Lisa Lisa Lisa! I’m so disappointed she’s going home.

Our Ambassadors for Change continue to shrink. Bingo, Sunny, and Lindsay are doing very well at home. They’ve received visits from their coaches and have their family’s full support and partnership. Recently, a doctor visited all three at home, and went through their refrigerators and cupboards to make sure their snacks were healthy and reasonable. What I really loved about this is that the doctor was reasonable. She didn’t say they could never have a treat, like chocolate, but her emphasis was that keeping it in the house made it more than occasional treats. They are tasked with addressing their peers in the next episode. Bingo forms a fitness club and grows to thirty members. Sunny leads circuit training at her school and Lindsay bravely speaks-out against bullying.

What confuses me about Lisa going home after losing 37 pounds is the alliance and unity for Jackson. Not that he isn't cute as a button, but I'm sure there is something going on that we just are not seeing.

I’m jumping ahead to the final edits where we see Lisa, confident and successful at home weighing less than 179 lbs.

Awesome Lisa!

Well, it’s official. I'm finally a southerner, or at least I now know that I’m dating a southerner. On Superbowl Sunday, he switched from then NHL station to a fishing show? Really? And since I am from San Francisco (and former 49er season ticket holder,) why are we not watching the pregame coverage? It is 8 AM, and I know for a fact it’s on.

I keep a small bag at my boyfriend’s home (toothbrush, deodorant, makeup, and spackle.) I don't need it often, but when I do need it, it's there. One thing I did learn during my six year bout with my new-me-weight-loss project is to get rid of clothing that doesn't fit immediately!

As I lost weight and changed sizes, if I found a pair of jeans in a make/brand that I liked in a size 14, I also purchased the size 12 and 10 as well. That way, the moment the 12 fit, I got rid of the larger size, with one exception. I purposely keep one single pair of jeans at my boyfriend’s house that is one size too big. Why? Well, if we take a long Harley trip (3 or 4 hours) I wear jeans a smidge larger, which makes the ride a little more comfortable.

In July, I reached 154 lbs. The day I saw that number on the scale, was the same day I left for a Disneyworld vacation. On this vacation I was told by my best friend (who is a professional weight loss consultant and my weight loss consultant) that she felt I really needed to gain 5 pounds (which is at the high end of my goal weight.)

She felt that at that size (I’m 5’7) the weight loss aged my face.

This moment led me to gain some weight, but I put on a little more weight than I initially planned. Flash forward to my downfall: I remember the moment distinctly. I was going to a concert and I grabbed my size four red jeans to match my red tennis shoes and the jean zipper broke. When I was a weight-loss consultant, I heard many stories regarding someone’s “moment of truth.” Many times this moment happened in a closet.

What I should have done, is called and made an immediate appointment for a consultation, but I didn’t.

And all I had left in my closet that would fit were jeans that were a size 28 Euro that were bagged to go to a local charity.

And that was it. The weight gain started because I didn't have anything smaller and at 182, I had finally grown back into them.

I’m happy to say, that because I’ve forced myself to watch The Biggest Loser, and set a reasonable weight loss goal, today I’m 174 pounds, and I’m into the size six jeans that I kept at my boyfriend’s home. The 28 Euros are again bagged for charity and I’ve decided that it’s stupid to keep a pair of jeans a size larger for comfort, even if they are at my boyfriend’s home. As soon as I’m out of this size six and back into the size four, I’m donating the size six to charity too.

The grocery challenge really scared me. They were given $10 per day, per person, for food. I only give myself $150 a week for groceries, gas, and dining out (needless to say I run a little over typically, but it's a goal) so by their standards, I should be budgeting $210 for groceries alone. I'm so glad my kids weren't watching that show with me. I guess it's time to ask for a raise.

The point they were making, is that it’s not more expensive to eat healthy foods. It is a point that needs to be made, but I think they gave them a budget too large to really make their point. The Blue Team got $70 per person, and because they are a team of five, that was $350 to purchase food for a week.

Is that what a family of five spends on groceries? Maybe I’m the one who isn’t living in reality.

With that budget, there was no drama, and no problem with everyone getting what they wanted. Then again, this is the Biggest Loser. For the most part, the personalities of the housemates are compatible. They function as one team unit, even when they are on different teams.

A chef was brought in to give them a cooking lesson. She made a sweet potato that was both sweet and savory. She dressed it up with turkey, salsa, and Greek yogurt. My daughter couldn’t wrap her head around that combo, but it has me really intrigued. I think I’m going to give that one a whirl.

I disclosed last week that even though Danni is playing alone, she still won the task, which involved swimming. Danni, you are probably the strongest person I’ve ever seen on reality TV. For example, on any other show I can think of, if someone were in your position of winning every challenge but not given immunity, they would crack. They’d become a crying, blubbering, hot mess, but not Danni. After winning the challenge, rather than giving her immunity, she was offered a choice. She could have a two pound weight loss advantage on the scale or a letter from home.

Danni showed courage when she chose the two pound scale advantage. I know that wasn’t an easy decision.

As it turns out, Danni didn’t need the two pound advantage; she turned out to be the week’s Biggest Loser.

The Blue Team, five strong, with Jeff and Mike and unstoppable Gina beat the Red Team. It’s very interesting to me that the only three powerhouses left (aside from Danni and Joe) are all on the Blue Team. It will be very interesting to see how far the three of them go because singles are coming, eventually. We can’t have Danni out hanging on her own forever.

The Red Team chooses who is going home, and I’ve already disclosed it is Lisa. That left my head spinning for a week. I really didn’t want to see Lisa go home when she did.