Where do I even begin? After a long wait of three weeks we finally get a new episode and I’m, once again not sure what to say. Although, I guess I should say that it was interesting to see the irony in the episode title this time. James, Charming’s twin brother, may be tiny but his wickedness far abounds. Even though the guy has Charming’s sweet face, I still wanted to smack the smirk off his mouth.  What a playboy! And how about the big shock in finding out Jack, the Giant Slayer, was actually a woman? How’s that for awesomeness? It’s a shame that James left her to die though. That just proves he’s a rhymes-with-sassafras of a man.

            Tiny was an interesting new character whose backstory we learned. Tough crowd those Giants are: all work and no play. Also, can I mention, just for a moment, a bit about who makes their giant-sized food? I’ve never seen a carrot that big before. You gnaw on that thing for a few years and your eyes are set for life. I’m not going to lie; when Tiny charged at David and knocked him over the railing, I was yelling at my TV, “What the hell are you doing!” Then Snow let go an arrow and all was good.   He did a lot of damage to StoryBrooke though, damn. Hope they all had State Farm insurance; just sing the little jingle and “poof,” the insurance genie is there!

            If you weren’t excited to see Emma, Henry, and Rumpel step outside town in search of Bae, then you need to stop watching the show. Seriously, you need to be excited here people; this is big stuff! Even the little things can turn around and have big significance three episodes down the line. I mean, look at Bae’s scarf. Who knew an article of clothing would be so important to the plotline? Don’t say you did, because we all know you’re lying. When Rumpel had to take off his clothes at the airport and he gave that security officer a hard time about it, I couldn’t help but laugh. I think we all want to react that way. But, boy oh boy, I was nervous that he would lose his memory. My mother watches the show and she brought up a good point: what if the cane is where Rumpel has hidden the dagger? He wouldn’t want something like that showing up in the X-ray machine.

            As the dwarves gave Tiny his axe, they began to whistle their infamous work tune and I thought that made for a heartwarming ending. However, the end of this episode brings up a very important question: if Tiny grows a beanstalk and grows more beans, what will happen then? Who will stay in StoryBrooke and who will chance an adventure into a new world? Either way, something needs to be done about Cora and Regina, because if the Evil Regal’s are not stopped then StoryBrooke and everyone in it are in for a nightmare of a time.


            I think this episode came as a shock to no one to be honest. We’ve all been speculating since the beginning of season two that Neal was Henry’s father and that he was also Baelfire. It was nice to finally see what the hell August showed Neal in that box to convince him of StoryBrooke though: a typewriter with, “I know you’re Baelfire.” Here we all were expecting Rumpel’s dagger or some sort of magical item that was much more impressive. Instead we got a piece of paper. I liked the fan theories better. We should all band together and write an episode! Can you imagine the chaos we could cause? “Pinocchio fell in love with the Tin Man (there’s a reason he carries an axe: he wants a hunk of wood.) Regina ran away with Little Boy Blue after her mother married Sheriff Nottingham.” Yeah, better leave it to the pros.

             Can I get a, “Who the hell is this guy,” when I talk about the stranger in town? He caught Regina performing magic with his phone! How do they talk themselves out of this one? It makes me want to watch that scene again just to see if he really was standing there filming her. Either way, he’s not good news. He keeps talking to a woman on the phone and I have to wonder if maybe one or both of them are connected to Fairytale Land as well. If they are, who do you think it is?

            Speaking of “who the hell people are,” who is Henry? Now we know he’s the grandson of not only the two noblest people in Fairytale Land, but also the grandson of that world’s most infamous trickster and magic caster. According the seer, Henry is destined to surpass Rumpel in many ways and to be Rumpel’s undoing. To hear Rumpel say that he’ll just have to kill this boy was shocking. I think Rumpel understood what he had said all those years ago as well when he looked at Henry for the first time after learning he was Henry’s grandfather. I also think he’s conflicted and vying for Bae’s love enough that he may just forget what he said then. I sincerely hope that’s what happens anyways. Henry is extremely wise for his age and I’m interested in knowing where his story line is headed.

            Sadly, it’s another long wait until the next episode! Why do they have to stretch these out so much? It’s driving me insane. I just hope that when the show comes back, it comes back in a very big way. Some people are nervous that this may be nearing the end of the series, but to that I say, “Not a chance.” If you think about it, there are hundreds of Fairytale characters we have yet to see. Keep in mind that not all Fairytales had princesses. Until next time dearies!

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