The last episodes of “Shahs,” sigh. It just wasn’t enough; I mean what am I going to do without my weekly dose of Reza and Asa? I have mixed feelings about the reunion shows coming up. I’m excited on one hand, because it’s two extra chances to spend time with my favorite L.A running teeny boppers. I’m sad too though, really bummed. Doing a reunion show is very risky; it evokes huge fights and hurt feelings. These people are real friends, except for Lilly, and from the looks of it we’re going to see Reza putting M.J. down pretty hard. I hate that, these two are best friends and I don’t want a reunion show to ruin that. Without the reunion, the show can stay the way it’s been, a view of a group of friends. Now they’re just a cast

Back to the unacceptable, illegal knife scene with GG completely out of control, she totally ruined all chances at making up with Asa. First she doesn’t even speak to her, and then when Reza gives her the opportunity to speak to her, she acts like she has no clue what he’s talking about. So her apology is “whack.” That’s according to Asa, and me. It really was whack, although I personally wouldn’t have said the word “whack” 15 times like Asa did, but she’s a 90’s kid to this day. So GG’s apology is for getting physical, but not for the reasons why she did. I’m sorry for this, but not for this. We’ve all done that, it’s never worked. You have to just apologize in general, whether you mean it or not. Asa says that it’s a complicated apology, and that GG is too crazy, a bully, has no respect, no love, and doesn’t deserve her friendship. It’s all whack. GG tells her to shut the fuck up, and mocks her for the whack-ness. Wa-Wa-Wa-Whack! The friendship is over and Asa leaves. GG regrets trying to apologize in the first place. Reza and M.J both tell GG simultaneously that what she’s doing isn’t working for her. They tell her that you can’t apologize like that, obviously. Mike puts a stop to their life lesson; he says she doesn’t have the mental capacity to comprehend the lesson. Reza planned this whole reunion, and he says couldn’t have planned a shittier shit show than this. What a waste. 

M.J.’s homework from her therapy session with her mom is to go shopping together, and her mom isn’t allowed to judge her or criticize her. That doesn’t happen, because M.J. parks too far from the curb, and her mom flies off the handle. In Kitson however, they actually get along. When M.J. tries on her usual skin tight dress that’s way too small, her mom simply tells her she should look for something that flows, not so tight. She puts her down gently, and it’s not lost on M.J. She appreciates it actually, and considers it baby steps. 

Lilly broke up with her fake boyfriend Ali by the way. We never saw him, and he may or may not have existed. She decided that she can’t trust him, which must have sucked since he lives in another state. Next we see Asa rehearsing for Persia-Palooza, the time has finally come. I’ve been so excited for this, and her rehearsal outfit does not disappoint. I’m dying to see her perform. Will she be whack?

Mike is in love with Jessica, and wants to take the next step and propose. He asks his parents for their approval, and his mom is surprisingly supportive. His dad says that he was never there for Mike growing up, having to work 16 hours a day. He’s always regretted it, and always wanted his daughter-in-law to take the place of the daughter he never had. He wants to be close to her and speak to her from his heart. Unfortunately, he doesn’t really speak English. Therefore, he doesn’t want Mike to marry an American. Since he then does go ahead and give his approval, as long as Mike is happy, it ends up being a really sweet scene. 

Reza takes Adam to the beach to have a picnic and look for sea glass. Does Reza take anything seriously? He is so weird, honestly. Now Asa is getting henna tattoos on her hands and feet to prepare for her show. Lilly’s got her glam squad doing her makeup and hair for the show too. M.J. is getting ready. Guess who’s there? It’d Drizzy, the guy she was set up with in the beginning of the season. They’re dating, yay. GG is getting ready too, and I’m like what? She’s going? Well, no, they tricked us. She was getting ready for a fashion show. She’s actually going with Anita, the girl that she tried to kill last season after she made fun of her dress being a few seasons ago. If Anita can forgive GG, maybe Asa can too. 

I’ve never seen Asa not be so full of herself, and tonight I saw her actually being human. She was nervous, and didn’t want to do a bad job. I didn’t know she was capable of thinking she could do a bad job. That was nice, to see a real side to her. I hate to admit it, but she did well. The show was fine, she didn’t make a fool out of herself, not whack at all. She really is the Persian Pop Princess after all, I’m proud of Asa. 

In the end, they all retire to her trailer to throw cake and champagne on M.J. She rolls around on the floor, and everyone makes their final comment on being happy at this moment in their life, etc. 

What did you think? Who’s the whack-est one of all? Is it Asa, or is it GG? And did you like this season? Are you nervous about the reunion like me?

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