Like clockwork, when one "Housewives" franchise ends, another one begins. As we get ready to enter the eighth season of "The Real Housewives of Orange County," let's take a look back at some of "Bravo's" longest running show's best dinner party brawls. 

Alexis Fight:

Season 5 

Here is another crazy "Alexis moment." There are so many, and it’s always the most awkward. This time she thinks a woman is hitting on Jim, as if anyone ever would. She confronts her, and it’s a long drawn-out argument. Everyone in the room knows she wasn’t hitting on Jim. Why would she?

Gang up on Vicki Day:

Season 5

This one may not be a dinner party, but it is a lunch. Alexis is mad that Vicki scolded her for incessantly talking to her husband on her cellphone at their last trip. So when Vicki makes some business calls, Alexis decides to call her out. Alexis was still new at this point, and was trying to take over Vicki’s roll as head housewife in charge, at which she failed miserably. 

Naked Wasted:

Season 4 

When Gretchen first came on the show, she was labeled a gold-digger by Tamra and Vicki. Gretchen’s fiancé, Jeff, was a much older man who unfortunately was dying of cancer. Tamra decides to set her up at this dinner party, to get her “naked wasted,” and she even gets her son Ryan to hit on her all night. Ryan lures Gretchen into a bathroom at one point, and that gives Tamra the ammo to accuse Gretchen of cheating on Jeff. This is the point in the series where Tamra truly becomes a mean girl. 

Vicki’s Medical Emergency:

Season 6

Alexis’ fake clothing line (well it’s real but not really hers) is being debuted, but Vicki doesn’t show. She’s in the hospital for some kind of rectal bleeding, and when she texts Tamra, Tamra freaks-out. Does Tamra really even care about Alexis? No, so why should she? Gretchen takes major offense by the party becoming the “Vickie show,” and she’s very vocal about doubting Vicki’s emergency. 

An Epic Fight:

Season 6

Oh Jeanna! She was always such a trouble maker, especially when it came to picking the wrong side of an argument. After Tamra and Simon’s divorce, Jeanna has been defending Simon and denying that he was ever abusive to Tamra. She did all of this publicly. No housewife likes to be “put in the press” by another. Tamra’s lawyers are handling the situation with Jeanna, but here Tamra decides to handle her on her own. 

Vicki vs. Simon:

Season 5

Lynn hosts a party; everyone ruins it. With Simon and Tamra having marital problems, and Simon psychotically blaming Vicki for them, they come face-to-face and it doesn’t go well. Simon wants Vicki to stay out of his marriage, which she thinks she does. He’s upset that Vicki knows more than he wants her too, and Vicki knows like the rest of us that Tamra and Simon are headed for divorce. 

A Pretentious Intervention: 

Season 7

The tables have turned, as Alexis once tried to give Vicki a little lunch intervention, here she gets slammed. Heather, Tamra, and Gretchen are sick of Alexis’ holier than thou ways, and they decide that a beautiful dinner in a tropical setting is the perfect time to call her out. They all gang up on her, and she runs away.

Nothing Good is Coming Out of This:

Season 7

Vicki has spent years bashing Slade for being a dead beat dad, and here she is dating Brooks, a dead beat dad. Gretchen can’t stop accusing Vicki of being a hypocrite, which she can’t really deny, but does. Vicki loses it after Slade’s pathetic attempt at stand-up comedy was spent comparing Vicki to Miss Piggy. 

A Lying Alexis:

Season 6

One of the biggest meltdown’s at a dinner party ever. I recommend watching the whole episode in order to get a true sense of how crazy Alexis really is. Her annoying husband Jim doesn’t want to socialize with the other housewives anymore, so he doesn’t come to Peggy’s party. Alexis makes an awkward excuse for him, and spends the entire dinner crying because she’s never been to a party without him before. She takes all the attention of the evening, crying in the bathroom, and acting really strange. She suddenly snaps out of it and acts like a sorority girl, laughing and dancing and causing another scene.

Tamra’s Evil Eye:

Season 7

Vicki’s new boyfriend Brooks leaves a bad taste in everyone’s mouth. No one trusts him, especially Tamra and Vicki’s kids. They think he’s using Vicki, and here he tries to pin Tamra and Vicki against each other by accusing Tamra of giving Vicki an “evil eye.” Yes he’s extremely weird, and the accusation set of a massive explosion at Heather’s party. 

Those are just some of the many, many awful moments in the history of "The Real Housewives of Orange County." Let me know some of your favorite moments here. Who's excited for the new season?