Tough Love Season 14 Episode 7

Mark my words; the Blue Team made the biggest mistake in Reality TV History.

The Blue Team broke their natural alliance to each other and I’m shaking their heads. Seriously, have none of them seen the first installment of Survivor? I’m not talking about Richard “love to hate him” Hatch. I’m talking about the team who went into the first Tribal Council with conquering numbers, and what did they do? They voted off a member of their original team. It is far too early to make that mistake, Gina and Jeff, and I’m disappointed with you. Why didn’t you call me? You didn’t even ask to phone a friend. Hello! I’ve been watching reality TV for fifteen years; I could have helped you. I have a big frown. At least I’m not mad at producers; this wasn’t their fault. That’s a plus.

We open with the infamous Food Temptation Challenge. We see it every season. Raspberry streaked hair-clad Allison (I wasn’t imagining things last week) announced this is their first food challenge. Ummm, it’s their first food challenge? What happened a few weeks ago? The Blue Team was trapped in a room filled with every temptation possible, including sweet, salty, chewy, smooth, and crunchy foods for 4.5 hours a day, five days in a row, and they got through. They’ve got this. The temptations were red velvet cake (my favorite but only if it has cream cheese frosting,) chocolate covered strawberries (which are only 45 calories each,) chocolate turtles, cupcakes, and brownies, you get the gist. I will say that this challenge is unique because everyone is in the same room and the lights are turned off. On second thought, put a bottle of wine or champagne in front of me and let me go back to my room with a few friends; now that’s temptation.

Everyone is different. I spent a few years weighing and measuring people for a living. Some people can eat off-program every once in a while and see a huge plunge on the scale because they’ve hit the “reset” button. Others, like me most of the time, would see a spike on the scale that mathematically doesn’t make sense.

Gina played a good game; she pretended as if she were eating. Also, the edits are showing that Gina knows her strength in the house. Jeff ate a small amount, just 250 calories. I would have eaten a single chocolate coated strawberry, just to throw my hat into the ring. Eating a small amount of sugar wouldn’t have caused a craving for more.

I’m going to give you a moment to guess at the remaining two who eat. Really think hard about this one. Tick, tick tick… Got your answer? Alex, you say? Well that’s obvious, give me another name. Jackson? Nope.

I’ll just tell you; you’ll never guess. It’s Francelina.

Huh? Yea, I said, “Francelina.” This disappoints me in many ways, because today I learned she flew under my radar. She has lost more weight than Danni, not by much, but still more. She was the house’s “Olivia.” I mean “is.” I’ve already disclosed the Blue Team blows it.

No, don’t jump to conclusions, Alex; the most beautiful woman I’ve seen on this show is still there. Francelina and Alex eat, and Francelina “wins” a two pound advantage. In an extremely smart move, Francelina gives Alex the two pound advantage as well. It was very smart game play to venture beyond the alliance with Jackson, who lost thirteen pounds, once we went to singles. You go, Action Jackson!

The activity competition begins and Danni loses. I’m just kidding. The prize is a visit at home. Danni uses smart game play, and she may not have been playing a game, she may be just smart. She not only gave Gina the gift of a visit from her husband, but she also gave it to Michael. These were the two people who finished the challenge last. Let’s not forget, they are the two biggest threats in the house.

Why else was a visit from home give-away a smart move? (Yes, Danni gave away her prize as well.) Here are two reasons:

  1. Alliances - Michael and Gina now owe you. They’ll reconsider voting you out if you’re on the block.
  2. The “husband” objection.

You heard me; I said the “husband” objection. What? You’ve never heard of the “husband” objection? Ohhh, that’s the biggest road block a woman can face. Why? Well, our husbands/boyfriends, etc., love us for who we are, obviously. However, there is another layer, a layer of fear. It’s a fear of losing who they have.

Also, a visit from home can derail someone’s plan because they would want to spend a few more minutes with their spouses rather than focusing on their program. This strategy worked for smiling Michael.

Let’s not forget the red shirt-wearing woman with the gorgeous silver hair who was briefly reunited with her evicted-contestant-bearded husband, and who also had a binge in her WDC hotel room.

Below the yellow line we find Michael and Francelina. Alex sticks with the natural Blue Alliance, even though Francelina gave her a two pound advantage. That wasn’t an easy decision at all.

In a stunning move, the Blue Team turned on Michael. Gina and Jeff both voted him out. It was far too early for that move and they’ve left Alex hanging without an alliance, and without a manufactured alliance with Francelina. Wow!

Our Ambassadors for Change are doing a fabulous job, and I daresay their job is the hardest. They are off-campus, and they have to make their changes flow upward to their families. If an adult takes a challenge of this kind, the healthy habits flow down to the children. I have tremendous respect for them. Bingo is bootless and visually shrinking. Sunny, AKA “Pumpkin,” (love that Jillian) is taking a Bollywood dance class, and adorable Lindsey is an honorary member of her local high school’s cheerleading squad!