Tonight’s reunion was just the beginning of the drama; from MJ’s pill popping to GG’s knife skills. I wonder how Andy felt doing a reunion without Housewives, but with all the hurt feelings and drama you don’t find on “Top Chef.” 

First of all, what’s with the giant spread of food in front of them? No one’s eating, that’s for sure. The questions start off light as always, asking Reza if he’ll ever change his mustache. He threatens to shave it off if there’s a Season 3. Next, they move on to a segment about Lilly, the new girl. Andy asks the Persian Barbie about the AIDS in the bikini comment. From watching “Watch What Happens Live” every night of my life, I know that she’s really embarrassed about it and has already publicly apologized. She looks mortified, and again says it was offensive and she’s ashamed. She was trying to be funny and it was an epic fail. Some evil viewer asked Lilly, “Do you hear your own voice? Ever thought about a dialect coach?” How mean! What the hell? That’s the question you came up with? Someone also asked why she hates poor people and chubby people. She denied it and thinks it’s a double standard that skinny people can’t make fun of fat people, but fat people can make fun of skinny people. OK, whatever! That’s too ridiculous to even address. You’re an idiot, officially. 

Andy asks her about her fake long-distance boyfriend, Ali, and why a girl like her would be in that situation. Then it comes out that she, still to this day, has his Black Amex even though they’re broken up. What? Lilly says she’s pissed that MJ has been going around saying that he supports her, so she brings a statement showing how much money her business made in January, her slowest month. It is $72,000, and Andy is so giddy about the fact that she brought it. She’s mad that MJ said she should go back to the welfare line, whatever that comment even meant, I never understood it.  

Next they talk about Mike doing “Playgirl,” but Mike and Lilly are the least important Shahs; so let’s move on. The next segment is about all the fighting that went on this season. The topic turns to MJ and her pill popping. Reza and Asa want to turn the reunion into an intervention. They say she has a problem with alcohol for sure, and Reza is positive she also has a pill problem. Andy asks what’s going on with their twenty year, and Reza says he’s sick of her lying and drinking. She’s in an alternate universe and spiraling out of control. She swears she only takes sleeping pills to sleep, but no one believes her. Asa says that each Shah will drive themselves to their interviews but that MJ needs a driver, and brings two bottles of wine. MJ thinks it’s cute that she has a driver; it’s because she’s always late. GG finally steps in to defend MJ, saying that whatever pills she takes is her business and that she, herself, takes Xanax. Everyone else wants her to get help, and Cabo sealed the deal. She was so out of it and yet she keeps blaming sleeping pills for her sleeping. 

There’s another segment about all the shit-talking that went on this season, mostly between Lilly and MJ. After all the mean things that Lilly said about MJ all season long, from diet pills to the way she dresses, she’s fixated on MJ calling her a “Chia Pet.” MJ apologizes but it’s not good enough. Mike steps in and says that MJ apologized; move on. Yay Mike. 

Then it’s Asa versus GG. From GG’s violence, Andy is most shocked by the knife scene. She says she picked up the knife to scare Omid into leaving. What? That makes no sense at all. She also swears she would never stab her sister, obviously. They all defend Asa’s comment about Omid’s nose, but I still think it is bullshit. For once I agree with GG. You don’t make a comment about someone’s appearance when you don’t know them. She asks Andy how he would feel if someone told him they loved his wonky eye. Asa is mad about GG calling her a transvestite - five times. She says she forgot what a natural woman looks like and that she’s “funky as fuck.” GG is like, “Yeah right, cottage cheese.” She makes fun of Diamond Water by saying that Asa uses blood diamonds, and Andy can’t get over it. He wonders why she would use blood diamonds on national TV. GG swears that Asa made the first move in their fight, putting her hands on her first. No one, not even Andy, lets her get away with that. It’s one of the few times I’ve ever seen Andy step-in and disagree with someone. Asa says that GG can’t take responsibility for her actions and that she’s the ugliest person inside and out. She’s never worked a day in her life, neither has Asa, by the way. GG just keeps yelling, “Shut the fuck up,” like a Brandi Glanville flashback. MJ makes the final comment, saying that if it’s OK for one Shah to use her ex-boyfriend’s Black Amex, then it’s OK for another Shah to be supported by her father. This relationship will never recover. 

 What did you think? More drama to come and we’re getting into some deep stuff. I hate to see Reza and MJ fighting, but he truly does care about her and think she needs help. Do you?

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