The Women Tell All

“So this is the big -let’s attack this one girl- episode?” my son asked.

“Yep,” I replied.

“Turn it up just a little bit,” he suggested. Then, after several moments of being silent he said, “What happens if these women meet up on the street?”

I loved AshLee. Up until last week I felt she was one of my favorite contestants ever. Is it my imagination, or was a switch flipped and she’s now a totally different person than who she was represented as in the edits? More on AshLee is coming, obviously, but first here are a few thoughts.

Leslie – Doesn’t seem too heartbroken. I’m not suggesting she wasn’t sincere, but she seems to have moved on emotionally.

Des – Isn’t saying she loved Sean.

Sara – I may have to go back and watch. Her relationship with Sean was under my radar; she wasn’t. I think she may be the next Bachelorette.

Tierra – Her makeup was subtle, very subtle, far less than I remember her wearing in the past. Little Miss Nevada came off pretty well. If I were Sean and I saw only what he saw, I think I would have believed her too. The engagement ring she’s sporting is worthy of a Princess. I really wish her the best that life and love have to offer. Spoiler Alert: When I finish the Bachies and Batty article, Tierra receives one, (no duh) but does she get a Bachie or a Batty? Can you guess? What would you give her, an award for her acting ability, or an award for her crazy?

AshLee – “He kind of acted like a frat boy.” Ok, AshLee, I’ll give it that to you to a degree. He certainly was looking for a fun, light, passionate relationship. I’m very late with my articles because I was on a mini vacay in Houston (no, I didn’t visit Robyn and AshLee) so I didn’t finish the article I started that talked about the night AshLee was eliminated. I wrote in my notes that his relationships with Lindsay and Catherine were very different than his relationship with AshLee. Did anyone notice that she threatened both Tierra and Sean at the “Women Tell All” taping? She may have been just playing. However, her teasing about “hitting” Sean after speaking as if she was ready, willing, and able to get into it again with Tierra during the “Women Tell All” taping was not who I thought she was or what I expected she’d dare to say on camera. I guess she’s much tougher than I thought.

Sara – I can see her as our next Bachelorette. I still think it was odd she was already wearing her jacket when Sean approached her and sent her home early.

Des – Des, the lady in the homemade red evening gown was my favorite until I accidentally stumbled upon who Sean chose. She is looking rather “Melissa-esque” while watching the footage of her and Sean. It’s almost as if every emotion she felt when the scenes were being filmed is gone. She also seemed to be on the verge of tears over Sean’s rejection of Sara, which surprised me a little, just because Des is one of the 24 reasons Sara went home prematurely (respectively). Des has lightened her hair a smidge and grown out her bangs.

“Wasn’t it her brother’s fault or something?” my son remarked when she was interviewed. “Wow, has anyone gotten to plead their case like that?” my son asked as he re-watched Sean walking Des to her car.

“Two bachelors dated their second choice after making their final decision, Prince Lorenzo and Jason,” I replied.

There is a common thread. “I didn’t expect to fall for Sean…” I’ve heard it from Catherine (to her sisters on the hometown date,) Des, and so many more. So here’s the thing; because after all, Tierra is engaged to an ex (which I’ve mentioned we’ve seen before, several times,) do most people who try out for the show expect to not fall for the guy or gal? Is that why the first bachelor, Alex, is still single? He may have finally gotten married; I’ll have to verify.

AshLee – “He’s my soul mate; I thought was going to walk away with him.” I understand the “I’ve got this” attitude. It’s really the only way to survive when the man you adore is dating 24 other women. How can she not be still in love with him? Is she suggesting it wasn’t real? Sean had started to talk about AshLee’s “control” issues a few episodes ago. That was a red flag when we first started to hear him drop that term on the hometown date in front of her mother. Maybe it was edited that way to soften the blow when he let her go?

You know me; my biggest question is why there were tropical flowers on the sofa table behind the women. Don’t get me wrong, they are gorgeous white and hot pink flowers in a tall thin vase; but why? Roses are everywhere else. They are the same orange and red roses we’ve seen season after season in the square crystal vases all over the set. Did some of the silk roses expire unexpectedly and the silk flower budget allowed an upgrade to tropical? Or maybe it was a downgrade? I’m not certain. I love silk flowers, so no complaints here; I just wasn’t expecting to see the tropical.

I gave you dessert first again. I know I’m behind, but in addition to the trip to Houston, I just got a Windows 8/Office 2013 laptop and the article drafts are sitting on my old one.

Coming up will be: “I told you so.” It’s the phone call I finally got from my best friend when she saw I admitted she clued me in a year ago.

I’ll leave you with a final thought: Sean’s final two consist of two women who did not have a second date prior to the hometown visits. AshLee, Leslie, and Tierra had hometown visits in St. Croix. How interesting is that?