February, 2013

My phone rings: Ring Ring, "Hello." I answered.

“Sean refuses Emily's invite to the fantasy suite.” The caller boasted.

“Huh I asked, partly because the episode hadn't aired yet.

“One of the three guys doesn't go to the fantasy suite and “I know” it's Sean.” My best friend began to explain. She (my best friend) is the reason I moved from San Francisco to Texas, so I hold her in very high regard. When Emily’s season of The Bachelorette began, she called me to let me know that Sean played football with her son, my godson, in High School.

I must admit that at this point, I'm shaking my head now because I didn't see a man refusing Emily as a possibility. “I don't think...” I began.

“He's very religious. He definitely refused.” She answered. Then I swear she said, “His family would have never approved.”

At this point, I think my best friend is crazy. I’m rolling my eyes back in my head. I didn’t feel like auguring with her, so I just let her talk. I poured myself a glass of wine as I listened, so I don’t remember too many details after that.

Flash forward to yesterday. My boyfriend and I are at a local hardware store. After all, it was Valentine’s Day weekend, and hopeless romantic he is, we were buying light bulbs to replace the ones that had burnt out in my home recently. As we were standing in line, he seriously mentioned eating Valentine’s Day dinner at 3:00 pm (I ignored the suggestion) to avoid the crowds, I turned around and saw a new magazine cover, “The Virgin Bachelor.”

At this point, I felt like calling my best friend and telling her that after a year, I finally don’t think she’s crazy, but I didn’t (and I still haven’t.) Instead I began to write an editorial for JokersUpdates.com using my cell phone, swipe, and a draft email. Hey I know my priorities. As I assured my boyfriend I wasn’t ignoring him, I felt compelled to explain. And as I concluded, “So I don’t really know exactly what happened with Emily, because the edits told the story they wanted, but I don’t think he spent the night with her if I remember correctly.”

“Even if he did, it doesn’t mean they…” he interrupted.

And that is why I love him.

At this point, my motorcycle driving boyfriend is somewhat curious about the history, conveniently, I was able to stall dinner until 7:00 pm and that gave time for my son to fill him in. My son started and finished with last week’s episode. If you haven’t watched an episode yet, my son does a pretty good job at summing it up.

“Alright, this guy who can pick from all these woman cannot decide on his next two women to send home, so he sends for his sister (on her birthday – Happy Belated Birthday Shay) and he’s hoping that since he doesn’t know what to do, his sister will help him, if she can find a reason to send someone home, because he’s oblivious that his woman (Tierra) is crazy. His sister explained to him that if a woman isn’t liked by other women, and openly admits to not getting along with the other girls, it’s a red flag. He’s still not convinced, but he trusts his sister. He asks his sister if she’s willing to meet the crazy girl, who at this point is one of his favorite women. He knows she can choose for him. She agrees. So he goes to find the crazy girl (Tierra,) while on his way, we find that she’s in an argument with one of the other women in the house. When he finds her, she’s alone and shaking.

He consoles her, and instead of drying her tears and saying, “Yes, I’ll go with you because I trust you unconditionally." (I threw that part in.)

She said, “No I don’t want to go, where, why, who?”

Then he said, “I don’t need you on the show anymore. Go home.”

I can’t wait until the home town dates tomorrow. Des’ brother will be worth the price of admission.

On a side note, I had a fabulous Valentine’s Day. I was right; my boyfriend sent a dozen red roses and a red heart shaped box of chocolates to my office on Thursday. Saturday when I saw him, I gave him the homemade truffles I lovingly prepared for him, a large heart shaped shortbread cookie with jam I purchased for him, and a big clay coffee mug that said, “Harley Hunk.”