Season 14, Episode 6.1

I vote Danni to appear on the next installment of Survivor! Who’s with me? She’s unstoppable.

I also made the connection that she kind-of looks like stunning Jackie from The Bachelor.

Since my Biggest Losers articles are finally current, phew, and it’s my favorite topic right now, I was up most of the night playing out a few scenarios. No, I haven’t looked ahead for teasers. So, after hours of thought, thanks to insomnia, here are a few quick predictions because next week, everyone will now be competing as individuals. Finally! Sheesh!

The first to go:

This is where alliances will be pretty obvious. I love gorgeous Alex and sweet Jackson, but I do feel both will be up for eviction sooner rather than later. If they are up for eviction and don't go home, it's because someone is playing the strategy of getting out the biggest (soon to be littlest) competition.

I’m not sure if my pun worked but I'm leaving it in anyway.

Our winner:

If our winner is a female it will be Gina, who’s really coming into her own and showing some spunk, possibly faster-than-a-speeding-bullet Danni. I'd love to see Danni win, but I think the first time she's up for elimination, she'll go home. This will put me in a straitjacket, so I've already programmed my therapists and weight loss consultant on my speed dial.

If our winner is a man, I suspect it will be smiling Michael. He's losing at a good pace, but tremendous green-eyed Jeff is getting a little more attention from Jillian, and the edits are articulating he's the biggest threat.

I'm not ruling-out handsome Joe. However, because Jeff, Michael, and Gina have been teammates on the Blue Team and have formed a bond, if Joe were up against Alex, he'd go home.

Actually, I think if anyone is going up against a former member of the Blue Team, they are going home.

If two members of the blue team are up against each other, it will be interesting.

Since Gina is an attorney, specializing in bankruptcy, anyone who aligns with her personally will be around awhile. Gina has made a living defending people in dire, precarious situations. I think she'll be able to talk anyone into anything, but not in a crazy manipulative way; it will be sincere, convincing and logical.

Under the radar:

Jackson's obvious friendship and alliance with Francelina may make her a target, especially if Joe forms an alliance elsewhere. But I think Jackson will go home first if it were between the two of them.

I think an obvious alliance, and a pretty strong one would be Francelina and Danni, but I'm not seeing any sign of it now.

If Francelina can align with Danni she may slip under the radar like Hannah and Olivia did a few seasons ago. I do not recall either being big threats in the house initially. They both turned on the surge just before they had three make overs.

The at-home prize:

I still think Francelina is a very strong candidate to be the at-home winner if she isn't in the final three.


Obviously, I’ve never been a contestant on The Biggest Loser; I did seriously think about trying out once though. I’ve asked myself how I’d handle eliminations. Would I want the strongest competitors in the house, or would I align myself with the contestants who were not quite as successful? Seriously, they are all awesome, but this is a competition, and someone comes in first each week, and someone comes in last.

My heart is trying to tell me that I’d never be able to send someone home like Danni because she really deserves to be there, even though without a doubt she can, and will, succeed at home. I’m not being put into that situation though.

My dream Final Four:

I can’t contain it to three; I have to keep it at four: Danni, Gina, Michael and Jeff. My nickel is still on Jeff to win, and I didn’t realize how clever I was with that pun until after I coined the phrase. I actually picked up that phrase because years ago I read a book about dieting and the author said that when she went to a campus to lose weight, the consultant told her that he “had his nickel on her.” Since then I’ve always associated the phrase with weight loss and being a winner.

My black and white dress:

As I promised, I did wear my consignment store, new, size eight, black and white dress to work today. It felt really good to get dressed up to go to work, but really awkward trying to wake up one of my kids just to zip my dress at 6:00 AM. I need to see if there is something I can buy that looks like a back scratcher, but pulls up a zipper that you can’t reach if you’re alone in your home.

I look forward to seeing less of all of you next week. I’m rolling with the puns today!