Totally Duuuuddddeeee

I Love Me Some Big Brother

Big Brother Canada is underway! Hurrah! Feeds are free! Hurrah! Hurrah! I thought it was about time I finished watching Big Brother UK.

Basically, what happened is that I started watching it on YouTube and when I was only seven episodes away from the season ending; it really ended. I immediately found out the winner (couldn’t resist) and I was so pleased I didn’t go back to watch the last seven episodes. Well, you get the idea. It’s not that it didn’t cross my mind; it completely did, and I kept on saying to myself, “I really need to finish those episodes.”

Not that it’s a problem, but the outcome just has me completely satisfied and sometimes I’m motivated to watch reality TV when I’m worried I’m going to be angry with an outcome, rather than pleased. However, in addition to being completely and totally satisfied with the winner one “problem” I have has to do with the Heidi/Spencer thing, aka Speidi. It made my head spin. Every time I fired up the laptop to write the article because I finally formed an opinion on them, I changed my mind.


Yep, I’d watch an episode and form an opinion. Then they’d do something that would cause me to question myself, thus ditching the article, and starting all over again.

Here I am weeks after the series ended and I still don’t know what to think about Speidi.

Heidi – Before I started watching Big Brother UK, I thought she was a victim. I thought she was a gorgeous woman, who fell under the spell of an evil, manipulative, arrogant, self-righteous man. He was someone who ruined her life, alienated her from her family and her friends, and who had complete control over her every move, her every decision, every thought, and every action.

I thought her self-esteem was at the lowest point possible, and when she began to have plastic surgeries, I thought my instincts were confirmed.

Spencer – Before I started watching Big Brother UK, I thought Spencer was the root of all evil, the anti-Christ.

Now, I’m not so sure. If I’m wrong about Spencer, then I’m wrong about Heidi. If I’m wrong about Heidi then I’ve been misled by the press and media for years. It’s not a good feeling at all. I consider myself an intelligent person, someone who can see beyond smoke screens. I remember watching a magician live when I was younger. The gorgeous assistant was put into a crate, with a dark purple velvet bag, and at the top of the bag there was an opening which was tied and locked with big heavy chains.

The model stepped into the velvet bag, and kneeled down into the crate. The crate was sealed, and when the crate was opened, the model had escaped from the bag. Hurrah! I remember thinking to myself, that I don’t remember seeing the bag had a bottom? At that moment I became possibly the biggest skeptic in the history of magic.

It’s not that I’m not a trusting person; I want to believe what I see, but I don’t watch blindly. I look for clues that I’m being duped.

Truth be told, I still haven’t formed an opinion. So before I briefly tear myself away from Big Brother Canada and watch the seven remaining episodes of Big Brother UK I haven’t yet watched, I really want to get your opinion. Who is Speidi?

How wrong was the opinion I formed watching “The Hills?” Did I form the wrong opinion? That is the one thing I am pretty confident about. I did form the wrong opinion on some level. I just don’t yet know how wrong I am.

I’m hoping the remaining seven episodes will bring me clarity, but I doubt it. Those two have me so confused. Every time I watch as little as ten minutes I do my Linda Blair impression, complete with head spins.

It’s worse than the weather in Texas. You haven’t heard that one? Well it’s obvious you’ve never been to Texas. Let me prepare you for life in “The Bachelor” Sean’s home sweet home. Your plane will land, and whatever you have decided will be your dream weather, your absolute favorite weather. It is perfect in your mind. That’s what the weather will be. I swear, I promise you. That’s what the weather will be.

Then ten minutes later, it will change, and whatever weather you hate, loath, and despise, that’s the weather you’ll get. At that moment you swear aloud at how you’ve been duped and a sweet stranger will approach you and say, “You’re not from here are you?”

“Nope,” you’ll respond. “The weather is…”

“Don’t like the weather.” The stranger will interrupt with comfort, “Wait ten minutes.”

So if don’t like Speidi and who they are on Big Brother UK, take a deep breath and wait ten minutes.