Tonight’s episode of “Mob Wives” was rather calm, no? It was the calm before the storm, Hurricane Sandy that is. Having lived through Sandy myself, I’m not looking forward to the aftermath that will be in the next episode. It looks like some of the ladies lost everything, as did so many people I know. It was one of the worst times ever here in New York, and seeing everyone panicking in the end brought back awful memories. Luckily, we still have a fun episode to go through before the devastation arrives. 

Ramona’s two daughters have birthdays that are four days apart. After all they’ve been through, she decides that they deserve a big party. When Ramona meets up with Karen and Big Ang (everyone’s favorite shopping partner,) she reveals that her daughters want to invite Drita’s daughter. Uh-oh! Does this mean that Ramona will have to be civil to Drita? Big Ang is over the moon, she just wants everyone to get along. Ramona says that usually she wants to use Drita’s mouth as a urinal, but she’s going to do what any good mom would do, which is to not use her mouth as a urinal and invite her. She tells the ladies that she eats and swallows shit for her kids. She said it, not me. 

Renee is still in rehab, taking anger management classes. She needs them badly, but is she listening? I mean who gets into a fight in an anger management class? Someone who needs it I suppose. So Renee says that she feels that she can’t trust anyone, has so much anger, noforgiveness, and holds grudges. A woman sitting in the circle is really offended by this, for whatever reason, and tells Renee that she hates that. Why do you have to carry grudges, what are you 16? This woman can’t stand the talking back and forth and talking about people behind their backs bullshit. Well that’s funny because Renee heard that she was talking about her behind her back. What? Here we go. Renee goes into her “you don’t know me” mode and goes off on the woman. She’s forgetting where she is, and the purpose of the class is completely lost on her. The therapist tells Renee that she’s being irrational and that her problem is not with other people, but with herself. Renee doesn’t get it at all, it’s written all over her face. Will she even take anything away from this anger management? Doesn’t seem like it.  

Down at the Drunken Monkey, Big Ang’s husband Neil shows up. She recently kicked him out of the house. There’s something very strange about this marriage, it seems like Ang doesn’t take it seriously in the least. It’s like a game to her, she’s always kicking him out of the house and taking him back, I mean it’s like a high school romance. How many times would I be able to get away with kicking my husband out of the house for being a slob like Neil? Her main reason this time around is the fact that he dropped her off for her foot surgery without caring enough to stay. He doesn’t take care of the pets, and all he does is drink diet coke. Men! He offers to close the bar and do more around the house if she’ll take him back. 

When Ramona said she needed to speak to Drita and invite her kids to the birthday party, I didn’t realize that it would involve a sit down. But of course, I’m watching “Mob Wives,” I forgot. So she calls her and they agree to meet because both ladies have some things to discuss with the other. The kids like each other, and that’s the most important thing. At the meet up, the ladies find out that they have so much in common; in fact they’re exactly alike. They both have egos, neither is scared of anybody, and both could “go to blood bath.” They realize that people in their inner circle may not have wanted them to get along, in fact, all their fighting was based on what others said. Neither of them actually said anything directly to the other, so maybe they fell into the he-said, she-said. They both decide to put it all in the past and move forward for the kids. Yay, now they’re friends. They say the only thing that could ruin this party, would be if Renee came back to fuck it up. I wish. 

Karen knows a guy named Storm who has a recording studio. He was looking for an investor, and didn’t know what he was getting himself into, so he asked Karen. She thinks it’s a good opportunity to lure her daughter back to New York, since she just discovered that she likes singing. She’s investing in her future, and now she’s completely invading poor Storm’s studio. She’s already calling it Karina’s studio. When she brings Karina to her new studio, she’s got her friends or music group together, and a singing coach. They attempt to record a song, sound awful, and are obviously offended by Boris the singing coaches directions. 

Carla's ex Joe shows up to finally tell her about the divorce, which he’s been dreading. For someone who was nervous about how to tell her, he didn’t really do a good job. He basically tells her it didn’t work out, get a lawyer, sign the papers, and follow what they say. Carla doesn’t deny him, she had to know it was coming, and he is living with a girlfriend so it’s no shock. She tells Big Ang later on that she thinks it must be so he can get married and have kids, since he’s old and his balls will be hanging in no time. Carla sees it like this, Joe cheated on his wife, and then he went to jail. Take him, good luck. 

Back at the Drunken Monkey, Big Ang shows up during the day to see what’s going on after some problems have been arising. All of a sudden a huge fight breaks out between two customers. Ang gets in the middle screaming, and it sort of breaks up. Then a third guy gets involved and it starts all over again. Luckily, Ang sees Neil outside and brings him in to break it up. She’s so excited that Neil saved the day, and he’s officially scored points. To me, he kind of came in and wrecked the place more than the customers did. 

The party went well; it was an iPhone themed big sweet sixteen style event. Everyone showed up, and Drita got along with Ramona. Ramona gave the girls a puppy and her daughter was grabbing at it apparently not realizing it was real. That made Ramona scream, “It’s real, it’s real; stop pulling at it,” that poor dog. 

Ramona visits her lawyer to find out what’s going on with her fiancé, oh yeah they’re engaged. No one knows, and she’s too scared to wear her engagement ring and have it taken away. The lawyer tells her that because they’re connected to the lifestyle they are, it’s hard to get the trial going. They’re going to do whatever they can to turn Joe into a rat, it could take years. 

Renee calls Drita worried about the storm coming, and Drita’s freaking out. She’s in “Zone A,” meaning she has to evacuate. She’s freaking out, and of course everyone is concerned for everyone, offering to do anything anyone needs being a phone call away. No one knows what they’re in for, and next week we’ll see the damage. The end of the episode turned into a little montage of Hurricane Sandy, with the women supporting a website to donate money:

Will Renee ever learn anything in anger management? Let me know here