An Open Letter to Gina – Written with love

Really Gina?

Did you declare war with Joe – after busting the Blue Team alliance? Do the math; because Mike has gone home, both the former Blue and Red Teams have three members each. Gina, please don’t have a self-sabotaging melt-down right now. You are better than this.

So Gina, what's up? You should be lying low, especially because you are the female to beat in the house. Danni kept a lot of heat off you, but now that the teams have been eliminated, your success and Francelina’s success will be harder to hide.

Gina said Joe and Dolvet hate attorneys. I get that it’s not fun to have chosen a vocation that is the butt of many jokes, but I learned a long time ago, that no one wakes up and says, “Hey, I really hope I get to talk to my attorney today,” or “My happiest day is when I learned my problem had gotten so big I needed legal representation! Hurrah!” Unfortunately, being a lawyer is a profession where people come to you because of some turmoil. It is true that some hire attorneys to be proactive, but I don’t think that happens often in bankruptcy.

The edits actually show Dolvet saying he loves attorneys because Gina is debating with him often, which I predicted would happen. Joe said his comment to defuse the drama.

Joe may have been intentionally doing brilliant game play to throw Gina off her game, but this week is unique because immunity for everyone is on the line. I seriously doubt he is playing a game.

Gina Gina Gina! Here’s a big sigh from me. You’ve lost 61 pounds. Listen to the professionals just as you would expect your client to do, and listen and trust the process unconditionally. I love attorneys by the way. I’ve worked in a few different industries, but after almost 20 years specializing in legal technical support, I really don’t want to work with anyone else.

Gina, take big deep breaths. The group is 70 pounds away from immunity, and if the number isn’t met, I doubt Joe would be the one going home.

You can do this. I believe in you. If Joe is really driving you that crazy, save your material and write a tell-all book after you’ve won.


And now onto the article: Here are a few comments about the Valentine’s Day episode. One of the biggest questions I have always had about the Biggest Loser is, “What is their diet?” I really wish more time were spent discussing food because I believe food is 75% of the journey.

Thankfully, Danni answered this question for me last week, "No sugar."

If you Google "no sugar" and "OA," Over eaters Anonymous, you will find many links that will give you a pretty solid picture of what they are eating.

I have to “geek-out” about the kitchen décor last week; I really liked the look of it. I almost wish I had seven people sharing my kitchen. There were clear glass bowls, similar to the ones used to mix batter, that were filled with green apples, lemons, limes, oranges, and red apples. You get the idea. I found similar bowls for under $4.

One last comment about last week, true confession time, I've eaten under 10 cupcakes in the last five years. Don't ask about potato clips. But the day after the show aired, I not only ate one, but I also ate a second cupcake. I've never, ever done that.


I asked myself that as well. I haven’t done it since, so it didn’t start a binge. Sad as it is, I did it because they were there. One was in my break room. It was an adorable chocolate cupcake with purple Mardi Gras icing from a grocery store. I think what drew me to grocery store cupcake is that it looked visually pretty. After all, I've never eaten one that looked like that before so I think I was curious. Then moments later, a vendor brought in specialty cupcakes, and one was red velvet with cream cheese icing. The good news is that I took the last one in the box home to my daughter as a treat. I know it will be a long time before I do anything like that again. I was curious to see what it would do to the scale, and it actually had me hold tighter to my food program, so I’m still right on track with my goal.

I understand the Blue Teams move to get rid of Michael a little better. Jeff was put in a position where he had to choose between his girlfriend and Mike.

What you didn't see that coming? I didn't either and I'm feeling pretty stupid. That said; Jeff and Francelina are positively the most adorable couple I've ever seen. It's one of those unions where you hit your hand on your forehead and think, why didn't I see that coming?

Speaking of eligible singles, did anyone else catch that if Joe had an opportunity to share his experience with someone it would be his brother? That took me by surprise. As good-looking as he is, coupled with being a former pro football player, I assumed he was married. Gina is trying to tell us why he’s single, but she’s not convincing me. I should also add that he very well may be in a committed relationship. If he is, I am just curious why his brother is the one he would have brought to the ranch.

I am still disappointed that it appears as if Alex was left on the outside of the decision to get rid of Mike. Francelina had already reached out to her. I'm sure Alex would have kept an open mind.

As luck would have it, this week Francelina fell below the red line which made me cry. However, I always felt she’d be the at home winner. Keeping 100 pounds off is no small task, and if my math is right, her current total weight loss is about 180 pounds (77) from the show based on her update.

The kiddos are back on the ranch. They compete in a nutritional challenge as well as a physical competition against themselves to beat their previous physical fitness stats. Bingo is really shrinking. Lindsay and Sunny are as well, but Bingo’s loss is tremendously obvious. He looks as if he’s very close to goal. Lindsay looks like she’s grown a few inches taller too. With each successful challenge question and physical task, the contestants earn an additional one pound off the lump sum that the merged teams need to achieve to keep everyone safe.

I'm not going to rant at how obscenely inconceivable the number was but y’all know me well enough by now to know that I was so angry at the number; it had me sit on this article several days. Most of the contestants were well over a two percent average loss, and gorgeous Francelina lost one percent of her body weight, which is perfect, and she still went home!

A little bit about the contestant’s personal schedule on the ranch has been shared. Six hours of physical activity per day in three, two-hour intervals. I’ve been screaming for Alex’s personal story for weeks and I’ve finally got it. It was a very powerful episode because it showed Alex finally getter her “why.” The “why” sounds simple, but as a former weight-loss consultant I know the most critical part of the journey is the “why.” Motivation comes in peaks and valleys. It’s possible to have everything in place, but without the “why,” which I like to call “sting,” even if a situation is perfect, someone might not see their best results. It’s kind of like clapping your hands together. If you clap with force, afterwards your hands sting, but eventually that sting fades. If the consultant knows your “why” or your “sting,” and with some vision exercises can take you back to where you were when you felt the sting, you can refuel motivation. This is what we typically see Jillian trying to do when she breaks through. It makes me so happy to see Alex get her answer, and now that she has it, we may see a new Alex. I’m rooting for her.

Did I mention Gina has had enough of Joe? This may put a big target on her back, not because Joe is a great guy and everyone will rally to protect him, (that doesn’t mean he’s not a great guy) but because with Jillian already having a personality where she pushes people to get a break-through, the group really can’t take any more drama. They may get rid of someone who is upsetting the apple cart and the harmony of the house.