Say it ain't so Joe! I've always wanted to say that! It's only Joe, Jeff and Danni who's numbers count in the weigh in.

The good news is that this is the first time I’ve been able to watch The Biggest Loser without having a complete emotional breakdown. Hurrah.

I have no rants, no complaints, no exasperation, no regrets, and Allison is looking like her normal glamour self again. She had an up do recently at a weigh in ceremony, it was formal, but even though she was in a room with people dressed in work out garb, she didn’t look too formal.

This last weigh in, she wore a black and white dress. Her hair was pulled back in a loose pony tail, or was it a bun? I couldn’t tell, and I also couldn’t tell if she was wearing a burgundy hair tie, or if the bottom of her blonde hair was colored burgundy.

I have a similar dress sitting in my closet. I purchased it as the weight was coming on intentionally. To motivate me to get back to where I need to be so rather than purchasing a dress that fit at the time, I purchased something that will fit when those size 4 jeans fit again.

Watching the episode, it has me thinking I need to try that dress on and wear it to work tomorrow.

I was thrilled to see that they were not going to have Danni competing completely by herself, again. The player’s photos were put on a dice which were rolled by their trainers. The result would choose who from the blue and red team that would compete against Danni for the competition and the weigh in.

Danni won the competition.

What else did you expect? This girl is a machine. I don’t know where they found her, but she’s made of steel. Steel that doesn’t weigh much, I can’t think of a better way to describe her. There is no stopping her.

The prize? Letters from home. Where is the immunity you ask? I’m not even going to rant about that, because last week, she sacrificed her letter from home after winning the competition, for a 2 lb advantage.

We open with tiny Gina expressing a desire to not have the dice fall on her. This made Bob upset and I get why. Gina is on fire, her numbers are amazing, and if Danni wasn’t alone, Gina would be the woman to watch. Bob took Gina’s comment as not being a competitor, but I understood her comment. No one wants to be the reason someone goes home. At least, I don’t think I would have wanted to have been. Responsible for myself, and my own success, yes.

Bob and Gina exchange words, and I’m glad she stood up for herself. I do understand Bob’s fear though. The blue team has yet to send someone home, and I think his comments were fueled by that fear.

Gina’s number came up on the dice, and so did Jackson’s for the competition against Danni. There is a show on another network that is a game show where the contestants are clubbed, and clunked, and knocked down while going through an obstacle course.

I thought the entire time; thank goodness I’m not on that show. I never would have finished.

At the final weigh in, Danni is competing against Joe and Jeff. Sounds like Bob and Dolvet should go to Vegas, they couldn’t have rolled better. Normally I would have been worried for Danni, but again, this is Danni. She is holding her own. Next week, everyone is on their own, so I’ll have nothing to rant about, except, I am a little nervous that since Danni is holding her own so well, she’ll be one of the first to go home, since she’s no longer in control of her own fate.

Francelina was the biggest loser of the week. The blue team loses the weigh in. Michael is the biggest loser on the team so he’s immune. The team is united in sending home David. I think David is awesome, but he’s been injured since the start, similar to Jackson (how he’s survived a few eliminations, I don’t quite understand.) In the updates we see skinny Dave, at a lean and fit 220 lbs. I’m standing on my chair applauding.

In addition to getting an update on the eliminated player of the week, we are also being surprised by makeovers. Last week we saw TC and gorgeous Nikki. It was really good to see Nikki again, and just to know she’s moving forward and losing weight. She appears happy and pleased with her decision to leave the show. I’m glad her leaving doesn’t mean she’s not a contestant, at least I’m assuming she’s still eligible for the at home prize. I’m not certain about that though. TC is looking amazing. We haven’t seen Nathan yet, but this week we got to see Pam. Pam is sporting straight hair, and red lipstick, who predicted that?