When one of the “Housewives” shows has been on for a while, I start to get anxiety about it coming to an end. Tonight I realized that I’m actually looking forward to “Atlanta” concluding, this season is getting me frustrated. I do not like Kenya at all, I think she’s a horrible addition to the cast, and I’m really sick of her taking over the show. NeNe, my favorite, has barely been on the show, and she’s got no storyline other than a little goofiness with Gregg here and there. I’ve always liked Kandi, but she’s boring, she’s never been a good source of drama. I do like Porsha so far, and I can see that she’s trying to bring us what we want, some fun and casual snickering, lots of shade and dirty looks, but no one wants to play with her. Cynthia, well she’s just become really mean and full of herself, in a subtle way. Phaedra, she’s in another world, although I do appreciate her loathing of Kenya. Kim is gone, and the feel of this show is gone to me. Without Kim or NeNe, it’s like watching a bad spinoff. I’d even take Sheree back at this point, and she was the most boring of all. I’m not looking for full on weave pulling drama, even though that would be amazing. They need to give me a little something though, I can’t wait until the reunion to be happy, that’s not fair Bravo. 

Enough ranting and let’s go through the few things that did happen. First, Porsha is planning Kordell’s 40th birthday party. She picks out a dress, all of her choices look like dancing with the stars, but all are really beautiful. The drama that seemed to be promised with her working with Cynthia on her pageant totally fizzled and feels flat. Sure they were a little snarky with each other, but they parted ways tonight and quickly made up. When planning to meet up to discuss the pageant, Porsha didn’t want people that her husband never met coming to her home while he was away. So, she decided to have the meeting at the Bailey Institute, which is where it should have been in the first place. Cynthia tells her few employees about this, implying that they’re strangers to Porsha and she didn’t want them over. Yes it’s kind of weird of Porsha, but Cynthia is being a real asshole. Since when is she so above everyone? They’re all completely rude to Porsha when she arrives; giving her a list of rules, and one guy even tells her that since he’s a stranger, she should address him as Mr. whatever his name is. Cynthia puts her on the spot asking her to explain why they couldn’t come to her house, get over it already. Porsha excuses herself to take a phone call, and Cynthia acts like Porsha isn’t taking this seriously and is being rude. This woman needs to be brought back down to earth, I hope she sees herself this season and wakes up. 

Phaedra goes to Kandi’s house in hopes of some sweet tea and gossip about Kenya and that outfit. Poor Phaedra can’t talk shit about Kenya to anyone; no one is willing to say a bad word. How annoying. Kandi won’t say anything, and that’s when I start hating this season even more. Hello Kandi, you’re a Bravo Housewife. Give us something. Did you see what Kenya was wearing? She wants you to talk about her, that’s the point, nope, nothing, pointless scene. Oh, but Kandi likes cooking, so that’s nice. 

I won’t joke about the fact that Kenya went to the doctor to get a biopsy, thinking she might have breast cancer. She does however; blame the possible cancer on the stress that both Walter and Phaedra have caused her. So there’s that. She ends up being fine, so I can still talk about how much I can’t stand her. I felt bad for her, whatever. When seeing the previews for this episode, I though here’s Kenya with more fake drama. Acting like she might have cancer, I’m not surprised. Of course, however, it must have been true and I’m sure it’s real, so I won’t judge. She gets a pass for this episode only. 

 What do you think of Porsha and Kordell’s relationship? On one hand, I like them both. On the other, he seems to be a little controlling and too fatherly. He’s always giving her advice and talking down to her in a forceful way, demanding her to have confrontations and defend herself. His intentions are good I’m sure, and he seems like a nice guy, but he definitely adds to her super young behavior. 

Kandi’s back in the recording studio, admits to gaining weight and being in love, and wants to record a gospel album. That’s it. Porsha and Cynthia meet up to part ways with the charity event, Porsha wasn’t pulling her weight I guess. They were talking, and all I really got was that Cynthia was waiting on a few things from Porsha’s end, and the next thing I knew they were saying “no hard feelings.” 

At Kordell’s birthday party, Cynthia decides to be the bigger person and go. Walter shows up, and Kenya wasn’t invited based on her behavior at the last two charity events she attended. Good for Porsha, which was a great answer. Everyone acts like they didn’t know that Walter and Kenya were over, but it’s been pretty obvious. Kordell fights Porsha’s battle for her, but forcing her and Cynthia to confront the issue and make up. He says he loves Cynthia and Peter and doesn’t want anything to come between them, and everything is all good. Cynthia doesn’t like Kordell’s “Kordellisms” but knows he means well. Peter, Walter, and Kordell really have the men’s alliance down, and I like that they all stick together. 

This episode gave me nothing, I hope the season has a little more life in it before we hit the reunion couches and watch Kenya try to shock us all into thinking she’s a hilarious diva, and not just an asshole. What’d you think? Do you think this season sucks like I do?

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