Renee checked into rehab tonight, Karen finally confronted Dave about his new girlfriend, and Drita took the kids to see Lee in prison. With all this happening, it didn’t seem like much really happened at all. Let’s break it down. 

First we have Big Ang getting manicures with Carla and Drita. Ang has a new crimped perm wig on, and everyone loves her new look. Do you? Thank God it’s a wig, that’s all I’ll say. Carla continues to talk shit with her new mouthy tough girl persona, and Ang reveals that Renee is going to rehab. They all think it’s great, and Carla is glad that Renee may stop barking and running her mouth. Both ladies point out that Carla’s got some bark too. 

For whatever reason, Carla’s ex Joe is now a character on the show, along with his girlfriend Raquel. He meets with a divorce lawyer to get the ball rolling and divorce Carla. He’s walking on egg shells with her, he doesn’t know how she’ll react, and isn’t really speaking to her. She’s so jealous of his new girlfriend that she’s unpredictable at this point.  

Renee is getting ready to go to Florida for rehab, and she has A.J., his girlfriend, Karen, and Ramona taking her. Karen and Ramona are late, of course, and Renee is flipping out about missing her flight. She can’t take any anti-anxiety meds, so she’s acting pretty crazy. When A.J. closes the trunk to the car, Renee literally kicks him in the ass for trying to break her car. The tensions are high, to say the last, but it’s nice to see that A.J. didn’t just take her to the airport, but he flew to Florida with her. For a kid who didn’t seem so supportive when she told him about rehab, he’s definitely being a good kid now. 

Karen and Love are talking, and Love tells Karen that her ex Ray froze his sperm and impregnated two women from prison. Now he has “twins” with two different mothers, and as Karen says, “you can’t make this stuff up.”

 Drita flies with her girls to Buffalo, N.Y and then drives to Bradford, PA to see Lee in jail. She’s so nervous because she doesn’t know how she’s going to react, or how her daughters will either. Will Lee look different? Will she want to walk out or love him? She’s clueless. 

Once Renee is in rehab, she’s bombarded with a million questions from different therapists and counselors. They ask her everything from what she was taking, why she was taking them, has she been treated for PTSD, and if she was ever a prostitute. I thought she was going to end up clocking the lady for that one, but she handled it well and she seems to be taking it all very seriously. 

Joe and Raquel are eating breakfast and bitching about Carla. Why doesn’t she want to move on with her life? They’re afraid that if Carla is mad enough, or jealous enough, she’ll prolong the divorce for years. Joe predicts that she’ll rip up the divorce papers, and they both hope she doesn’t threaten to prevent him from seeing the kids. 

 Karen gets a text from her daughter saying that not only does she want to live with her dad permanently, but she likes his girlfriend and doesn’t want Karen to get involved. She basically tells her to butt out and leave them all alone. For whatever reason, Ramona keeps insisting that Dave’s new girlfriend is merely a device to make Karen jealous, rather than letting Karen accept the fact that he’s moving on with his life. Why is Ramona egging her on? For once I actually feel bad for Karen, the text was harsh and yet it doesn’t make Karen back off. 

Big Ang and Love both agree that it’s not worth waiting for a man in jail. They’ve been there, and they know that even though you hope to get back to the way things were, it’s too hard. Drita and the girls leave the prison happy with how it went, he looked different but they all seem pleased. Drita is more confused than ever, not knowing if there are feelings there. She visits a friend from high school who brings up all these old memories of how in love Drita and Lee once were. Drita doesn’t even remember any of them, but the storyline seems to be progressing into them possibly getting back together.  

Karen calls Dave and they have it out. She goes off on him for having a girlfriend and not telling her. He tells her now she knows; move on with your life. She ends up hanging up on him, and I’m sure she’s concocting some kind of crazy revenge plot. We just don’t know what yet. 

Renee has a group therapy session talking about anger management. She asks a lot of questions, and as the therapist talks about anger really being fear, Renee doesn’t get it. She tells him about a chick in her clique that she can’t even look at because she’s a whore, and she wants to knock her out. Everyone in the group tries to tell Renee about being above that and letting her anger go. Can Renee live without anger? What is gonna happen to the show? In all honesty, I love Renee and I’m happy to see her getting help. I just can’t picture her without the yelling and fighting, all the things I love about her.

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