Yes! This is the kind of episode I needed. It has two specific purposes, Kyle and Lisa clearing the air, and Brandi and Adrienne coming face to face. That’s it! What a great episode, I’m very pleased. Sure they’ve been having the same fight all season long, but the drama keeps coming as long as they keep getting together. Adrienne returned, and thanks to Taylor, she finally had it out with Brandi. One of them was lying, and I’m positive it’s Adrienne, I mean pretty sure (don’t sue me Ms. Maloof.)

So Kyle is getting ready to go over to Lisa’s for some drinks, and to repair their broken friendship. She tells Mauricio that she has so much anxiety she’s sick to her stomach. She hates all the fighting, but her close friendship with Lisa is too important to throw away over a petty argument. After giving Lisa a bunch of compliments on her amazing house, they get right into it. Lisa takes the first chance to bring up Camille’s comment about not owning “Sur,” and the fact that Kyle didn’t defend her. Kyle says she thought the comment was ridiculous, she doesn’t know why Camille would say it, but she thought that Lisa immediately defended herself and didn’t need any help. Lisa wants Kyle to have her back and be more like Brandi, in that she would have told Camille to shut up. That’s not Kyle’s style, and no I’m not defending Kyle, but I wouldn’t expect her to do that. Kyle swears it wasn’t meant to hurt Lisa, and they have to move on. Lisa still can’t get over the accusations about selling stories to “Radar Online” and that Kyle didn’t defend her then. Since Kyle knew she was upset about that, she would think that Kyle would go out of her way to defend her this time. Kyle says it’s something she needs to work on, and starts to cry when Lisa demands that she admit she was wrong so they can move forward. Kyle doesn’t want to pick a side in any argument, and I get that, but she needs to make Lisa feel like she’s on her side somehow. It’s one thing to not pick sides; it’s another to make Lisa feel like she’s not on her side. Lisa should stick with Brandi, who would definitely defend her no matter what, exactly the way she wants Kyle to be. Lisa is also able to get some nice digs in about Camille, calling her pathetic, and a bitch. That’s why I was surprised to see her at Lisa’s tea party.

Have you decided if you like Yolanda yet or not? I’m still torn, but I’ve decided to like her based on her comments about the other women. She’s got hilariously nasty things to say about Adrienne and Kyle, even in her blog, and I love every word. So, I’m putting aside my feeling about her lemon garden and chicken cooking, and appreciating her presence on the show more and more. She meets with Brandi because she says that she loves Brandi’s honesty. She offers her some advice for the upcoming tea party, saying that Adrienne is an insecure woman and she’s using her status to intimidate Brandi. She’s got rich girl powers, and that’s not fair. She should have the balls to talk to Brandi on the phone, rather than spend $10,000 to send a letter through her attorney. She tells Brandi to keep all this in mind, and basically say screw you to Adrienne. Yolanda puts it simply, who the hell is Adrienne Maloof? She thinks she is a “nobody.” Bam!

I love this episode so much because I’m not jumping all over Beverly Hills watching people shop and prepare for the party, which would usually occur in the last five minutes of the episode. Nope, it’s all happening so fast, we’re already there after two scenes. Brandi arrives, then Taylor, and Lisa asks Brandi to give Taylor a tour, after Taylor gives Lisa a vibrator of course. They love making Lisa uncomfortable about sex all the time, I love it. Brandi shows Taylor Lisa’s bedroom, which has giant closets, a two person shower, and then Ken’s closet. Among his huge walk-in closet we discover a naked picture of Lisa. What? Yes, that happened; I can’t believe it. 

Next we have Marisa who is the last non-threatening guest. They are all enjoying cocktails with Jax from “Vanderpump Rules.” Taylor slips in the fact that not only did Adrienne accuse Lisa of selling stories (we know already,) but now Adrienne herself is supposedly the one selling stories. Lisa knows this already, and is highly amused. I have more to say about that later, because anyone that follows “Housewives” gossip knows that the perpetrator is in fact her chef Bernie. Well, Adrienne and Kyle arrive with the immoral Faye Resnick, and Lisa’s not pleased to see her. She didn’t invite her, and didn’t want her there, so what is she doing there? Obviously Adrienne wanted to have someone with a big mouth who was on her side there, understandable but annoying nonetheless. 

Where’s Kim? That’s the question most likely to be asked at any Beverly Hills event. Like every other party, there’s a weird phone call involved excusing Kim from coming. This time, she tells Lisa she was hit in the nose by her dog on the way there. She was bringing her dog? Well it makes no sense, and that’s just typical. Kyle was not surprised, but her excuse is pretty hilarious. 

Everyone goes to the table. Brandi’s been warned to keep a lid on it, and Adrienne would never start a fight on her own volition. So how does this fight start I kept wondering. I couldn’t figure out how the topic would come up, what would possess them to bring up the lawsuit? Hmm, Taylor’s been drinking? OK, that’s how. She tried so hard to bring it up. First she says that if she does a backflip or something and gets hurt, she’s going to sue Lisa, because “ha ha” everyone in this group like loves to sue each other. No comment. She tries again, this time bringing up last year’s white party where she was asked to leave for sending a similar letter to Camille. Lisa asks her to help her carry something to the kitchen. She tells her to cut the crap and stop with the innuendos. That’s a good host Lisa. 

While they’re away, Lisa, Taylor, and Brandi I mean, Adrienne tells the rest of the group that she’s not suing Brandi at all. There’s no lawsuit, no letter, she has no clue what Brandi is talking about. All lies. Taylor comes back and Camille tells her what Adrienne just said, and Taylor has been dying to bring the drama all day long, so she waits a millisecond before asking Brandi what’s up. As soon as Brandi sits, Taylor says "hey Brandi, didn’t you say that like Adrienne sent you a letter?" Brandi of course says yes, in fact she has the letter with her. Adrienne acts shocked, why would she say something like that when there’s no letter, no suing, what? Brandi wonders why she is paying her lawyer to handle something that doesn’t exist. Adrienne swears it’s without a doubt not true, Brandi says yes it is 100% true. She said; she lied. Adrienne’s lying, sorry. Maybe she’s not suing her exactly, but yes she sent that letter. Camille tries to get involved as usual, saying that Adrienne didn’t specifically file paperwork, so she must be telling the truth. Taylor finds a way to make it about herself and get offended, she can’t believe Camille would defend Adrienne after Taylor sent the same letter to Camille last year, and she didn’t like that too much. So Taylor’s mad that Camille doesn’t think that Adrienne is an asshole, because Taylor was an asshole last year? Let’s not get sucked in to Taylor’s thoughts and move on. Brandi says she apologized to Adrienne through email, and sent a copy to each lady as proof. Now she’s going to make copies of the letter for everyone as well. Do it; Adrienne’s lying. As usual, Brandi gets up to leave, and Lisa says enough: conversation over. 

Here’s an interesting part of that fight that I mentioned before. During the argument, Adrienne tries to prove that Brandi is a liar. She says that Brandi tweeted false accusations about Adrienne’s camp selling stories that Brandi was a bad mom. Brandi says that she actually has proof that Adrienne’s chef Bernie, the same one that hates Lisa, is the one selling stories all over the place. Adrienne is appalled, “how dare you.” She really loves Chef Bernie and is constantly having to defend him. There are so many stories out there about Chef Bernie, making this all seem very true. When Lisa was talking about Adrienne selling stories, she was most likely talking about Bernie. When Adrienne accused Lisa of selling stories, she was most likely talking about Bernie. Currently, Paul is suing Bernie for blackmail, and you can read much more about it in this interesting article over at “Reality Tea.”

Next week lots more fighting with the husbands involved, Adrienne’s then husband Paul, and Brandi’s fake husband Ken, A.K.A Lisa’s real husband. Taylor gets on a jet with a mystery man that she thinks she’s in love with, and has no clue where her daughter is. What? Ah, Taylor’s back indeed. Why do you think Taylor wanted to cause all this drama tonight?

Let me know here.