Tonight’s episode was a little emotional, and Lisa stirred up some subtle drama for us. I’m torn in how I feel about my favorite Beverly Hills Housewife tonight; Mrs. Vanderpump went out of her way to cause some unnecessary problems. After they made us believe that Kim may have been drinking last week, it’s clear that she wasn’t. Whether or not she’s using her prescription pills post-surgery or not, we don’t know. What I do know is that I am rooting for Kim, and I was really happy to see all of her interviews tonight, I don’t recall her ever being interviewed so much. After being so incoherent last season and having this whole drinking issue going on, we never clearly got Kim’s side of any story, and so we didn’t get to know her that well. I feel like I know Kim a little better tonight and can truly see how she feels, and so I like Kim a lot more. I really feel for her, and Lisa’s targeting the wrong person tonight, too bad Adrienne or Taylor isn’t there for her to crush their spirits instead. 

Yolanda and Brandi jog and do cartwheels, while Mauricio and Kyle take a romantic stroll. How cool was that fence with all the locks on it? They wrote their names on a lock and attached it to a fence, throwing away the key for luck in love. That was really sweet, and Mauricio is scoring some points once again. Kim, Lisa, and Ken are taking a walk around Paris and Lisa and Ken are spending their time with Kim trying to figure out if she is or isn’t on something. She’s not, maybe. She seems fine, I think they just don’t know what she’s supposed to act like sober, and this is it believe it or not. Kim and Lisa are talking about her relationship with Kyle, and both women agree that their relationships with Kyle are strained. Kim feels that Kyle was supportive of her going to rehab, but since then she’s barely there for her other than a hello double kiss. Lisa agrees, and her relationship has changed as well, Kim says that it’s Kyle that’s changed. Kim goes to her room to rest, and that was a bad idea.

The ladies are taking a cooking class, rather than go out to dinner. As usual, Kim is late. Yolanda and Kyle go up to the room and bang on the door; we all knew that Kim would emerge from having taken a nap. Come on, you knew she was sleeping? Everyone is so fixated on the recovering addict situation, that even Kyle fears that Kim may be dead or something. She says she’s afraid to see what’s on the other side of the door, get over it. Downstairs the ladies are all talking about Kim and worried about her. Are they blowing this up or is it me? Kim’s late but arrives to the car and they head off to the cooking class. When Kim makes a joke about taking a cooking class rather than going out to dinner, Lisa says she had to do something to get her out of her room. After having spent the day with Lisa, Kim is a little offended because Lisa is obviously trying to make her feel like she’s spent so much time in her room. Kim defends herself, and Lisa “jokingly” asks her if she took a sleeping pill. Kim is floored, that implies that she’s no longer sober. She has every right to be sensitive, she just is. It’s a sore subject; it’s like an open wound. It hurts because I think that Kim is in a situation where she should be treated a little more delicately, and respectfully. Anyone else Lisa, fine go for it, I want you to. With Kim, back off. I was proud of Kim in her interviews tonight, and when she then got upset and wanted to confide in her sister, Lisa should have left them alone. Instead, she repeatedly insisted on canceling the cooking class, saying Kim can’t possibly go on there so upset. Come on Lisa, it’s obvious that either she didn’t want to take the class herself, or she just wanted to make a big issue and make Kim look bad. Kim got really upset because she was doing well, and Lisa was making her feel like she wasn’t. As if it were Hawaii all over again.

The cooking class must go on, and it all goes well. At the dinner table, Lisa whispers to Mauricio about what happened, and Yolanda puts a stop to it. She’s sick of the shit talking about Kim when she’s right there, and I’m happy that she did that. That’s the last thing Kim needs. Kim and Brandi are also bonding, and Brandi points out that she doesn’t like the way Kyle babies her and points out her mistakes in public. Kim defends her, but Brandi knows better. 

The Richards sisters, Mauricio, and Yolanda go shopping and I’m reminded that Kyle is opening that damn store. She no longer pays retail, but she’ll look. Kim finds a bag that she loves, and Mauricio surprises her and buys it for her. That was my favorite scene of the night. I loved that bag, and I loved that gesture. How sweet. While shopping, they talk a little bit about Lisa, which brings up all the issues that Kyle has with her, so now we're back to that. At the Eiffel tower, Kyle corners Lisa to bring all the issues up again. Are we friends, are we good friends? Lisa admits to us that she is friends with her, but it won’t be the same after that Bobby Fischer comment. Kyle’s jealous of Lisa’s friendship with Brandi, but Brandi has been nothing but a loyal friend. I agree, and there’s something about Kyle that would make me be cautious as well. She didn’t have Lisa’s back, did make those comments, and I don’t know if I would trust her either. Whatever the case, they kiss and make up. This issue will keep resurfacing, especially with a reunion coming up, and these two may not be friends for long. 

 Despite Lisa’s behavior tonight, I can’t stay mad at her. I’m really pulling for Kim though, and I wish Lisa wouldn’t go out of her way to make subtle digs and just leave her alone. Pick on Adrienne at least, or Faye, that would be great. 

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