Des is adorable with the notable side bangs. She pulled away the bangs in Montana and Canada and I loved that look on her as well, but it took me a second glance to recognize her. This is a smart move; because to have a look that can change that dramatically may work to her advantage if she’s the one. Being a chameleon will make her less recognizable, thus less public pressure will be on her. Des had the first one-on-one and the first prank played on her. Now that we know she literally knows what it’s like to have nothing, it explains why she had the date where the multimillion dollar piece of art was ruined. I wonder if the producers were hoping she’d give a bigger reaction.

I don’t want to suggest she’s not appreciative of “stuff” but I also think she’d be ok either way. I mentioned earlier I wouldn’t do well on a date that involved ice fishing or hunting, but I think Des would be fine. I’m questioning again why more pranks are not being played this season. It’s who Sean is. I suspect there are more pranks but we don’t see them.

The close of their date Sean cooked for her in his California pad. The food came out of the oven perfectly cooked in a cast iron skillet. I assure you that in my kitchen if I prepare dinner and put it in the oven in a cast iron skillet for five hours, mine is perfect too! Not!

He prepared perfectly green broccoli, rice or possibly corn, and six ounces of beef. I never said I notice normal stuff. It’s at this time, Des talks about genuine love that her parents share. She was also the first to get a second one-on-one, and she was among the first to get a rose prior to the first Rose Ceremony. I read somewhere that she made the red dress she wore when she first met Sean herself. Now that’s talent. She is also the only one from the winning team that remains from that controversial night when Sean brought back the losers of the obstacle course relay in Montana. That says a bit, doesn't it? AshLee and Catherine are the two who remained and came back, making three all total.

I’d like to say that Des is drama free, and compared to other contestants she is, but out of the four, she’s the one who’s been involved with the drama to some extent. Let’s not forget Kacie went home shortly after she disclosed there was an issue between Des and Amanda. She’s not going to be a doormat though. Of the four who remain, Des is the most likely to call him out for something.

Replaying the episode in Montana, which is a turning-point episode because Sean’s mood completely changed in Montana, I noticed something I didn’t catch before. His mood took a turn for the worse after he talked to Des (and Leslie) at the cocktail party. He was visibly shaken and confused after their talk. He appeared as if he felt she was pulling back her feelings for him or questioning his intentions, which is the reason he gave her the one-on-one in Canada.

Des’ strength, aside from being obviously fabulous, (I had not one doubt Sean would pick someone fabulous) is that she’s like Leslie because she’s comfortable getting Sean's attention on group dates. Both Lindsay and Catherine said they felt as if they were on a date with Des and Sean.

If you read my article about Lindsay, you are going to call me out for talking out of the other side of my mouth. I admit it. Because Lindsay was the only woman who knew she was safe prior to the hometown dates, dare I suggest that Sean giving her a rose doesn't necessarily mean she was his number one? Sean likes strong women, solid, athletic, emotionally strong women, and Des seems to be willing to fill this role. She turned things around in Canada and in St. Croix. Let’s not forget (because I did) that Leslie got the rose on the group date in Canada. Sean, we are so confused. You’ve done this several times now.


 Dear sweet “take a pee and go” Catherine seemingly came out of nowhere. In the very first season of The Bachelor, one of the final four joked that Alex didn't know her name until he made out with her at the cocktail party prior to the Rose Ceremony where the final four were chosen. It’s not unprecedented, but emphasizing again, we know very little about her. I personally felt badly for her because she didn’t have a one-on-one date in St. Croix so she was forced to disclose to Sean that her father attempted suicide in front of her when she was a teenager. I think this goes to show how little time Sean has spent with her. Consider this (I know, you’re rolling your eyes back saying, “She’s going to talk out of both sides of her mouth again.”) If you paid close attention to the previous episodes, or you write a reality TV article so you watch the episodes over and over and over again habitually, then you know there have been at least two scenes where we’ve seen Catherine and Sean privately on a group date or at a cocktail parties prior to the Rose Ceremony where they’re attempting to be away from cameras. Is this the way their relationship has been? Are there more of these encounters we’re not aware of? I’m suggesting that it is possible that he knows her better than it would appear to the average viewer. I’d still like for someone to email me and explain “Green Sweater-gate.” Their first official one-on-one date is in Canada. Aw! She’s cuddling Santa. Wait, that’s not Santa; its Sean with snow in his hair. No really, it was actually that shot of him with his hair completely in covered in snow, followed by a hot totty maybe?

Catherine has been rock solid since the start, but the first red flag I saw was after the Rose Ceremony in St. Croix. Tears are flowing down her face because if he sent home Leslie, she can't figure out what he wants. Ummm…

It’s also suggested that there is drama with both Des and Catherine on the hometown dates. Des’ brother may not approve, but don’t fret; he appears to be very subtle about it. Not! And Catherine’s sisters may not be as into Sean as she is. Now here’s a suggestion; why don’t we set one of Catherine’s sisters up with Des’ brother? This could solve so many problems, until it was time to choose between Des and Catherine. I also hate to say this; Des’ brother isn’t as good looking as she is, and Catherine’s sisters are stunning, leap off the screen stunning.

Catherine never got a group date rose, but she's often sitting beside him on group dates and she's also called at the Rose Ceremony in the number one or number two position.

Speaking of good looking siblings, Sean’s sister Shay is a doll. She doesn’t appear to be afraid of saying what she really thinks on camera, which is of course an asset. If I understand correctly, it was his sister who suggested him for The Bachelor. Now, because his sister is real, how do we really think she did waiting under a coconut tree for hours while Tierra had her melt down? This can be taken one of two ways. If it were planned, then the filming took hours. If it were unplanned, then it took even longer. I dare suggest it was unplanned and here is why. My handsome, single son (hello Robyn, you’re his favorite) has written a few screen plays (because he takes after his mom but he’s more talented than I am) and watched the melt down with me last night. He noticed two things:

  1. Female cameraman. He found that surprising. It is kind of, because that career ratio of men to women is not equal. I should know. I play in a server room for a living.
  2. She was in several scenes. Obviously an accident or was it well staged? He felt it was a complete accident and her leaving St. Croix was so sudden the camera crew didn’t have time to regroup.

And because I haven’t mentioned it prior, and I’ve meant to, AshLee's blindfold scene was creepy. I need to watch it a few times to really have an opinion above that though, at least not right now.