And the Winner of Miss Congeniality Biggest Loser 2013 is Alex? Who else?

Get me a strait jacket; I already have a driver. I’m finally off to the Funny Farm and my kids are more than willing to drive me. Alex goes home because she's lost more than four percent of her total body weight!

Excuse me?  Four percent? Hello? Ummm, so let me get this straight, Mr. & Mrs. Producer. Last week, everyone loses one to two percent, one percent being ideal, and they don’t achieve immunity. However, this week (I still say it’s not true weeks folks) Alex loses four percent, not Danni, not Gina, but A L E X. Here's a news flash; that puts her below the yellow line!

I think I just went into shock.

Forget think, I know I'm in shock. Talk about facing fears, I watched this season in its entirety, not just watching the finale, and not just fast-forwarding though the workouts. I watched it in its entirety, every moment, every instant, and more times than not, more than once.

What makes me so proud is that at the scale, Alex, who knew she would be going home, said, "It’s good enough."

Yes it is. It's better than good enough. It's more than enough, far more than enough, not just for Alex, but for anyone. It is 3.5% more than enough!

Bravo Alex!

I'm so thankful my weight loss consultant and therapist are both on speed dial. I'll need them this week.

I've often said that I felt Alex was a former beauty queen, and today I got the answer. She’s Miss Congeniality. The initial challenge of the week started with the players given the opportunity to save other players. Everyone worked to secure Alex’s stay on the ranch before they secured anyone else, and it was unanimous. Of all the challenges, awards, and prizes in the history of The Biggest Loser, Alex is walking away with the best prize, knowing she's respected and liked by her peers.

Spunky Bingo is eating his vegetables. Hurrah! Good for you mom! Talk about shrinking, Bingo's mom is talking the talk and walking the walk. Her partnership is critical to his long term success. I need to get that turkey meatloaf recipe!

Lindsay had a school counselor show what daily life is like when you’re an adult with diabetes, and Sunny had a talk with her mother that I can relate to. When I was her age, I imagined having that same talk with my mother. Then, it happened, when my mother found out she was going to be a first-time grandmother (after losing my father prematurely) she decided to set the example for me and for the new generation that was entering the world. She lost 110 pounds in two rounds over an eight year period. Seventy first, followed eight years later by forty pounds, taking her to a size four.

She never saw me achieve long-term weight loss success once I became a mom, but when she passed away I followed her example and put myself on the road to finishing my journey. My 21 year old son said casually to me yesterday that he doesn't remember me ever being heavy.

Comparatively, I have to really think hard to remember my mother being heavy.

Jackson faced his biggest fear by volunteering to spend time on campus. The trainers were disappointed and the other contestants were shocked. Gina was inches away from going off campus for a bit. I was disappointed to see how right I was last week. Yes, it’s not always fun to be right. It’s so not fun that I really wish I hadn’t called it spot-on.

Jeff volunteered to stay with Jackson off campus and they rocked it. Both losing over four percent of their body weight.

In fact everyone lost between four and five percent, except Joe. However, with the one pound advantage he won in the competition, he was over four percent as well.

Gina achieved immunity and made some apologies. (Danni actually lost two competitions this week which is highly unusual for her. Don’t count her out; she still came in second place twice.) I dare say the edits hint that last week wasn't necessarily unique so in earlier articles I’m admitting I was wrong, and I so didn't call that correctly at all. However, in her defense, (lawyer pun) this journey is a tremendously stressful one. It is raw, ugly, and more often than not, it exposes parts of us we'd never show in public.

I'm not pretty when I'm hungry, tired, vulnerable, or feeling self-defeated. Just ask my boyfriend. I’m sure he’d have plenty to say about that!

I want to say that Bob said recently to really recover, you have to feel the pain, deal with the pain, and work through the pain. (I more often than not make mistakes too so I may be thinking of Dr. Drew.)

Despite my success, I've run in the other direction from the pain that made me the 294 pound girl I was almost six years ago.

I decided that it's time to stop running. It’s the only way to get long term success. I decided to celebrate my six year, 125 pound (respectively) adventure doing something very special to commemorate my journey. I won't disclose where tonight but in a few weeks I will. However, I’ll give you a hint. It involves a plane trip to the City of Angels. Ideally, I’d like to commit to get back to goal for my trip but I don’t have my “why” yet. So, I'm taking a deep breath and telling myself I must face the pain, be fearless, and I must push though. Wish me luck.