Do you think Sean made a “mistake,” the kind Molly accused Jason of?

You know me; I’ve watched this episode a dozen times, so let’s start from the end. It’s more fun that way, kind of like starting with dessert, true?

With that said, Des speaking of Sean's “mistake” reminds me of Molly and Jason. Molly’s exit is hard to forget, because deep down, as adorable as Melissa was, we knew Molly was right. Melissa had come to the show after a big break up and although the edits were very careful with her situation, the women in the house knew what was going on. Melissa herself has admitted she was on auto pilot, and when she saw the episodes she said the girl on the screen wasn’t her.

This made Molly far more convincing with her delivery. So convincing, it wasn’t just words, it was her headshake. I’ve only seen that painful episode one time. I can still hear in my head what Molly said to him and more importantly, how she shook her head, rolled her eyes back, and was honestly shocked when Jason initially chooses Melissa. However, I don’t recall her shedding a tear in sadness; she was in shock. It was as if Molly knew that eventually she would end up with Jason.

Des is in a situation that is completely different. I’m going to step back a bit, believe me, I hate to bring this up-again, but here goes. Des mentioned her childhood had periods of living in a tent for months at a time. When I learned she lived in LA, that made even more sense. So here's the thing, Des isn't the first to entertain her parents on the hometown date; I think Estella was one of the first. In these situations seeing an apartment isn't unusual, especially in California.

Des’ home was far more than I expected. I thought, maybe she’s renting. She was listed as a bridal stylist, but she made the gown she wore when she initially met Sean, so maybe she does design work. I noticed there was a sewing machine in her bedroom.

In the dining room, it looked like there were multiple degrees and educational certificates hanging on the wall. I remember seeing at least four but there may have been more. That showed me that Des is highly accomplished. There was a cello in the dining room. It may have been a room they set up to simulate a dining room. I expected simple furnishings, very minimalist and elegant, very in style for that area. The fireplace had me thinking it might be an older home, built in the 1950's. My guess is that it is a quaint two-bedroom, 800 square-foot bungalow. Do you see where I'm going with this? Then I saw the brick at the front of the house. It was unusual for California, not unheard of obviously, but unusual. That’s more of a Texas thing. I'm not suggesting she was in Texas. Then when I saw the pool, I thought, WTF? And that’s where I’ve been ever since. Call me a jealous former San Franciscan, but this is something I know about. I lived in California as a single mom, and I failed, so I was left with a lot of questions.

From Sweater Gate to Pool Gate

Now we are moving on from Catherine’s green sweater-gate to pool-gate. Here are the questions that have been preventing me from sleeping:

  1. Was Des house sitting?
  2. Does Des share her home with other people?
  3. Was it a condo, townhouse, or apartment with a community pool?
  4. Does she make a much better living for herself than I saw coming, over 100k a year?
  5. Did they rent the home, and if so, why? We've seen apartments before.
  6. Does she live in a guest cottage to provide a family with nanny services or some type of house manager position?

I’m really so curious at this point. I really hope it’s her home and she’s making a stable living there. Everyone deserves to have a place to call home and if this is the case, bravo for her. I couldn’t do it and I know of more who’ve failed trying than who’ve succeeded. Helene, who was chosen on the second installment of The Bachelor, wrote a tell-all book with Gwyn called something like “No Buddy’s Perfect.” If Des has managed to succeed as a single person in Los Angeles, she needs to write a book and say how she did it; it could help a lot of people. I’d be in the first in line to buy it.

Be Careful What You Wish For

I've been asking where the practical jokes are, and on the home town dates, we got it. A few seasons ago someone hired actors to pose as her parents. Des decided to hire an actor to pose as an ex-boyfriend. I’m sure the show paid for it. Not to kick Des when she’s down, but I thought it was the wrong type of joke to play, especially because news is hinting that Tierra had an “ex” running around St. Croix. Does anyone else agree that the joke went too far? There are so many things she could have done. She could have made him something to wear to meet her parents, she could have pretended to have burnt the dinner, and she could have told him they were eating at a fast food place. I think a joke that played with Sean’s heart was in bad taste. It’s like a joke where we’re lead to believe someone is sick, or had an accident. I might be overly sensitive though. I don’t remember a joke of any type being played on me, so I may just not understand how this stuff goes and what Sean would think is funny.

If Des was smart she should have pulled Sean aside at the Rose Ceremony and said that it was all a joke, even her brother. Yea, I admit it; I don’t lie, but in that situation I would have played that card.

Talking Out Of Both Sides of My Mouth Again

One of the things that delayed this article is that I started off defending Des’ brother. I said brothers are protective by nature, and Des and her brother had a turbulent childhood, but then I watched “Sean Tells All.” Now I just think Des’ brother had a little too much to drink or was just off that night or is just off all of the time. Did anyone notice she had three bottles of apple cider in her new stainless steel fridge? I don’t know if that was served at dinner or if it was for the crew or if her parents don’t drink.

Maybe Des has assets that need protecting. Maybe she received an inheritance. I did notice the indigo blue pool lights, but I think they belong to the show because we’ve seen them everywhere this season.

Did anyone catch that the meal Des and Sean cooked together looked exactly the same as the one they ate on their first date?

I noticed in the edits, that Des and her family sat at a table with completely untouched dinner plates, with broccoli, after Sean went home. When the date was over Sean could be seen in the living room window walking back to the house. It had been a camera man, but I thought it was someone really well dressed.

Speaking of food, isn't Catherine a vegan who loves (Sean's) beef? The lumpia my Tita made me was made with beef. I'm craving Pilipino food now. I may have to make a trip back home to San Francisco, sooner rather than later. I wonder if I can buy wonton wrappers at a grocery store in Dallas. I might have to go to a specialty store. I'm sure there is vegetarian lumpia but it did surprise me. Maybe Catherine didn’t eat any.

I’m probably over-thinking it because I write articles about “The Biggest Loser” too, but I've been very concerned about what Catherine is eating since I’ve learned she’s a vegan. I’m really curious to see what she eats if she meets Sean’s parents. A vegan diet is exceptionally strict.

Sean has sent Des home but I don't think his decision was as difficult as the episode lead us to believe. I do think Sean cares for Des, but I think he has three incredible women, and unlike many seasons from the past, there are so many wrong answers.

Interestingly enough, we learned in Sean's one-on-one that he did have a relationship with Catherine that was often off-camera. We saw the lips love note, but as it turns out, there have been several exchanges. This might be a good sign that she could weather a long time apart. How cute would it be if Sean gets love notes every day that he goes to his mailbox? Speaking of love notes, I’m sure we’re supposed to think the note is from Tierra, but what if it’s from someone he wants to hear from?

There is a little controversy that the “Sean Tells All” episode was filmed only a few weeks ago. Really, were we supposed to think differently? How would Chris have known the fan favorites if the show hadn’t aired yet?

Speaking of that, who is our next Bachelorette? The only person I can see in that role would be AshLee, and because she's still in the running for Sean, that may not be an option. I'd love to see Sara.

Is it my imagination or does Lindsay get better looking every episode?