cynthia. Why Cynthia is on board with Kenya and her craziness, I’m not entirely sure. I’m assuming it has more to do with a problem between Cynthia and Phaedra, rather than Cynthia really thinking too much of Kenya.  

Cynthia is planning her new pageant that she’s going to begin to have annually. Only one out of every ten clients of hers are worthy of being a model, so she needs another way to make money off of them. The planner she hires is basically doing all the work for her, and then she goes and asks Porsha’s charity to sponsor it, which somehow translates to using Porsha to do all the work for her too. She’s going to be using Porsha as an assistant, a “checklist girl,” which will definitely cause many problems. Cynthia’s a little mean, claiming that it’s not like Porsha has a job or anything to do anyway.  

For whatever reason, Kenya meets Porsha for lunch, to explain her side of the story with Phaedra. She’s really keeping this going; doing her video is one thing but talking and talking about it non-stop is a whole new level. Will Kenya ever stop? Something tells me that even now without the cameras rolling she’s still bitching about Anguilla and Phaedra. It all started out OK; Porsha went with open ears curious about what the hell she was doing there. She listened, and she gave Kenya a chance. Kenya warned her that Phaedra was only being her friend as a reaction to not being friends with Kenya. She basically called her a pawn, and Porsha being like anyone defending herself, says she’s not the type of person to allow herself become a pawn. Kenya doesn’t like anything she hears and starts getting mad that she’s not talking to a real woman. Blah blah blah! They argue and both jump up before they even ordered, leaving simultaneously yelling at each other to have a nice day. In the end, Porsha has the misfortune of looking down and seeing Kenya’s ashy feet, in turn yelling, “Bye Ashy.” Kenya’s like, "Bitch there’s lotion for that, but Kenya you’re obviously not using any."

Next the ladies go out to eat where there’s belly dancing. Everyone but Kenya and NeNe are in attendance. Phaedra makes fun of Kenya a little bit, not unprovoked, and again here’s Cynthia getting heated about it. Why does she care so much? She gets mad that Phaedra is talking about her when she’s not there to defend herself. Please. Porsha fills them in on her fight with Kenya, and everyone knows Miss Stallion is crazy, except for Cynthia who must be getting checks directly from Andy Cohen to pretend to like her. Porsha also tells the girls that she’ll be singing at Cynthia’s pageant, but Kandi wants to hear her belt one out right there. She hesitates so much that by the time she’s ready she gets saved by the belly dancers. Now we’re left to wonder if she’ll be able to sing at this event, I can guess right now that’s a no.

NeNe comes back to Atlanta for a “Shoe Dazzle” event for the release of her own designed shoe. Everyone arrives, and Kenya and Miss Lawrence are driving over with evil laughs throwing shade and planning to take Phaedra down. It’s not yet clear what they have planned, it just seems like they’re planning on fighting with her. Unbeknownst to us, she’s actually half naked; mocking Phaedra by wearing the same bathing suit she wore in Anguilla. Yes, that one. She’s basically naked with giant butt implants glued to her ass cheeks, on her way to a charity event. 

Everyone is pretty shocked when she walks in, and she acts like a complete idiot. Yelling about what an alcoholic she is, and of course, being naked. No one is pleased, not even NeNe. NeNe does stir the pot however by asking Kenya to clear the air. She goes after Phaedra right away, yelling that she heard everything she said about her. Phaedra denies everything, and they argue about the dueling work out videos. Phaedra tells Kenya she was helping her out, not the other way around. Kenya produces movies, but she can’t name one. She mocks Phaedra for not having a client since Bobby Brown in 1992, I’m sure she’s had clients over the last twenty years. Kenya then says that Phaedra doesn’t even have a good enough body to be making a work out video, but that’s something she thinks but doesn’t say, even though she just said it. This is when everyone is obviously over Kenya, as am I. Everyone face emanates “pissed off” and Kandi speaks out saying that Kenya is in fact a bootlegger. Good for you Kandi. I love Kandi for her facial expressions, they always replicate what the viewer is usually thinking, and this was no different. The voice of reason may be lost on a lunatic like Kenya, but at least she tried. 

 This pageant is definitely going to highlight Cynthia’s extra bitchiness this season, and poor Porsha is going to get caught in the crossfires. Walter returns to act shady and make more of an idiot of himself on television. Kenya, well she’ll continue being the worst thing to happen to bravo since Kelly Bensimon. 

 Let talk about that outfit here