Episode #17.10

I told you so! A one act play.

Debbie Downer has a few red flags

Begin Scene:

I told you so, A one act play

Ring Ring “Hello.” I answer

“I told you Sean is a virgin.” My best friend said

“Yes you did. I’m finally listening.”

“Well it’s about time.”

End Scene


Image above from left to right, Ryan Sutter, Trista Rehn, Chris Harrison, Aaron Buerge, Bob Guiney, Alex Michel, Jennifer Schefft, and Andrew Firestone

Watching “The Bachelor” makes me miss my mom. Weird, I know. We didn’t watch the first season when it initially aired, but we watched it when it was aired back-to-back-to-back. The host was Rebecca Budig. Being the “Bachelor” novice that I was, I knew poor Estella didn’t have a chance when Rebecca interviewed Bob Guiney regarding Trista and Ryan’s honeymoon location and said, with sarcasm in her voice that screamed, “Hey Bob, look at me! It’s somewhere Trista picked I’m sure.”

That was an awesome day. I think we saw the initial “Bachelor” installment with Alex, including his choice Trista and Amanda, who had her marriage annulled (oohhh the biggest of scandals – so NOT,) followed by Aaron and Helene, followed by Trista, Ryan, and Charlie (didn’t Charlie sue?) and finally, Bob and Estella in one glorious 72-hour Reality TV Fest. We were hooked.

My mom had a good sense of humor. She'd joke about the Rose Ceremonies saying one day a woman who was not chosen would kill the bachelor.

Yea, I admit it; my mom’s humor was unique. She passed away in 2009 so it's been a long time since we're shared champagne while eating a box of chocolates from my home town, “South” San Francisco, and watched “The Bachelor.” (I don’t mean the wharf chocolates that start with a “G,” specifically, but “South” chocolates that start with an “S.”) However, tonight for the first time I saw that look, the look that started that joke.

When Sean said Catherine's name, AshLee went on auto pilot and I didn't see vulnerability. I saw the angry face we can only imagine she had when she was young and was placed with her parents.

It made me scared. Not to make light of the situation, but it caused me to remember my mom’s joke. I miss my mom, so it was nice to have that memory of her come back, but it was heart breaking to see that look on AshLee's face. And if I saw it, I don't want to know who else did, because I'm worried it wasn't my imagination.

My first thought was, “Sara is “The Bachelorette” now because there isn't a man on earth who would not be physically afraid of AshLee after seeing that face." This makes me feel so horrid, really it does. AshLee is who I thought was in the final two, but I confused her with Lindsay, obviously. So a few days ago when I saw my mistake, I was shocked. I really wish she could have been allowed a private exit. It broke my heart to see her face. I hope she opens her heart and loves again, sooner rather than later.

Ashlee leaving brought up “fun," ironically. I was just getting ready to address that AshLee and Sean had the most mature relationship but his relationships with Catherine and Lindsay were a little lighter.

I also wanted to mention that Catherine has hinted she turns to friends before family for relationship advice and that she wasn't expecting her sisters to be at the Hometown Date.

Catherine is thinking a lot about the process. I think she said she’s “done" with Seattle which leads me to believe she’s running or she’s emotionally ready for a change. I don't think that is uncommon for someone who chooses to go on a show of this type. On some level there is a burning fire for something different, and although this may concern many, sometimes the most successful choices I've made over the years were the ones made in a similar type of circumstance.

With that said, a “pro” to choosing Catherine is that she is the most free with negative information. She’s confessed she’s closer to her friends than her family. She’s confessed her father attempted suicide in front of her, and she’s confessed she’s witnessed a childhood friend die in front of her while at camp.

I recall Lindsay sharing things as well, but more related to her life as a military child. I don’t recall her sharing experiences with friends or ex-beaus.

By the way, did anyone else notice that Lindsay and Catherine didn’t have a video message for Sean to play at the “Women Tell All” episode? I remember it has been done in the past, just wondering what y’all think about that.