Sean tells Casey she’s acting “crazy” and he hasn’t even seen what she wears to the Rose Ceremony yet. Tierra has a slip and fall, but doesn’t want to go to the hospital.

“Don’t fast-forward it yet! I want to see them meet!” my 16 year old daughter cheered, “or are those two (Sean and AshLee) just going to continue to talk?”

What impresses me about Sean is that he really comes-off (I’ve never met him so I can’t speak as if it’s a fact) as if he’s got a heart of gold. He is not passionate about finding a wife but about charity work as well.

My daughter goes in and out of “bachelor phases,” depending on who The Bachelor is and her age. When she was a little girl, watching The Bachelor meant drinking sparkling cider and eating chocolates (as my mother and I drank champagne – which is the best way to watch the show) but now she’d rather do homework. However, today was the exception.

She entered the kitchen when AshLee and Sean entered Magic Mountain (after Tierra fell down the stairs and Leslie and Sean broke the Guinness Book world for the longest screen kiss.) She rolled her eyes back as she got a snack but by the time she was ready to leave the kitchen, she was mesmerized about the story of Emily and Brianna meeting for the first time.

She sat with me joyfully as she watched Emily and Brianna (, best friends meeting for the first time, forgetting about their illnesses as they rode roller coasters, listened to the Eli Young Band and shared the day with AshLee and Sean.

Prior to this, her most recent quote was, “Don’t give me the remote because I’ll change the channel. This show is literally lowering my IQ.”  

Moving on, despite what you’ve heard, I’m not the fashion, makeup, and hair police but I must address Casey’s Rose Ceremony outfit, Amanda’s lipstick, and Sara’s resemblance to Barbie, Kristy’s Ford Model High Fashion hair, and Jackie’s mannequin perfection.

Let me clarify by saying that I know that from fifty feet away someone could easily list and categorize my fashion and make up flaws, especially when I am wearing my chaps that have long black leather fringe and suede red roses. Trust me, all I need is a sombrero and I could be a fixture in any velvet painting. But that outfit is for a purpose, riding on my boyfriend’s Harley, not for fashion.

Since I’m not on TV and I only write about TV, I do feel it’s my obligation to point out something that catches my eye on camera, because if I noticed, that means someone else must have noticed as well, or it could mean I’m crazy and it’s all in my head.

My comments are made out of love for the show, and admiration for the girls, honestly. Even at my best, years and years and years ago, I was never pretty enough, thin enough, confident enough, funny enough, interesting enough, or clever enough to have been chosen for any type of show.

I also fully acknowledge that I’d never be able to fit into any of the outfits they wear during the Rose Ceremony, so my opinion really doesn’t matter.

Tina Fey mentioned in her book that photo shoots are done with factory samples. I have a feeling the women chosen to appear on The Bachelor would fit into the factory samples. Selma says in the recent episode she weighs 110 lbs. (more about their non-kissing date in my next article.)

Fast-forward to the Rose Ceremony: Tierra’s back still hurts from her fall down the stairs and Sean suggests going to the hospital, but she doesn’t want to go.

Casey is adorable. She came to have a chance at Sean. However, what confuses me, and perhaps I’m over simplifying, is that because she had direct access to him as a former contestant of The Bachelor, why didn’t she approach him before the filming started? I think her chances would have been better. Then again, I wasn’t there when they met, so there is probably a dynamic I don’t know about.

Sara in Barbie Doll hot pink (rocking it,) breaks down in tears when she is standing with Sean and sees a limo come into the driveway. She’s convinced she’s going home. I notice strange things, and this comment stood out. The reason is because Casey was sent home (wearing a wet-suit – more on that is coming) privately. Sean did that as a courtesy to her, but Casey in the edits, had not gone home “yet”, so either the Rose Ceremony edits were sliced out of order or they knew someone was going home privately, prior to the Rose Ceremony.

Thankfully, Sara did not go home; instead Sean surprised her by having a limo bring her dog, Leo. That is pretty adorable.

On the other hand, Casey goes home in a black hatchback. I don’t understand that, but I’m not supervising the shows budget.

Fashion Rants:

1# Casey – Gorgeous Casey is wearing what looks like Lisa Whelchel’s black and hot pink tennis outfit from Survivor. It’s a one piece grey mini-dress with a chartreuse yellow zipper and front chartreuse darts, with royal blue and black patches. It’s tight fitting, and if it was a cat-suit, it would pass as a wet-suit. I’m not saying she isn’t attractive in it. It’s dramatic in an unusual way, but it’s something I can see her wearing on a beach date, or at a country club pool party, not a Rose Ceremony.

2# Amanda – I’m jumping ahead of myself because this caught my attention in the next episode, but when I re-watched this episode to write the article, I noticed Amanda's lipstick risks. What is a lipstick risk? Depending on your age, remember how in our mom’s or grandmother’s pictures, from the 50’s how their lipstick leaped off the page, even though it was a black and white photo? In tonight’s Rose Ceremony Amanda has a very natural look. She’s definitely a woman who comes-off as if she wakes-up looking the same way she did when she went to sleep. Her tan skin, and dark hair and eyes make her a stunning beauty, and it’s obvious how she scored her job as a “Fit Model.” With that said, sometimes natural beauties, like Amanda, can be spotted from 100 feet away when they wear makeup. The best example I can offer is the gorgeous brunette from Survivor, who I think was named Amanda as well. She had the onscreen relationship with Ozzie. At the finale (both times) with make-up on, she looked out of place.

There is one shot of Amanda in this episode where she wears a bright, strawberry-red lipstick. It’s a striking color that leaps off the screen, but it causes me to look at her lips and not her face, so I’m torn between whether I’m looking at her lips because they are full and amazing, or if it’s because of the lipstick.

In the next Rose Ceremony she wears a dark black-cherry lipstick. Again, I can’t decide.

#3 Kristy – The non-crazy Ford Model is gorgeous, but at the Rose Ceremony she had her hair in a tight bun on top of her head. It was high-fashion and perfect for a photo-shoot, but the look hid how pretty she is.

#4 Jackie – I want to see more of Jackie. She is so attractive and perfect, she looks like a mannequin. Her face glows, her brown hair has subtle shiny auburn highlights and her eyes are a crystal blue. I’d love to see her get some screen time, because she gets so little that it makes her come-off as plastic and as if she’s not real. I’m not saying real inside, I mean plastic as if the perfection on the exterior can’t be broken.