The aftermath of Hurricane Sandy was well documented in tonight’s episode. I can’t think of another reality show filmed in New York during the Hurricane, so this was both hard to watch, and heartwarming to see everyone reaching out to the victims. Being from New York, I was lucky enough to not lose my home like so many, but the devastation definitely lives on. So many people lost everything, and I know many who are still living with relatives, or even living in their powerless homes while they rebuild. Every day I hear about people who just got their power back, just got back into their apartments, or are finally looking for a new car. Seeing the ladies all stepping up and helping those affected, especially Big Ang, was great. After the Hurricane almost every church or school became a safe haven for anyone in need. That’s where you could go to pick up supplies, stay warm, or eat a meal. Seeing Big Ang deliver so much to a place like that was amazing, she basically gave them everything they could possibly need, and she was hilariously obsessed with supplying them with diapers especially. 

A couple of blocks from Drita, lots of houses were destroyed. She was lucky and lost nothing, but was terrified to come home to find out. Karen and Ramona were also OK and didn’t lose anything, but they visited a friend who did. Big Ang’s house, and the Drunken Monkey were fine, but she lost her new salon. I didn’t even know she opened a salon, but she says she doesn’t even care about it. Ramona calls Renee to fill her in on all the devastation, and she feels like it’s even harder for her to not be there for people and to be in rehab. Big Ang spends some time with the people she delivered food and supplies to, and it was really sweet. 

Now on to the real devastating news of the night, Aleeya is reminded that her dad was a neat freak, and she better turn into a cleaning machine. How horrible for a kid to find out that they’re dad is a militant OCD freak. She’s been excited for Lee to come home, but when Drita delivers that shocker you can see the terror in her eyes. Drita also talks about Lee’s dad being killed by the FBI when Lee was seven, and how that may have affected his bitter attitude. Are we ever going to hear anything good about Lee?

Love is walking her dog on the phone with her ex, Joey. This is the guy that she stabbed in front of his mother. She goes through her list of exes: a car thief, a home invader, a robber, and an attempted murder. That’s real nice. She apparently stabbed Joey many, many times and so they left things on bad terms. He wants to get back together, for whatever reason, and she says no to his dinner request. 

Ramona rented an apartment, and Karen is helping her move in with her stuff in a shopping cart. She planned to be moving into a home by now, but she’s a single mom and doesn’t get child support. She keeps her secret still about being engaged, and I hope that doesn’t blow up in her face with Karen. I mean, she’s saying it on TV. 

Drita meets up with Love to talk more about all the times she stabbed her ex. She stabbed him all of the time. The big stabbing in front of his mother was a big stab to the chest. Is this woman not the scariest woman on television? I can’t wait to see her in action. All the threats about things she’ll do to anyone that steps to her mixed with her crazy past have me really excited. She also tells Drita about Lee and Joey getting into a fight as well, this time with Lee hitting him in the face with a bat. Drita hopes that jail has taught Lee to walk away from fights, but it’s doubtful. 

A.J. comes to visit Renee in rehab and have a family session. He says that he doesn’t understand addiction at all; he doesn’t know why she can’t just quit. Has this kid been living under a rock? Even if you have no experience with drugs or alcoholism, everyone knows that addiction is a real thing, right? It’s so strange. He makes Renee feel bad when he goes into the fact that she hasn’t been there; she’s been self-medicating and not available to talk to. She breaks down. He sees his friends’ families, and is embarrassed that his is comprised of a dad in jail and a mom who pops pills and sleeps all day. Renee graduates the program, and all the other addicts have really nice things to say about her. They love her and someone even calls her a mother figure. It’s really touching and surprising; the baddest bitch of all getting praised for what a good person she is. Good luck Renee. 

 Big Ang and Carla come over to Drita’s for some big news. Lee’s back! Drita came home to find him in her house, and hopefully next week we’ll see what happens with Lee finally back. Hopefully it’s a good thing, like I said I have yet to hear one good thing about this. 

Next week Carla finally meets Raquel, and it doesn’t seem to go well. Lots more drama to come! What did you think of tonight’s episode?

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