Makeover Week (S14, Ep10)

“I don’t want to rob him of his teen years, but this skateboard surfer thing, I’m over it.”  Tim Gunn referencing Bingo.

Makeovers and visits home! This is my favorite week, and to be completely honest, probably the only episode I’ve watched in previous seasons in its entirety, aside from the finale.

It took me a bit to begin to write this article and there is a reason. If I’m quiet, it’s always because of a reason. I think I’m a little too spoiled by the show What Not to Wear.  Stacey and Clinton’s makeovers are dramatic because the contestants are chosen to achieve the dramatic result. The Biggest Loser contestants biggest makeover is the weight loss itself, and as I said before, the mini makeovers started once the camera began to roll with Jackson’s faux hawk. So although the makeovers were certainly cool, don’t expect them to look as dramatically different with the clothing and makeup changes as you’d expect because we’ve been seeing them on a weekly basis. Take for instance Danni, she was a striking beauty from the get go, so her visual transformation is not a shocking change, she still looks like Danni. No one changes to the point beyond recognition, like for instance how they do on America’s Top Model. I hope that makes sense. I’m not negating how awesome they look; I’m just letting you know in advance that they still look like the people we know them to be. This is a good thing.

Our Ambassadors for Change are also made over by Tim Gunn. He kept them in looks that were appropriate for their age, which is so important.

Lindsay looked positively adorable in a jean jacket, dark floral print dress accented with a bright pastel scarf, and colorful high tops.

“I see myself in this dress and I just look amazing. I don’t know what to say, but I’m just like man, this hard work does pay off. All of those tears and sweat - it makes me look good in clothes.” Lindsay

Jackson (soon to be clean shaven) is sporting a bowtie, button-up shirt, a black and white winter ski sweater, and red jeans. At first I looked at the screen and shook my head so I had to watch the episode a few times. He lives in Utah and this episode was filmed months ago.

“These clothes aren’t just a physical thing; these are symbols of how far we’ve come, and that’s a great feeling.” Jackson.

Joe is sporting a very attractive look, dark blue jeans, a lavender button-up shirt, and a lightweight solid soft grey pullover sweater.

“I have to tell you, if I were a cook, and you were my cake (Joe starts an uncomfortable giggle,) I would say, you’re close to fully baked.” Tim Gunn to Joe.

“It’s been a long time since I’ve been able to look into a mirror and smile and say “Wow, Hey there’s Joe; Joe's back. Look at Joe. That’s the Joe that I know.” I can’t remember the last time I was like this.” Joe

By the way, the “Is Joe married?” debate continues. At home he’s wearing a ring on his ring finger but the debate is still going strong. Believe it or not, when I hear from people directly about this show, that is the biggest topic. He’s become a sex symbol. I bet he never saw that coming, then again, because he played professional football, maybe he’s used to it. Wouldn’t it be interesting to see Joe as the next Bachelor? I think we haven’t had a bachelor in his 40’s since Byron, and it would be nice to see it again, especially if the female contestants weren’t completely perfect in regards to their current weight and shape.

Jeff is wearing a look that is perfectly suited for him, blue jeans, a white and black button-up shirt, and a dark grey sweater-jacket.

“This is that really sweet moment that you get to realize that all of your hard work has paid off.” Jeff

Sunny’s look is well chosen for her and similar to Lindsay’s. She has on a military jacket, pastel dress, and black suede ankle boots.

“As I’m looking at myself in the mirror, instead of like kind of feeling bad about myself and looking at all of my flaws on my body, all I can see is just the good things about my body and it just makes me feel really good about myself. It’s a huge difference, it means a lot.” Sunny

Gina looks hot in a size ten black leather business suit with a leopard blouse. I need to find that suit! It’s smashing and I can’t live without it. If anyone can tell me where I can purchase it, please tell me. Gina is also wearing bold colors, including indigo jeans. I have a trip planned in the next few days, and  after seeing Amanda’s yellow denim skirt (on The Bachelor) and Gina’s colored jeans, I think I’m going to have to give it a try. Now I just need to pray for a sale.

“I stood there, looking in the mirror and...I don’t recognize myself. I really don’t recognize myself. It’s been so long since I’ve looked anywhere near this, it’s very hard to wrap my brain around it because it’s been a short period of time that I’ve accomplished so much.” Gina

Sweet Bingo with his definition of fancy was hysterical. He gave me quite a giggle. He was draped in lots of color. He’s in jeans rather than shorts and he likes it.

“I don’t want to rob him of his teen years, but this skateboard surfer thing, I’m over it." Tim Gunn referencing Bingo.

I’m happy to say that I found the beige snake skin jeans Danni wore in the episode, but the store was sold out of my size. Boo! I’m so bummed. Danni was also sporting a jean jacket. My boyfriend’s mother just gave me a dozen jean and military jackets from her closet. I haven’t made a big investment in my clothing yet because I don’t yet consider myself at goal, so I’m excited she was up on the fact the trend is back and shared it with me. Now to find the box in the attic that has my yellow jeans from 1981, not that they’d fit, but maybe they’d fit my daughter.

“For the first time I felt like I’m seeing who I’m really supposed to be and it just feels so good to be somewhere where I’ve dreamed my whole life of wanting to be.” Danni

At home the contestants were challenged with losing four percent of their body weight, and they all achieved it, so no one went home! This speaks volumes. To be able to be faced with everyday challenges and be surrounded with family and friends who don’t have the same health and fitness goals is a huge accomplishment.

Get ready, the finale is coming soon!