“You’re insecure not me. I’m like so over this. I don’t even care. I really don’t anymore. I-If I want to go get engaged I can easily go get engaged. There are plenty of (bleep) guys in the world,” said Tierra at the cocktail party, to Robin in Montana.

Can Sean send flowers? I know he is physically capable of doing it, but is he allowed to? And if he’s allowed, did he have to send flowers to four people? This is what kept me up last night. If he were proactive and made the call to the florist before Monday, he'd have to send them to six women because someone would figure out that he only called-in four orders. Maybe that means his honey gets no flowers, but if you were her, what would you want? Would you be okay with him having to send them to you and the other woman, or would you settle for nothing at all? Would there be a code? For example, he’d possibly send flowers to your mother or sister and have the card say something so obscure that the florist wouldn’t catch-on.

What if you had an ex with second thoughts who decided to make his feelings known by publicly sending you flowers? That's a thought. How come we never see an ex-boyfriend show up at the proposal and profess their undying love? (Note to readers: I swear, this sentence was written before news hit about Tierra’s engagement. Even on Valentine’s Day, the focus has shifted back to her.) To be honest, I’m really happy for her. Everyone deserves to be happy, and knowing she was in an on-again and off-again relationship explains a lot of her manic behavior. She’s not the first to end up with an ex-boyfriend after the show finished taping like Jen from Brad’s first season, and Melissa from Jason’s to name some. I do want to focus on Sean’s current choices though, so I’m moving on, even though I do find Tierra fascinating.


Her edits developed far differently than the producers planned, I think. In their first meeting she wore a wedding dress, and the edits gave the impression that she was almost too drunk to hold her balance. She did not get one of the dozen roses he gave prior, and she was the last woman to get a rose at the first Rose Ceremony. She started to really click with Sean after the roller rink date after party. Tierra completely upstaged their one-on one-time. Flash forward to Montana: Sean’s one-on-one date with Lindsay was natural. It seemed honest and genuine, not manufactured, and in the seventeen seasons of The Bachelor, we’ve all seen dates that are awkward and manufactured.

Lindsay’s father is a two star general. Lindsay had a home life that often didn’t include face-to-face time with her father, and since it was during a time of war, she often feared for her father’s physical safety. Based on this experience, this makes Lindsay the template for the “person most likely to be able to weather time apart” for an extended time. She is able to manage with an “I love you” once a week, rather than once a day. The other woman who has a similar strength, I imagine, would be Catherine because her father lives in China.

The person I suspect would be the weakest during an extended time apart would be AshLee, not because she isn’t a strong, capable person, but because she was in foster care in her early childhood. She is gracious to her parents for adopting her, but she’s hinted that she does have abandonment fears which are completely natural.

Sean seems to understand that since Lindsay is from a military home, she deeply desires a stable home with a loving husband and family. With this in mind, it’s a little easier to understand what inspired her to wear a wedding dress that first night.

Although I don’t recall Lindsay getting a lot of screen time, I’m not immediately recalling drama that Lindsay fueled, and I also don’t recall hearing the other women complaining about her. This is where the moving and always starting over will be an asset to her if she wins Sean in the end. She will be able to survive the media wave successfully because she knows how to meet and greet new people continually. I also do not recall Lindsay getting a rose on a group date until they were in St. Croix. Sean seems to allow insecurity to drive face time, which is why we may see so little of Lindsay and even less of Catherine. Because Sean didn’t play into this in St. Croix and secure Des who is starting to unravel a bit, it may mean he’s at the point where he doesn’t want to reward vulnerability.

Here are a few fashion comments from Montana that I just can’t resist. Lindsay and Tierra didn’t go on the group date. Both were seen wearing black and white shirts in Montana that were remarkably similar to the Blue Team’s and Red Team’s shirts. Tierra and Jackie were also wearing scarves that looked like they were the same make. It’s possible they can shop, but I think they get a few freebies along the way. This is the first time I recall it being so obvious. Before I move on to Des, I do want to make note of Catherine’s outfit when the girls are told they are going to Montana. I suggest that Catherine knew about the trip prior to when the scene was filmed, and the reason is because she’s wearing an over-sized green sweater. It’s adorable on her. Chris Harrison enters, announces the trip, and Catherine stands up. We see she’s wearing blue gym shorts, circa 1970, with white trim. Isn’t this interesting? It’s a winter sweater with gym shorts, not jean shorts, not brown cocktail shorts, but navy blue shorts with white trim!

Lastly, I watched the Montana episode to quote Tierra in light of today’s events. The speech pattern is awkward and strange when the scene is played. Most of the time, we see the other girls in the scene even though Tierra is the one talking. Go take a revisit and tell me what you think. Did she really say it exactly as it played out?