What is Sean doing for Valentine’s Day?

Heck, I don't know. Do I look like his keeper? I received an email from someone who wrote that she has a friend of a friend of a friend of a friend who lives in the same apartment building as Sean and "he's always alone."

The suggestion implied that perhaps his relationship is already over. Sean being alone prior to the finale doesn't surprise me nor concern me one way or the other. I'm sure it's part of his agreement for the show.

The email also said he needs a tan, so I'm hoping he is with the love of his life anywhere warm and exotic, but not on a cruise, that wouldn't be good in light of recent events.

My day will be spent at work, where it's highly probable that I'll receive a beautiful delivery of some kind from my boyfriend. Last year he sent me roses and chocolate, and a few days later when I saw him for dinner (he works nights) he gave me a jewelry set I had my eye on. Tonight after work, I'll come home; have a piece of a heart-shaped pizza that my daughter preordered and I’ll relax with a bottle of champagne that a friend gave to me. If Sean is home alone tonight, I wonder if he ordered the heart pizza too.

Courtney said at the “After The Final Rose Ceremony” last year that because she and Ben had broken-up, he didn't contact her at all on Valentine's Day. We are talking about Courtney, but it still made me a little sad. Ben seems like Sean because he's a nice guy, so whatever was going on must have been pretty big for his reaction to be ignoring her.

Sean and the love of his life have spent many of their big relationship monumental firsts without each other, so I assume. Sean and his love have spent: possibly his birthday, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, and now Valentine's Day apart. Maybe they need to alter the shows filming schedule so we know the winner just before the holidays begin. It might give the relationships a little bigger chance. If you are a hopeless romantic like I am, and you believe that they are meant for each other, their distance apart now won't matter. Sean articulated that much at least once this season.

Previously, I mentioned that just after Thanksgiving my Godson (who graduated from law school last weekend) told me his high school friends had recently seen cameras at Sean's parent’s home. Couple that with something I read recently. That is, he is rumored to have proposed on his birthday, which was about a week before Thanksgiving. So if that's true, did he propose before the season ended? Or were the camera crews at the home for some other reason?

As I was driving to work this morning, I saw a hot air balloon over the general area where Sean is rumored to live. That's a romantic thought, isn't it? That he is with his love in a hot air that balloon over north Texas at sunrise. However, if that were really what was on the agenda for today, he'd be in Napa, I'd imagine.

Lindsey said, in a recent episode, "It's the Tierra show - again." It really made me think and she's right. I've barely mentioned anyone else. Since it's a national holiday to many, I thought today would be a good time to reintroduce you to the four remaining women.


Featured in a segment during the season opener. In fact, four of Sean's final six were highlighted in the premiere episode. Interesting? She disclosed to Sean the last time they were alone that she was married briefly while in high school; so was Joe Montana by the way. I'm not suggesting they were married to each other because he's old enough to be her father. Sean didn't consider this an issue, and I agree with him. Her divorce was over fourteen years ago. What does jump out at me is why she waited so long to tell him. Was she told not to? Or worse yet, does this show just how little time he gets with the women? Deanna allowed some of the bachelors to stay with her. If AshLee waited this long to disclose that part of her life to him, and it was willingly her choice to do so, I hope there isn't something else that will come out later. That's my biggest and only concern with her at this point, that something more will come out later, after the season ends. I'm not suggesting it does, but it does concern me a little. Putting that aside, a plus is that geographically speaking, AshLee is desirable to Sean. She's only about four hours away. For the life of me I can't remember where Des and Lindsey call home. Catherine lives in Seattle. AshLee is a few years older than the other girls, but I don't think that will sway his choice either way. She also has amazing cheekbones. Even better, I dare say, than the actor who plays Chris on 30 Rock.

AshLee got the second one-on-one date, which was upstaged by Tierra's fall "up" the stairs just prior to them leaving for their date. Based on what Selma wore on her one-on-one date, it's safe to guess the girls are told what to wear on their dates. Why then was AshLee wearing a nude lace mini dress (which was gorgeous) and high wedge heels? I've been to Magic Mountain. The word mountain does not reference the roller coasters, which for me was a natural assumption. It stands for mountain. This amusement park is built on a mountain! It's awesome but exhausting. The ground is not flat and if you've ever attempted to do an amusement park without sneakers you know what I mean. Couple that, though, with an amusement park where you are hiking up hills to get from one point to another. Yes, everything is uphill until you are ready to go home!

I also don't recall them eating "real food" on that date. I've watched the episode a few times, but I can certainly be wrong. If Tierra's stunt took a considerable amount of time, and I'm suggesting it did, (easily a 3 or4 hours delay I'm assuming) were they initially supposed to have lunch prior? Did the delay affect the meeting with Emily and Brianna? It's a silly thing to have me thinking of right now, but that was my initial thought after watching that episode. How long were the girls in limbo waiting for Sean to arrive? Dare I suggest the girls were given time in the park prior and they re-filmed their initial meeting? My daughter thinks that Emily and Brianna’s face-to-face introduction was the best moment in bachelor history. Maybe that can be a cute spinoff to introduce more social networking teens.

Tierra feels that the date AshLee got in St. Croix should have been hers. She said she told the producers what her interests were and didn't listen. Yep, I agree with her. Seriously, I think that's how it goes. If you disclose what you want to do the least or your fears – that is exactly what your one on one date will be. With that in mind, my date would end up involving ice fishing or hunting.