The Bachelor - Revisit

Because now that we know what we know; sometimes it’s fun to take another peek.  And, more importantly, let’s take another peek because sometimes I make mistakes and I am capable of jumping to conclusions, but I didn’t admit that here.

Warning: I started this article because of another conspiracy theory of mine. Tierra is wearing jewelry in the pictures we’ve seen of her after the Polar Bear Plunge. This means one of two things:

A - She wore jewelry into the water. Now that’s crazy.

B - She had time to put on jewelry while she was being tended.

I won’t keep you in suspense. She actually wore jewelry into the water. That cuff bracelet didn’t look like a light piece of jewelry.

Finishing at this point would make a very short article, so, here are my other questions, thoughts, and notes.

Early on, The Bachelor episodes started with shirtless Sean working out and showing skin. Thankfully, The Bachelorette episodes start differently. What I found most interesting is that the woman he’s rumored to have selected had some opening clips in the second show. I didn’t catch that initially, then again, I didn’t know who she was.

I’ve talked about sweet Sarah wearing Barbie Doll pink at one of the Rose Ceremonies, but she also wore it on their second date. It’s not an easy color to pull-off, but she did, from tank top to formal; it works for her. I wish I could pull-off wearing a color so fun and so bold. Others in the house are seen wearing the same color; it must be in style. They are all cute but it really suits Sarah.

Recently we saw Sarah shed a tear or two because she assumed she was being sent home privately in a limo, but instead she was reunited with her dog, Leo. I thought her reaction was unusual, especially since Kacie was sent home privately that night. Interestingly enough, after the Polar Bear Plunge, Sean did indeed send Sarah home privately. She knew what was coming. Does that mean they have a prior agreement? I think it’s possible.

While we’re talking about Sarah, please don't hate me; I swear this isn't an insult! Every time I look at Sarah, I don't see her disability, but I see that cool jazz character, Janice, from the Muppets. She's sexy, she's cool, and she’s in control. She's Sarah. What was an insult is the cartoon character that a San Francisco radio station compared bachelor Ben to a few years ago. Give it a Google, and I promise you’ll get a giggle.

The second one-on-one was with Des. We saw a funny prank played, but more importantly, there were cameras staged to see her reaction. Why are there no hidden cameras in the house?

My son and I talked about The Bachelor tonight. I told him about my editorial and about how Sean likes “Crazy.” My son agreed with me that with that many women, someone will always appear as if they are different and not part of the group. I don’t think too many people would disagree. However, some women stand out far above the rest, and this season its Tierra, unlike Courtney from Ben’s season, who I’d much rather see right now. Tierra is in a special class by herself. Someone mentioned her in comparison to Vienna, but Tierra makes Vienna look like an amateur.

I also sent the following text to my boyfriend regarding the last article.

“Do you want me to read you my latest editorial before it goes viral?”

“No…LOL.” He replied. He was given a hint of the content a few hours prior, and it made him silent. Finally he changed the subject.

“It’s called “Why Men Love Crazy Women, ha ha!”  I texted.

“You can say the same for women, true?” he responded.

End of discussion.

Besides, he would have never known who “Sean” was, let alone the program, The Bachelor. But, rename the show to “The Bachelor of Anarchy,” and his DVR would catch it. He does know what Reality TV is though. He said if he ever hits the lottery, he wants to buy a cable station and have a program dedicated just to someone’s toe nails growing.

“I do that too.” My daughter just said to me as she interrupted my thoughts. I looked at her startled. She continued, “I Laugh out loud while I’m sending a text because I think I’m so funny.”

I smiled.

“Then I realize I’m never as funny as I think I am.” She finished.


Let’s move on. While watching the photo-shoot for Harlequin, I recognized the voice of the woman in the indigo gown as Catherine’s. She was cat-calling for Sean to take off his shirt. That raised an eyebrow. You go girl. I’m also feeling compelled to mention that the vampire girls were the yoga instructor, Katie, (who voluntarily goes home) and Amanda.

Re-watching Sean and Leslie is interesting. He comments on her talking past every opportunity to kiss her after the shoot. This continues in episode three as well. You can see how he’s really falling for her, but she’s avoiding him, possibly because of the cameras, or possibly because she needs more time. He’s absolutely no longer looking at her the way he did in that episode.

Tierra's melt down starts early, immediately following the photo shoot at the group date.

With this in mind, I want to guess who the crazy one would have been if Tierra and Amanda were not in the house (and Kristi.) Again, I’m not suggesting Kristi was crazy, I’m suggesting that Kristi is someone the producers thought would be crazy. There is a difference.

My vote for the woman who would have been the house “Crazy” if there weren’t a natural for the role would be Daniella. I’m not saying she is crazy; I’m saying she would have given the producers the easiest time with crazy edits. There is a difference. They can make anyone look crazy if that is where they want to go. In Charlie’s season, his “Crazy,” was the girl who got the first rose. That’s a curse I think; the girl with the “first impression rose” never gets the proposal. Wait! Who got the first rose in Brad’s season? I’ll have to look it up. The best couple though was Russ and Trista. I think his name was Russ. He’s the one who gave her a Tiffany bracelet, and they spent the rest of the season arguing during their one-on-one dates. Awkward!

My hunch is that Kacie and the yoga instructor would have eventually come-off as crazy (in edits) as well.

Here’s a question. We know Sean has a “Crazy,” but does Sean have a “Vixen?” Usually it’s one of the two; sometimes it’s both. It’s kind of like the second installment of “Who Wants to Marry My Dad” when the Oakland children set their father, Marty, up with Stacy even thought it was obvious the woman with whom he had the chemistry was the blond vixen standing next to her. I think her name was Kristy. In many prior installments, the “Vixen” ends up making-it just past the home town date, but in my memory, she never gets the prize, not that I’ve understood why sexual chemistry isn’t a good thing.  

My favorite ironic quote from date two comes from Catherine wearing a leopard dress, “I'm a vegan but I love the beef.”

Week three brings girls in florescent swim suits. Sean has the number “13” painted on his body that day while they played volleyball at the beach. Is the number simple, like the number of people there, or is the number something else, like his college football number? I notice weird things. For example, at least two women, Kacie and Daniella, were eliminated on the following episode after receiving a rose on a group date.

One last comment about Kacie, a comment that I heard incorrectly; I thought that Sean removed Kacie in an effort to protect Des because I thought Kacie told Sean she was friends with Amanda, and Des was making her feel uncomfortable. Instead what she actually said is that she was friends with Des and she felt like she was in the middle (how I have not one idea) between Des and Amanda.

 How? Why are you involving yourself?

Something is dramatically clear to me as I re-watch, and that is, the difference between Amanda and Tierra. Amanda’s smile is infectious. It’s sincere in my opinion. It’s honest, sweet, and genuine. I know the girls made comments about her being a different person if Sean was around, but in her defense, sometimes depression, sadness, or loneliness can make someone shut down. I think this is what actually happened to Amanda. So Sean was like her lifeline, almost like oxygen. That is why I think she springs to life when he enters a room.

For those of you who now want to write me hate- mail, I know it’s not a popular view, but I will subtly suggest that I can relate because I’ve been there. I can remember being a young teen (yes I know Amanda isn’t a teen) and being sad and dejected because some guy I’ve known sixty seconds said they were going to call but didn’t call. In the rare instances when they finally did call, yes, my mood instantly changed.

Also, I was wrong about Amanda’s outfit after the roller derby accident, it was actually yellow rose skirt. I honestly did see someone wear yellow flower jeans in a drug store today, and on a recent episode of Suburgatory I saw Sheila wear turquoise rose jeans, so it is a trend right now.

I’ve been picking on Amanda’s lipstick choice; I still haven’t made up my mind about the black cherry, but I love the flapper outfit and messy up-do she wore to the Rose Ceremony. I also like the sincere smile she gave to Sean when she left room. Her smile brightens a room.

Speaking of lipstick, Leslie’s watermelon lipstick works for her but I would have liked to have seen Sarah wear it with her hot pink dress

Stay tuned and watch old seasons on YouTube; the first ever Bachies and Batties are coming! You don't want to miss it.