The Bachelor Episode 17.4  

Amanda is getting good edits. I’m not sure why the producers flipped the switch on her while she was wearing that gorgeous yellow dress a few weeks ago. Casey went home last week because she told Sean that Des and Amanda had her in the middle of conflict.

In fact, Amanda got such good edits that while practicing for roller derby (are the producers crazy?) I didn't recognize her as the girl who fell and nearly cracked her jaw until the Rose Ceremony.

Tierra's edits are another story. They have calmed-down the issue with Des, but now out of nowhere, we are seeing combative edits between Robyn and Tierra.

I disclosed that I do read; so I know who Sean chooses in the end. That is another one of my excuses for being so late with my articles. I still haven't told you Gloria had her baby on Manny's birthday, that Speidi (who love being called Speidi, BTW) came in second in Big Brother UK, or that Emily stopped Aiden from following through with a contract hit on Victoria.

Obviously, I need to get back to my original point; yes, sadly enough, I did have one. 

I get it.

Did I manage to distract you enough by changing the subject so that if you haven't read ahead and don't want to know who he chooses, you are thoroughly confused?

Good, that was the goal.

The producers are finally putting some footage in so we can see their connection. It's obvious to me that they had more contact than what we've been seeing, and it was probably intentionally omitted to throw us off.

Do you like my conspiracy theory?

Want to know who I’m talking about? Read it here: (Joker's Bachelor Spoiler Forum.) I’m not going to disclose it.

I ran home yesterday and watched four hours of TV because the radio DJ's really played-up his date with Selma and the fact she, for religious reasons, doesn't "kiss."  Maybe the radio station focused on it so much that when I actually saw it I didn't think it was as big of a deal as they did. I don't know why I didn't see it as being the deal-breaker they did.


I promise, I have complete use of my faculties, and I'm not crazy (well crazy enough to deny it.) And yes, I did watch and pay attention to the show. What she actually said was that she didn't want to kiss him on camera, which in my opinion is totally different than "no kissing."

By the way, who said, "no kissing" a few seasons ago? I think it was Brad’s but I’m not 100% certain I’m correct. She was a stunning brunette who came back to be on Bachelor Pad as a blonde. Personally, I preferred her as a brunette, but none-the-less, let’s get back to the point. Yes, I did have one. When the “no kissing” card was played a few seasons ago, it was more of a game. Selma’s request came across as sincere and not part of a game.

This reminds me of my favorite pastime, reality show trivia. Speaking of Bachelor trivia (not the best Segway, but it works) I have a trivia question for y’all.

Who was the first person to say, “No cameras?”

I’ll give you a little hint; it was in the Fantasy Suite. It was Trista. When she went to the Fantasy Suite with Alex on the first season, she made him cover the camera with some clothing. She wasn’t dramatic about it; she just made a request while taking off her shoes as she sat on the side of the bed, and he complied.

With Fantasy Suite cameras, we don’t typically see much, but occasionally we do. I remember how violated I felt when the camera filmed from outside of the hotel room with Aaron and Gwen. It looked as if he were trying to talk her into something, and even though we were looking at shadows, it was obvious she wasn’t comfortable. That was before either of them knew there was a camera outside of their window. Aaron sent Gwen home after that, saying it was because of “what she felt for him” rather than how he felt about her.

I was a little surprised to see Sean send Amanda home at the Rose Ceremony. My daughter was more concerned with what she wore on the group date, yellow jeans with a rose print. I didn’t see the outfit until she called my attention to it, so with that in mind, I don’t think it was a bad choice. Print colored jeans are fashion trendy. I can’t see myself being that daring, but I think it worked for her.

Amanda’s roller derby accident was very different than the accident(s) Tierra has had.

Yes, I wrote “accidents,” plural, more on that in the next article. Amanda went to the hospital and kept a smile on her face when she went to the party.

Sweet brunette, Leslie, gets the other one on one date. I’ve had the “Pretty Woman” date debate with a few people over the past couple years. I enjoyed the movie, but I don’t think it’s a romantic concept, so it’s not something I’d reference. In other words, if my date was being treated like a princess, getting a dress, shoes, and purse, I wouldn’t associate it with the movie “Pretty Woman.” My daughter thinks I’m taking the reference too literally.

The princess date didn’t result in a rose for Leslie, and this is the first time I’ve seen Sean send someone home after a one on one.

More trivia: If I remember correctly, Bob was given a white rose on a date. The white rose meant someone was going home immediately. Sean, in the next few episodes, needs Chris Harrison to hand him a white rose. I haven’t seen it done again. Hello producers! This would have been the season to try that concept again.

One last piece of trivia before I close: I believe it was during Andrew Firestone’s season where if you got the one on one, it meant you were going home. I’ll have to check some stats, but he, if my memory serves correct, was notorious for sending home contestants after a one on one.