Are you angry Ashlee and Des are gone?

When Sean and Des had their first date, I was so convinced they were going to end up together that I Googled them for more information. It was then that I learned Sean’s final two and I thought, “Huh?”

I then decided I’d never use Google to get to the answer of a pre-taped reality show. Why? Well, I know now that things would have taken me more by surprise. So although as a viewer I  to know what’s going to happen next; as a writer I’d be interested in knowing how my articles change when I don’t know the answer. Next season I vowed to myself that ignorance is bliss.

With that said, I wanted to forget I knew Des and AshLee weren’t going to the final two, and write an article as if I just found out.

AshLee accused Sean of being a “frat boy” at “The Women Tell All.” Do you blame her? I’ll be honest; I certainly know why she’d think that. His relationships with Leslie, Lindsay, and Catherine have been represented as fun. They are shown stuffing food into each other’s faces, putting bubble gum on walls, leprechaun dancing (I think that’s what I’d call that gig they did in Seattle,) fish catching, and practical jokes, I had a very public Facebook exchange with a friend when I posted my last article. I try not to do that, because I feel I should save my best material for the editorials (ha ha) so I’ll replicate it here.


Rosie:  Do you think it will in any way work out with either of the remaining two? They both seem so immature. I had already figured out AshLee was a goner. Sean's dates with her were tests of her ability to let him be in control and in charge, instead of the romping and giggling he did with the other two.

Solstice: That's a good question, Sharon. I hope so. My friend's son went to high school with Sean. I think the relationship he had with AshLee was the closest to the one he had with Emily, true?

Rosie:  I agree Solstice. I thought the truest adult relationship he had was with AshLee, and he had a near second with Des. I also thought the most sincere family encounter he had was with AshLee's parents. Yet, since these rarely work out, is any of it more than guilty bikini and abs, 15-minutes of fame TV anyway?

Solstice: I have been thinking about this, a lot. Shows like “Big Brother,” “The Biggest Loser,” and even “Bachelor Pad” have more successful relationships than “The Bachelor” or “The Bachelorette.” I think it's because they are natural, and not forced. The woman who gets the First Impression Rose has never been the one chosen in the end. My mom told me, you can always find someone you like better if you don't stop looking, so the key is, if you find someone, stop looking. He had three one-on-one dates in St. Croix. All three of those women are gone. AshLee, Des, and Leslie all had a second one-on-one prior to the Hometowns. Interesting? His final two are also the two women who received the last one-on-one dates.


I then spent the day cleaning my kitchen, making chicken tortilla soup, thinking about my mom and what she said when it hit me. (Because of “The Biggest Loser” I vowed to try to eat nine servings of fruits and vegetables a day – plus more whole grain. Kashi overload here I come!) I ignored her.


I ignored my mother’s advice, and I kept looking, once, only once, but I did indeed ignore her. Let me explain, just about a year and a half ago I put an ad at an online dating site. The ad posted at 10:00 PM in the evening and by 7:00 AM in the morning I had a “wink.” The wink was from the man who’s been my boyfriend for the past year and a half, but what I haven’t disclosed is that between our first and second date (ten weeks) I dated seven other men. So he was the first man I dated but it took ten weeks for me to know absolutely that he was the one for me. When I tease him in public and say it took ten weeks to get from date one to date two, he just smiles and shrugs, “I thought I was in the friend zone.”

So with that said, maybe this is the right way to date. Maybe you’re supposed to date and begin to expose yourself to multiple people and then make your decision. After all, it worked for me.