If you figured out a way to justify these girls being almost three hours late to NeNe’s dinner, please let me know. What were they thinking? Why was there no explanation? I don’t blame NeNe at all for dismissing them and telling them to “exit to the left.” 

As NeNe and Gregg plan the girls’ trip coming up, the girls are at home packing. They arrive (without Phaedra,) and Kandi is especially cranky from the flight. Is it because of the long flight? Kandi was extra moody if you didn’t notice, at least in my opinion. I kept thinking, what’s her problem in those leopard pants? NeNe set the ladies up in a beautiful home she rented for them, because Ms. Leakes needs her privacy. She did plan a 9 p.m. dinner for the ladies that night. This party was catered, and she had some other guests that she wanted the other housewives to meet.

Now whether it’s the editing, or these women are on another planet, I haven’t decided. Were they abducted by aliens? What happened from the 9 PM start of the dinner, to when they arrived at 11:40 PM? We don’t know what happened, or why there is an unexplained loss of time. What we do know is that NeNe is heated. Can you blame her? While on their way, NeNe tells Cynthia on the phone not to come, and hangs up on her. For whatever reason, maybe their Xanax’s from the flight haven’t worn off yet, they show up anyway. Oh no, you didn’t. NeNe greets them in the driveway and says no thank you. Do not come in my home, it is midnight you disrespectful bitches. How dare you! Exit through that gate. I’m totally on her side, particularly because she hired caterers and had a staff waiting to serve them dinner. They probably embarrassed her, and they have no remorse. They all play dumb, and Kandi is actually just pissed because she’s hungry. She wants a box to go or take her to a damn hot dog stand. “Go eat the nail polish off of your nails.” Go NeNe! Now I know who NeNe was talking about when she tweeted, “Guess the RHOA that’s always asking about food & don’t need nothing 2 eat? LOL.” I’m assuming, but yes that’s definitely about Kandi. Gregg actually brought her a plate of food, and she went on and on about needing to go get a fat burger. I’m really getting mad at Kandi at this point, and a lot of it has to do with those pants.

The ladies disappointed NeNe and me, but we are both bigger people and moved on. Now they’re going to the Groundlings, which are a famous comedy group, and they’re taking an Improv Class. This was all Kenya’s idea, so I don’t like it. It is however, a quick fun scene where they imitate each other’s actions, and then shout out compliments to each other. All of Kenya’s compliments were disguised disses, but she’s not funny and no one even cared. What’s funny, but again an unexplained phenomenon is that NeNe is so late that she misses the whole class. On “Watch What Happens Live,” NeNe claims that she was ten minutes late and was actually there for most of it, it was edited to appear that she wasn’t there. That’s really irritating and I don’t know what to believe. I’m also not acknowledging Kenya’s acting history and all the boasting she did about working with big stars. Who cares Kenya? I will acknowledge the one compliment they came up with for her other than having nice hair, which was when Porsha yelled out “your belly button is invisible!” Too bad she couldn’t do her own compliments.

After touring the lot where NeNe films “Glee” and then seeing her trailer, the ladies go out to dinner. This dinner was wacky, and here’s why. It started out very nice, everyone getting along as they should. Fights always break out at dinners, things get awkward, and it’s a Bravo rule. It has to come up naturally, or at least appear so. As women, we know how to bring up a sore subject in the most subtle way to provoke ill feelings, it's easy. As a Housewife, I’d assume it comes naturally. The way issues were brought up at this dinner, was horrible. First, Porsha randomly asks Phaedra how she comes up with routines for her work out video. OK, you’re obviously bringing up the work out videos, thanks. That was subtle. Cynthia then asks Kenya when her video is coming out. Hello?

Nice try. Phaedra won’t talk about it. Kandi then tries to make Porsha feel bad about the way her husband treats her, but that fails. Now Kenya announces that she broke up with Walter. We all know, they all knew. After announcing that, she shuts down and doesn’t want to talk about it. Cynthia says that Peter did invite him to some men’s event, that’s fine. Kandi has to blurt out that Walter was at Porsha’s party, you know the one that Kenya wasn’t invited to. Porsha’s like, yeah he enjoyed himself. Kenya gets up and leaves, as usual. This was like mean girls at the cafeteria table trying to go around the table until somebody cries. What the hell? 

 NeNe goes after her; someone always has to chase after Kenya. Kenya, for once says something that I agree with. She’d have that conversation among friends, and those girls aren’t all her friends. With NeNe, Cynthia, and Kandi, yes she’ll talk to them. With Phaedra and Porsha present, she doesn’t want to talk about Walter. Although she’s the one that brought it up, sure I agree. 

Next week the women go to Vegas and compliment strippers, insult Porsha some more about her husband being controlling, and Kenya and Phaedra fight some more. God bless Bravo vacations. What did you think?

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