Tierra has a miserable one-on-one. It’s hot, she’s sweaty, and there will be bugs. Wait, she hasn’t left for her date yet. Needless to say, it was a self-fulfilling prophecy. When she finally went on her first one-on-one date, she was hot, hungry, sweaty, and she felt that Sean was holding back. I agree with her to a point. However, it was probably not that Sean was holding back but more likely that Sean didn’t give her a one-on-one sooner because although she is crazy, and he’s “crazy” about her, they really had no time together prior to this point to get to know each other.

Days later, we find Tierra is shaking on her cot the same way she was shaking when she fell up the stairs and after the Polar Bear Plunge. Sean goes to her for a surprise visit because she is important enough to him to introduce to his sister. Sean sits next to her on the cot. He tells her yet again, that he’s crazy about her, and then in the boldest move a bachelor has ever made, he sends her home. He shows class, and respect. With that, I’ll simply say that Tierra is on her way home. He’s a gentleman, and he handles her exit gracefully with her best interest in mind. She cried wolf “four too many times” and he’s decided she can’t take the pressure. Did he say, “Four too many times?” I was questioning that too. While Tierra had the oxygen in her nose, Sean cuddled her and Tierra said he’s seen her in that way three times. I had only remembered her injured twice, the stairs and the Polar Bear Plunge, so I didn’t know what she was referencing initially, but finally I decided she meant the group date night.  She said she was going home so she hid in a dark corridor, interrupted his time with Lindsey, (to the point where Lindsey was dismissed) and then returned with the rose.

In is explanation to the other women he doesn’t blame her, but he also states he is not going to deal with drama. With that said, Sean gets a ten! Sean, you just earned my respect. You stopped the insanity. I’m jumping way ahead, but I think it’s very important to disclose this as soon as possible so we can focus on the “other” women.

In local news, Sean will be at the local furniture store this Saturday. Yahoo! I must go, right? Especially since his interview with Jokers Updates is coming in just a few days. My first task of business is to alter my Saturday with my boyfriend. I enjoy cooking and the intimacy of being home and because he works nights, we agreed to celebrate Valentine’s Day on Saturday. Naturally, I planned the perfect menu a month ago. I typed the following text: "Can we go out instead of cooking in Saturday? I'll explain why later." His reply was, "OK." That is why I love him, end of discussion.

You didn't think I had this kind of time to watch so much reality TV with a boyfriend whom I saw a lot, right? I spent the next few hours planning for the occasion, including what I was going to eat this week so I’d look the best I possibly could. Not that I thought Sean would care, I wanted to look good for y'all when I posted the picture. While Googling the address of the store and confirming the times, I discovered, he was actually there last weekend.  I guess they are still running the ad as an accident, well, OK, then.

I started a “revisit” article the other day, which is going to have two parts, but I do want to include one “revisit” now. Something I noticed in the two episodes that aired last week was that Des and AshLee had complaints that weren’t about Tierra, but were about other women.

“Lesley was the first in the row boat!”; “I drank goat’s milk!”

Why is the volume being turned-up all of sudden? Call me crazy, but I've never seen edits like this this so late in the season, unless I suspected correctly, the producers wanted to shift the target to retain viewers who might stop watching. I suspect there is always talk about "that's not right", or “that's not fair" and it goes on all season, but we just don't see it in the edits.

 Lesley has a one-on-one date and sadly, does the same thing she always does when she’s alone with Sean. She talks about past moments of intimacy. I do think she could have been the one if that weren’t an issue for her. I’m not suggesting that she was a better choice than who he has; I’m just saying that the way he looked at Lesley spoke volumes, early on. He does send Lesley home and I hated seeing her go, but this is a very unique season where I really didn’t want to see anyone go home. He has had five emotionally stable, fine quality women, and there is no wrong choice at this point.

From a curiosity standpoint, now that we know Des gets an at-home date, I'm curious to see her family home. She had mentioned that a portion of her childhood was spent living in a tent, and it wasn’t because her parents were documenting the mating of wild animals in Africa, not that family money at this point will make a difference, or ever would have made a difference to Sean.

Estella had Bob meet her mother while she was holding a huge glass of red wine and Bob felt compelled to grab it out of her hand so it wouldn't spill down her mother's back when they hugged.

Both Lesley and Des said their parents had a connection that was unique for today, hand-holding, and an everlasting love. Everyone wants that type of magic. Well maybe not "everyone," but I believe people who dream and fantasize about meeting their “split-apart” do. I would have loved to meet both of those dynamic duos. Meeting Tierra's parents would have answered a lot of questions.

I think that Courtney's patents were also an important key to Ben choosing her. Speaking of Courtney, have you ever watched Kristen Wiig’s character in Knocked Up? She has a speech pattern that is slow, deliberate, with a voice that is soft (not “Renege” speaking through clenched teeth soft,) and a tone that is kind-of a question. Check out the scene with Katherine Heigl when she gets more camera time at “E.” If you close your eyes and just listen to Kristen, you will hear Courtney.

The edits that preview what is coming-up show Catherine crying and questioning Sean, so I’m turning off the TV. Boo! Good thing this episode is over. From an attest for battery to lawsuits, the Bachies and Batties are coming soon. Email me your “must include” requests.