A bunch of the ladies and some husbands headed to Paris tonight with not much planned, but coincidentally, they were all planning on going. It really doesn’t seem plausible that Lisa, Yolanda, and Kyle all just so-happened to be taking a trip to France in the same week, but like they say in the pictures, suspend your disbelief.  

We start off with Kim and Kyle hanging out at Kyle’s house. Kim wants to talk more about Taylor. She was so worried by that phone call where Taylor didn’t know that Kennedy was even with Kyle, and she’s certain that Taylor has a drinking problem. Since the last episode, it’s been said by Kyle that it was merely a misunderstanding and that Taylor didn’t know that her nanny had given Kennedy to Kyle. She was supposed to be going to her mother’s. Kyle was tweeting and blogging up a storm in defense of Taylor, and said that the explanation was even said on the phone, but cut out of the show. If that’s true, then why would Kim and Kyle talk about it as if it did happen? Who is to be believed? Although I definitely think it’s possible that this could have been a nonissue and was blown up due to editing, the fact that they’re now acting like it is a serious situation conflicts with that. It’s more likely that Kyle, the way Kyle does, felt guilty about being responsible for making Taylor look like a flakey mother. She went into ultra-defense mode to dispel the rumors, but in turn is making the show make absolutely no sense. Whatever happened, Kim is seeing signs of alcohol abuse in Taylor, and that she’s using alcohol to take away her pain. She wants to confront her with Kyle, and to be a good friend and say something. Kyle agrees only because she would never ever want to look like a bad friend, she’s hesitant and keeps putting Kim down in the process. She says several times that all the times she confronted Kim about her drinking, she didn’t listen, and so now she doesn’t want to do it.  Regardless, they call Taylor and head over to tell her she has a drinking problem. Yikes!

At Taylor’s, Kim jumps right in and says that she notices that Taylor has a drinking problem. Kyle doesn’t say much. Kim doesn’t sugar coat it, and sees her as using alcohol as a crutch. Thanks to Bravo, we’re shown a set of clips highlighting Taylor’s best alcohol-induced moments, including my favorite, when she was in the suit case yelling, “I want to go home,” in her baby voice. You know the one. Taylor clears up the miscommunication with her and her nanny, but says that she does use alcohol to forget about her pain and stress. She says that she doesn’t drink often, but admits to having a problem. Not too much is said, and it all goes smoothly. I wonder how Taylor felt about being confronted about this on national television. Something’s off on this show tonight, everything seems overly planned and fake tonight.

Yolanda is hosting a house-warming party at her ex-husband, Mohamed’s, house that she decorated. Stay with me, nothing is making much sense, I know. There’s absolutely no reason for this get together, other than for the reveal that everyone just so happens to be going away at the same time, so they might as well go together. It’s a typical party with Brandi up Yolanda’s ass, Marisa putting down her husband, and Yolanda confronting Taylor about the problem she supposedly has with her. Taylor denies it, but is immediately shown in her interview saying she does have a problem with David, and it’s because he was married to her best friend. Whatever, Yolanda knows that deep down Taylor does have something to say, but she doesn’t care whether it’s heard or not. She tried.

So everyone is going to be in Paris at the same time. Why not invite Brandi, Kim, and Marisa to go as well? After being made to look like a bad mother, Taylor decides to take a step back.  She should probably stay home and spend time with Kennedy. Good idea!

Lisa and Ken seem to legitimately have planned their trip; they’re going to Saint Tropez to visit Ken’s son Warren, and the confusion begins. I didn’t realize he had a son from a previous marriage. See if you can follow this. Ken had his son when he was 19, had full custody and raised him himself. Warren is only five years younger than Lisa, and married one of her close friends which caused some problems in the past. She’s an older woman, but considering Warren and Lisa are close in age, maybe it’s not so bad. What’s so confusing is that Warren, who is in his 40’s, looks like he is 20. Not only that, but Ken also has a grandson who is 21. His grandson is the same age as Ken and Lisa’s other son, not Jiggy. 

Kim actually brought her license and passport to the airport, and for once is ready to take the trip. Everyone is gathered at the airport, but unfortunately Marisa’s father-in-law passed away while they were on their way. In Paris, everyone has an amazing view of the Eiffel Tower from their balconies, and they are going to watch the fireworks. They all meet on Brandi’s balcony, and Lisa is there now too. They all wait for Kim, as usual, and when she shows up, she’s out of it. Everyone’s thinking the same thing, has Kim been drinking? Her behavior is a little loopy, and it could easily be awkwardness, as I think of Kim as someone who has used alcohol to get over social awkwardness. This is someone who was a child star and probably didn’t go to school or have many friendships. I think Kim is awkward, and I’m sure they know her better, but I could see this going either way. Maybe she didn’t drink. They just got to the hotel. Did she really need to pop a pill or have a drink as soon as she got to her room? I’m not sure, and I hope these aren’t just insinuations just for the show. That would be disappointing. 

 Next week we will see more of Paris, and Lisa calling Kyle manipulative. Yes! I don’t know what sparked that, but I can’t wait. What do you think? Did Kim relapse, or is it possible that she’s just a nutty lady?

Let me know here.