The accusations continued tonight as we conclude this tumultuous season of the Shahs. The main focus was again, Reza versus MJ and the downward spiral of their 20 year friendship. How sad. It’s hard to watch best friends turn on each other, and with Reza’s mean girl crew in both Asa and Lily, it kind of makes me take MJ’s side. 

First we start out with the “Persian Pop Princess” defending her work ethic and ensuring us that she’s successful. I’m over Asa; thank God this is the last episode. Andy asks her more about diamond water, and MJ says she doesn’t think that water passing through a diamond will interact and create an effect. I agree. Asa takes that as MJ not being supportive, and Lily chimes in that MJ can never be happy for anyone else. Shut up Lily. Asa says she’s not relying on her new singing or rap career (whatever it is) to make money, she has two degrees. Degrees don’t make money on their own lady. Asa tries to clear up everything we saw this season, and may have misconstrued in that she works hard, and takes care of her family. So that’s why her mother was crying about having to work so hard to pay for everyone, including Asa, to live. It must have been editing. The best thing Asa can do to look good, is compare herself to GG at this point. GG, who is fully supported by her dad, has no defense. She claims to work hard, umm no, and says her hair extension business is taking off. That may be true, and my loath for Asa is blinding me to the ridiculousness of GG so I can’t even go off on her. They ask her if she’s embarrassed to have never worked at 30 years old, and she says yes. At least GG is being honest, she owns up to pretty much everything and I can’t fault her for that. Speaking of work and money, MJ claims to have to work less than Reza to get the same job done. That I don’t believe, although if she can get by working less and selling less, more power to her. Who cares? I think Reza is very successful, as is Mike, and MJ may or may not be good at real estate, I’m sure she’s as lazy as I imagine. Maybe she is fine selling a condo here and there, what’s the problem with that?

Was GG really engaged or was it for publicity? Everyone seems to think that both the diamond ring and the engagement ring were fakes. I totally believe this. We see Omid go from a friend, to a friend, to a kind of boyfriend, to a fiancé. It did seem strange and I’m glad it was addressed. Now they’re claiming that MJ’s relationship with fake Drake was also a facade. What the hell? Don’t make me watch your show if you’re going to claim it was all faked a week later! Reza says that Drake is in the gay clubs, and that MJ was “double stuffed” in some hotel. He loves blurting out shocking info, doesn’t he? 

This all provokes the topic of MJ and the drugs and alcohol accusations. Mike tries to defend her by asking Reza if he’s physically witnessed it, otherwise this isn’t the time or place to have this conversation. He says he’s witnessed it many times, and that she needs rehab. He’s sick of her lies, and that she’s in la-la land. Viewers overwhelmingly called Reza and Asa mean girls this season, and I agree. MJ may have a problem, but I’m over the way they’re treating her. Lily points out that MJ was late to shooting the reunion and even Andy was pissed. As happy as I am to have that piece of information, shut up Lily. Reza goes on to say that MJ is a pathological liar. From talking shit about Reza, to claiming she never had sex with him, to robbing a bank. What? Oh yeah, MJ is a convicted felon, and MJ goes nuts over telling us that she robbed a bank. Well the story is that she worked at a bank at 17, and the Nigerian mafia forced her to cash a check, so she went to a half-way house for bank fraud. I don’t think I can take in anymore information this season, and so it must come to a close. 

In the end, the final topic of the night is family. From MJ’s mom, to Reza’s father and grandmother, the family issues we saw this season offered these Shahs with some much needed closure. Reza is thankful to everyone in the cast who came with him to his family’s home, and especially MJ for helping to reunite him with his grandmother. He will forever be grateful to everyone for their part. Speaking of family, these guys are a family, no matter what. Will Reza and MJ ever be friends again? Yes. I’m sure of it. They are both very open to it, and this is no NeNe and Kim situation. This is a real friendship that will mend in time. 

Goodbye for now Shahs, thanks for the memories. Diamond water, AIDS, bikinis, knife fights, and armpit obsessions; you really raised the bar this season. Stay tuned next week for the always pointless but sometimes amusing “Lost Footage” episode.

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